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Toolkit: easygenerator—What a Difference Five Years Make!

by Joe Ganci

February 23, 2016


by Joe Ganci

February 23, 2016

“This option for a course will first present the learner with all the questions in an assessment, after which easygenerator will advise the learner as to where his or her weak points are and allow the learner to review the content in those weak areas. Again, you can reuse your content and just have to switch to this type of publication.”

In 2011, I reviewed an early version of easygenerator and at the time I wrote that the cloud-based authoring tool impressed me, primarily because it incorporated version control, with the ability to jump back to prior versions easily, and because it was one of the first tools to include the ability to link content so that you could, for instance, have the same content being used by both a desktop version and a mobile version.

Of course, a lot has changed in the industry since then. While some organizations still see fit to maintain two separate sites, one for desktop and one for mobile, most developers now build web sites that support the idea of authoring once and delivering to multiple devices, either through responsive design or through other means. I also liked easygenerator because it included the ability for external reviewers to access and comment on courses, a feature still lacking in many authoring tools.

Fast forward to the present day. easygenerator has a new look, new features, new… well, just about everything looks new. The biggest change may be that easygenerator now primarily aims at authors who do not have an eLearning background.

Step by step through the menus

When you first log in, you are shown a clean and simple set of choices (Figure 1).

Figure 1: The Creation Menu 

As you can see, easygenerator can be used in various ways. Don’t worry: each uses similar options, though each is focused on the type of course you’re creating.

There is an additional option not shown in Figure 1, which is to start by uploading a PowerPoint file. Let’s start with the first option, Teach.

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