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Two Transformative Learning Strategies: Heutagogy and Personalization

by Bill Brandon

March 7, 2016


by Bill Brandon

March 7, 2016

“The examples provided by Hase and Kenyon, Couros, and Zhao are taken from education, but they should spark some ideas as to implementation in other settings.”

The industrial-age model of instruction (note the emphasis was not on learning) assumes a curriculum with set outcomes, written by a subject-matter expert or by an instructional designer, delivered by a teacher or teacher-surrogate (such as asynchronous eLearning), with criterion testing to confirm attainment of the outcomes, and a defined physical or virtual space for delivery. This set of assumptions gave us the ISD (instructional systems design) approach to education and training. We call education and training “learning and development” now, but it's still all about instruction.

That model …

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Appreciate this!
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Good stuff Bill, I've been using Heutagogy in several conversations over the last year, but complementing it with your section on personalization is a great overview of the topic.
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