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General Physics Launches Performance-driven Learning Solution for Marketing Teams

by Learning Solutions Staff

November 2, 2010


by Learning Solutions Staff

November 2, 2010

The Marketing Academy is a blended solution, bringing together diagnostic assessment, online and classroom training, business modeling and simulation, targeted coaching, and business impact measurement.

General Physics Corporation (GP), a global performance-improvement solutions provider, is introducing the Marketing Academy at DevLearn|10, November 3–5, booth #224, in San Francisco.

The Marketing Academy includes a Web-based marketing diagnostic assessment tool; online and classroom training programs; a business-modeling application and simulation tool; targeted coaching and application support; and a business impact measurement methodology. This customized approach aligns marketing capabilities with business results.

The Marketing Academy is the product of a partnership between GP and Imprint Learning Solutions, Inc. (, whose consultants and subject matter experts deliver global market development solutions to Global 150 and Fortune 500 clients across a wide range of industries.

Please visit General Physics in the Expo at DevLearn 2010, November 3-4, or contact William West, Vice President, Option Six, Division of GP, at (812) 778-9790 or

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