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BREAKING NEWS: ADL Initiative to Focus on Design & Community-oriented Technology

by Bill Brandon

November 5, 2010


by Bill Brandon

November 5, 2010

ADL recognizes the need to enable social learning, mobile learning, and forms we don't even know about yet.

In remarks during the closing session at The eLearning Guild's DevLearn 2010 Conference today, Aaron Silvers alerted attendees to a coming initiative of ADL. Silvers, the Community Manager for ADL, was speaking on a pattern in social media, that of re-defining who or what we are, and our context.

The new initiative is part of this pattern, with far-reaching effects. ADL will continue to support SCORM. However, ADL recognizes the need to enable social learning, mobile learning, augmented reality, and forms we don't even know about yet.

Silvers told the audience, "The more we share and comment, the more we learn." He urged the listeners to "trump theory," and to build relationships through the vicarious exchange of knowledge. He explained that the focus of the new initiative, which will be further defined in coming weeks, is on the design of these future experiences, rather than on the architecture. The intent is to spur innovation in learning technology, especially in the area of community-oriented technology.

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Bravo! Instructional designers in the DoD community will welcome a long-needed shift in focus. I've recently had this conversation with ADL leadership and believe they are committed to a redirection from ADl to adL.
This and the recent inclusion/focus on DoD E-learning Developers is a much needed shift in direction for ADL. All these emerging technologies are great, but if IDs/Developers in the field do not know how to effectively integrate it into their programs it's of little impact/value. Theories are a necessary academic exercise, but eventually the "wheels have to meet the road" - I'm sure I echo an overwhelming sentiment that "it's about time..."
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