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Mobile Learning: The Time Is Now

by News Editor

May 9, 2012


by News Editor

May 9, 2012

“The mLearning market continues to be dynamic, both growing and changing. It’s an exciting time, but a still-challenging one. Yet it’s also clear that it’s no longer time to sit on the fence. Every indication is that mobile is as big a shift as the Internet was, and it is already possible to start taking steps to take advantage of it.”

The eLearning Guild has released its 2012 research report on current trends, practices, and important strategic considerations for mobile learning (mLearning). This report, by respected learning technology advisor Clark N. Quinn, Ph.D., updates the information in the 2011 Mobile Learning Research Report. Mobile Learning: The Time Is Now is available free of charge to eLearning Guild paid members.

Mobile Learning: The Time Is Now provides an in-depth look at the evolution and adoption of mobile technology – “the perfect complement” – in support of the learning strategies in corporations, government, and education. Within the 33 pages of the report you will find discussion of current thinking about mobile technology, trends in markets, platforms, infrastructure, and tools.

While it is clear that most organizations should be looking at mobile learning, Mobile Learning: The Time Is Now provides nine pages of survey results that explore what an international audience of eLearning Guild members is already doing with this technology. Readers will find charts that summarize mLearning implementation patterns, impact on organizations, mLearning measurement and ROI, plans for increased use of mLearning, and barriers to adoption. There is even a “wish list” that reflects the current shortcomings of mLearning.

The report finishes with an insightful analysis of the learning opportunities that are emerging through mobile, the benefits and the “hiccups” of hosted solutions (the cloud), and the possibilities for strategic refocus on mobile in the larger context.

About The eLearning Guild

The eLearning Guild is the oldest source of information, networking, and community for eLearning professionals. As a member-driven organization, The Guild produces conferences, online events, eBooks, research reports, and Learning Solutions Magazine – all devoted to the idea that the people who know the most about making eLearning successful are the people who produce eLearning every day in corporate, government, and academic settings.

The Guild’s goal is to create a place where learning professionals can share their knowledge, expertise, and ideas to build a better industry – and better learning experiences – for everyone.

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