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by Caleb Hanson

Video was a pervasive topic across the FocusOn Learning Conference in Austin two weeks ago. However, like many other adopters of interactive video, conference attendees were unsure about the differences between the different formats and weren’t even sure where to start. Here is some fair advice from one of the presenters, whose company also happens to have been a sponsor of the event.

Spotlight   |   June 23, 2016
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by Stephen Haskin

Sound and action—movement—drive our response to movies, including videos, even more than the character dialog does. Yet few of us have a conscious awareness of how movement affects learner perception and response. Effective eLearning video can be so much more than talking heads and simple demonstrations. Here is a very basic introduction to the psychology of movement.

Spotlight   |   June 22, 2016
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by JD Dillon

Who makes the biggest difference in the success of employee workplace learning? Join JD as he reviews all the usual suspects. Is it a neo-noir mystery, or is it an open-and-shut story? Review the roles that exist in any organization, learn who actually makes or breaks employee learning, and find out five better ways to partner with that person.

Column   |   June 21, 2016
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by Stacy Lindenberg

Onboarding begins before a new employee comes to work the first day, and an ongoing onboarding process is essential to assimilating, retaining, and engaging the people you worked hard to find and recruit. It also brings new hires up to speed more quickly and boosts proficiency and contribution. Here’s how the best companies approach onboarding, including leveraging technology.

Feature   |   June 20, 2016
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by Marc Rosenberg

Knowledge doubles every year, and the shelf life of that knowledge gets smaller all the time. The amount of “stuff” on the Internet is overwhelming, and we could wear ourselves out trying to keep up with the new, refresh ourselves on the old, and keep track of what’s no longer valuable. A good content-curation strategy is your best hope, and here is a checklist to help you develop one.

Column   |   June 14, 2016
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by Fiona Quigley

Working with subject matter experts (SMEs) can be a challenge, as you try to extract their tacit knowledge. Each SME is different, but there are some broad categories or archetypes, and having an understanding of these will help you bring out the best in each one. Here is a catalogue of these archetypes, and suggestions for working with each of them.

Feature   |   June 13, 2016
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by Viren Kapadia

“Big data” is a buzzword these days, and it affects our work in eLearning. However, big data’s scattered presence makes it difficult for L&D organizations to use it in the right way. Here are some ways that big data can add tremendous value to learning!

Spotlight   |   June 8, 2016
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by Jane Bozarth

Among trainers, a common approach to deficient outcomes is to focus on finding and fixing the causes of the deficiencies. Yet in most communities, even where most members fail, there will be individuals or groups that succeed. An effective alternative approach is to find out what those who succeed are doing and to help others do the same. Here is an introduction to techniques that work!

Column   |   June 7, 2016
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by David James

Business today is more complex, unpredictable, and fast-paced than ever. For people to thrive and perform at pace, they need the support of faster, more agile, and digitally equipped learning and development (L&D). L&D organizations not meeting these new requirements risk disintermediation and becoming redundant. Your next action must be to change your L&D business model—here’s how!

Feature   |   June 6, 2016
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by Erika Trautman

Interactivity, including gamified apps, crowdsourcing, and interactive video, is an important strategy for gaining and maintaining interest, improving learning, and even fostering employee understanding, conviction, and loyalty. Here’s an introduction to the benefits of interactive video and a compelling example of its use.

Spotlight   |   June 2, 2016
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