Lyadis Creates Effective eLearning with 3-Pronged Approach

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October 24, 2018

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA—An effective eLearning module results in learners who have clearly understood and successfully applied the lessons learned, who feel comfortable using and playing with the new knowledge acquired.

This success depends on three components: design, pedagogy and technique.

Lyadis has developed a process to create eLearning modules based on:

  • Sophisticated graphic design
  • An educational conception stemming from the neurosciences
  • The most adapted technologies

Lyadis intends to provide high-end digital content by bringing education and graphic art closer together.

This method, along with a multicultural approach, has attracted large international companies which today trust Lyadis to create all of their eLearning modules and their adaptations in other languages.

To face these major projects, Lyadis structures its organization through three interrelated departments: arts, pedagogy, and innovation.

Modules are highly interactive and use the best of motion design, video shooting, drawing, 3D, and illustration. This guarantees a high level of attention and active engagement on the part of the learner.

The major difficulty is to break the isolation of the learner during learning sessions, so it is particularly important to offer the learner an immersive and interactive experience.

The other very important point is to transmit know-how via digital content, in a stimulating and pleasant graphical environment.

Lyadis believes that their very first duty is to teach and they are committed to doing so by making the most of digital technologies.

This is the daily challenge the Lyadis team embraces with eagerness to offer high quality products.

To give you an insight of their activities and the wide range of subjects they have worked on, here are a few modules created for their clients:

  • Industrial process: Graphic illustration of all flows involved in an industrial production
  • Insurance: Implementation of new regulations
  • Bank: Know and apply anti-money laundering laws
  • Medical: Computerized management of the patient file
  • Management: Adopting the right behavior with collaborators according to different situations
  • IT: Learning the new information system in place
  • Data privacy: Know and apply privacy laws
  • Purchase: Training course for international buyers
  • Compliance: Compliance with UN recommendations in transactions/international trade regulations (Incoterms)
  • Transport
  • Health and security at work: Study and behavior to adopt in case of a security problem
  • Supply chain
  • Quality management: Follow-up of quality control points in the production line
  • Crisis management: Procedures to be followed depending on the level of crisis detected and the impact on the company

These eLearning modules have been successfully developed thanks to the teamwork and the close relationships maintained all along the creation process between experts in the Lyadis team and experts in these specific fields within the client company, because Lyadis knows exchange is key in the production process.

Learn more about the products and services Lyadis offers at the DevLearn 2018 Conference & Expo. Visit Lyadis in the Expo Hall at booth 923.

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