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Mark Simon

Articles by Mark Simon

QA Test Strategies for Mobile Learning  October 6, 2014

While training professionals have always done “quality checks” of training courses through content reviews, dry runs, pilots, and so on, the migration to eLearning and mLearning has increasingly changed this process to a software quality check. Doing this check right requires a test plan, and this article explains what that involves.

Making Sense of PowerPoint Pandemonium  September 14, 2011

Few tasks cause designers and developers to create more spreadsheets, ask more questions, make more comparisons, and deliberate longer than the search for an authoring tool. This is just as true for “rapid” tools as it would be for more full-featured authoring. In an effort to do some of the legwork for you, here is a side-by-side discussion of four PowerPoint-based authoring tools.

Are Other People's Graphics Better Than Yours? Here's What to Do About It.  May 26, 2011

Are you an “occasional” graphic artist? Would you like to produce better-looking graphics for your eLearning? Here are some solid ideas that will help you advance your skills!