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Mark Lassoff

Articles by Mark Lassoff

Raise the Bar: Understanding Typography for Online Learning  August 18, 2016

Typography is often best understood by examining the vocabulary used to discuss the craft. Here are some of the most common terms, along with tips to help you apply them using typical digital design software. The people who use your products will be forever grateful for your efforts, and other designers won’t laugh at your work!

Raise the Bar: Eight Reasons I Hate Your Screencast  July 21, 2016

Screencasts—digital video recordings of computer screens, often with audio narration or added video of an instructor—have been a staple for teaching developers and software users. But many screencasts are ineffective or even counterproductive because of poor planning and execution. Here are eight common faults of screencasts, with ways to improve the quality of your productions.

Women in the eLearning Field: Was Your Father a Programmer?  March 19, 2015

A meeting with a client 10 years ago provides a key—and unfortunately typical—example of some of the assumptions that result in a hostile environment for women in tech. But there are more sources, as this article points out. Where do we start changing the assumptions, and why is it important to make the changes? Here are some of the places and reasons to begin. Don’t be left behind.

Mobile, Tablet, and Laptop: Start Coding in Just 10 Minutes  March 18, 2015

The catalyst to advancement in some types of eLearning is coding. With coding you can simulate just about anything and give learners a realistic experience that is either too expensive or too impractical to train for in real life. Want to start? This might be the place!

Mobile, Tablet, and Laptop: Developing a Full Mobile App  December 18, 2014

Learn how to create an HTML5-based mobile app by following the steps in this tutorial!

Mobile, Tablet, and Laptop: Dazzling Visual Effects with jQuery  September 18, 2014

If you develop any type of learning content that is displayed in a mobile or traditional web browser, you should know about jQuery, a JavaScript library that is very powerful and also extremely easy to use. In this tutorial you’ll get a close look at a couple of the effects you can produce with just a little jQuery in your HTML code.

Mobile, Tablet, and Laptop: Serving Your Content with Web-service Architecture  June 19, 2014

Mobile devices often have much less on-board storage than laptop and notebook computers, and mobile apps often need to interact with real-time data from online sources. These facts often apply to eLearning as well as business apps. Here’s how to take advantage of real-time data to improve your eLearning designs!

Mobile, Tablet, and Laptop: Coding Responsive Design  March 20, 2014

There are almost endless choices when it comes to screen size, resolution, and screen quality. For mobile learning and performance support, screen design used to be easy—iPhone or iPad. However, Android is now the top mobile OS, and there are now over 30 combinations of screen size and resolution. This tutorial shows how to use HTML and CSS to deliver a solution: responsive design.

Development Tips: Funky, Fun HTML5 Forms  September 20, 2012

Forms are a critical factor in user interaction design, yet they often fail to provide good data (or even to provide data at all). HTML5 offers new ways to deal with the problems of obtaining clean data. Here is an introduction to the new data types that you can put to work today.

Development Tips: Enhance Presentations with These CSS3 Tricks   August 23, 2012

CSS3 provides some very interesting new formatting possibilities for your eLearning content. Unfortunately, browsers handle these techniques in different ways. Here are three new formats (rounded corners, color gradients, and newspaper columns) and step-by-step instructions that accommodate the various browsers!

Development Tips: Creating an HTML5 Mobile App with PhoneGap  July 19, 2012

As mobile devices continue to become the display targets of choice for learning and performance support applications, practitioners are working to break out of the Flash-in-frame paradigm to create true cross-platform solutions. Fortunately, this is not difficult, as Mark demonstrates in this column!

Development Tips: Developing Code, Developing the Profession  May 17, 2012

It seems that to many in eLearning development, coding is a complex luxury that they can do without. Small budgets are prohibitive, and the tools of the trade do everything needed. Right? Why learn to code? Because the level of engagement, the quality of eLearning courses, and the effectiveness of the eLearning experience itself will be greater with programming.

Development Tips: Audio and Video with HTML5  April 19, 2012

The promise of HTML5 has been well-documented. Often called a Flash-killer, many find the current reality of HTML5 less than awe inspiring. Mark discusses two of the most talked-about features of HTML5 – audio and video. Learn about the mark-up required to use these features, the JavaScript API available for enhancing them, and some current drawbacks of the new technology.

Development Tips: Writing Your First JavaScript Application  March 22, 2012

JavaScript is becoming the most important programming language (or as some would have it, scripting language) in the world. It opens a world of powerful techniques for the developer who learns to use it. JavaScript is also critical for the mobile Web. This column will get you well on your way!

Development Tips: A Little CSS  February 16, 2012

To make your Web content look and work as you require, you will need to learn another language: Cascading Style Sheet language, usually just referred to as CSS. While this may sound a little daunting, the basics are really quite simple. This month’s tutorial and video will get you started!

Development Tips: HTML by Hand  January 18, 2012

We welcome Mark Lassoff to our family of Learning Solutions Magazine columnists. Each month, Mark will provide tutorial content on basic production skills that will help you master the tools you use everyday as you develop eLearning. He begins this month with the most basic tool: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).