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Reuben Tozman

Articles by Reuben Tozman

Where Instructional Design Meets Big Data   September 17, 2012

When instructional designers plan to develop content for training or education, they typically consider many elements that can affect the learning outcome. However, it is rare to include what it takes to generate specific data that will help determine the business impact. Fortunately, data science can help identify the data to focus on, as you will see in this article.

How Mobile Computing and the Semantic Web Will Change Learning Forever  August 1, 2011

The rapid evolution and adoption of mobile computing devices, including but not limited to smartphones, is driving many changes in the way we do business and in the way we learn. The next step is the creation of the Semantic Web, which links learners and content through persistent context, including location. What does this mean for eLearning professionals?

The Next Generation of Instructional Designer  December 10, 2007

As the world changes around them, instructional designers continue to approach their jobs in the same ways that they have for decades. We need key changes, but they have less to do with technology than with re-examining the designer's role and how we fulfill it. In this week's article, the author presents his ideas about how the instructional designer's job needs to evolve.