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Anne Derryberry

Articles by Anne Derryberry

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: Insights From and About Generation Z  April 26, 2011

Just when instructional designers thought they had figured out how to make eLearning that Gen Y would use, here comes Gen Z, the Digital Generation. Think mobile. Think social. Think mashup. And that’s just the beginning. Anne gives you the rundown on what you really need to be planning as your delivery strategy.

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: Imagining a Badge System for e-Learning  March 22, 2011

Badges, those little icons so loved by gamers, have some surprising uses in e-Learning. These uses go beyond providing superficial rewards, including improving recall, increasing motivation, and supporting social interaction. Here’s what we’re learning about this element of gamification.

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: Experience Matters  February 22, 2011

The great challenge for instructional design is to generate the same experience for the majority of learners. Anne explores a key task: creation of a common emotional experience among those who use our products and programs, whether the context is a classroom, a traditional e-Learning program, or an immersive simulation.

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: Working the Numbers Game  January 27, 2011

Metrics matter, especially when it comes to improving our product. We in e-Learning can learn a lot from the success of our brethren in Marketing, but we need to adapt their methods to our world. Anne shows you where to start: defining our terms.

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: Digital Dust Bunnies  December 28, 2010

Curation – the aggregation, synthesis, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of content – is a growing role in e-Learning. Anne offers her thoughts on the expansion of data, and what it means for us and for our learners.

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: This Crazy Gamification Craze  November 23, 2010

Gamification – adding game elements to applications for business and education – is a hot trend. But does this dumb down the transformative nature of games? Anne examines the question.

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: Engagement and the Dopamine Squirt  October 26, 2010

Learning can literally be addictive, thanks to the effects of dopamine on the brain. A well-tuned game heightens these effects. Anne explains the principles that will help you leverage the learners’ physiological responses.

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: Games as Meaning Makers  September 28, 2010

Stories have been the basis for teaching for thousands of years. Today, online and computer games are based on a “backstory,” and this makes these games compelling. Why not use this to facilitate learning?

Hybrid Learning Acquires “Peacemaker” and “Play the News” from ImpactGames  August 12, 2010

Social gaming seems to be a rapidly growing opportunity for the learning sector. Underscoring this is the acquisition by a developer of serious games and mobile learning solutions of a pioneer in creating compelling interactive experiences. Here’s a look at where serious games are headed, and at the potential for reusable platforms and content that is as fresh as this morning’s news.

Apple's iOS 4: Ready for the Enterprise, But What About e-Learning?  July 28, 2010

Apple’s new devices, the iPad and the iPhone 4, will soon have two things in common: sleek hardware design, and the operating system that runs them. Previously called iPhone OS, Apple’s newly-branded iOS 4 provides a number of features that make the devices running it far more suitable to a work environment than past releases. But what does iOS 4 offer for e-Learning? Here’s our review.

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: Can Games Save Journalism?  July 27, 2010

Journalism and education have much in common, besides the fact that both are in dire straits. Journalism intends to inform us about the world, and education aims to help us succeed in that same world. Could games be the nexus between these two pursuits that are so vital to democracy?

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: School's Out – What Did We Learn? (Part 5)  June 29, 2010

Anne summarizes her experience in creating an environment and platform for social networking by college-bound 9th-graders. As always, the lessons learned weren’t just for the students, and they apply equally to learners of all ages and circumstances.

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: 9th-Graders Give Their Feedback (Part 4)  May 25, 2010

“After a few disappointing weeks of limited interest or participation by students and rumbling frustration on Ms. L.’s part, I suggested we take part of a class session to get feedback from the students. We got an earful of useful input.”

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: The Mechanics of Social Learning Networks for 9th Graders (Part 3)  April 27, 2010

“Determining the right technology package for a learning solution can be challenging under any circumstances. Identifying – and assembling – the right set of freeware tools to provide the infrastructure that will spawn an active social learning network among a class of mid-performing 9th graders was like being back in grad school.”

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: The Seven C's of a Social Learning Network (Part 2)  March 31, 2010

In February, Anne joined the Teacher Support Network in her community. She was assigned to a ninth-grade teacher and students, to help the students succeed in their classes so that they can stay on (or get on) a college-bound track. This also gives her an opportunity to experience life inside a high school classroom firsthand. This week’s column continues the story of that experience.

Industry Consolidation Continues; Kaplan IT Learning Acquires Atlantic Link  March 3, 2010

In the third major consolidation in the e-Learning market in 2010, solutions provider Kaplan IT Learning has acquired rapid e-Learning tool provider Atlantic Link, Inc.

Adobe Releases Connect Pro Mobile for iPhone  February 25, 2010

The Adobe® Connect Pro® Mobile for iPhone® app is available for download from the Apple® iTunes® App StoreSM. The free application enables iPhone users to join and participate in live meetings running in Adobe Connect Pro, Adobe’s Web conferencing software.

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: Social Learning Technology for Ninth-Graders (Part 1)  February 23, 2010

Can a learning technologist find a way to harness social learning technology in a way that will offer supportive solutions for ninth-graders and their teacher? In August, 2009, Anne challenged readers to join her in volunteering for their local school. Walking her talk in this and the following several columns, she will share her experiences in doing just that.

Training Magazine and Website To Close  February 18, 2010

Training industry shake-outs in 2010 continue. After 41 years, Training will cease publication in March.

SkillSoft To Be Acquired By Private Firm  February 12, 2010

Skillsoft PLC, one of the largest e-Learning companies in the world, announced today that it has agreed to be acquired by SSI, a private firm formed for this purpose. Shareholders Foundation has raised concerns about the agreement.

SAIC Acquires Forterra Systems' OLIVE technology  February 3, 2010

Changes continue in the virtual world technology market with yesterday’s acquisition of Forterra Systems by SAIC. More details here on a story we broke last month.

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: Virtual World changes; 2010 Consumer Electronics Show; 3-D e-Learning?  January 21, 2010

With a new decade come new opportunities, new insights, new media. Here’s a quick review of some of what’s headed your way.

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: The Aughts, the Ought-Nots, and the Ought-Oh's  December 28, 2009

The first decade of the 21st Century had its high points and its low moments, all of which affect what we will be doing in the second decade. Anne looks at some of the most significant developments.

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: New Web-based Tools and Services for Developers  November 30, 2009

Collaboration is hot, and e-Learning developers can always use help. Here are three new online tools and services that you may find fit your needs (and your budget): Google Wave, Freebase, and Amazon Mechanical Turk. They are well worth checking out!

Dispatch From the Digital Frontier: Facebook, SARPA, WikiEducator  September 21, 2009

Anne looks at the expanded capabilities of Facebook; U.S. Federal legislation that supports free online learning; and a resource for free content. She also gives your conscience a little nudge.

Dispatch From the Digital Frontier: Volunteer for Your Schools; OS Wars  August 24, 2009

This Dispatch will provoke some thoughts! What have you done lately for your local schools? Consider volunteering – it helps schools stretch tight budgets, and you can bring your experience into the classroom. Also, the operating system (OS) wars are heating up again, between Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Are you ready?

Dispatch from the Digital Frontier: Shifting Gears with Wolfram|Alpha and Cloud Computing  July 27, 2009

New developments often provide capabilities that will be of direct benefit to e-Learners and to instructional designers. Two such examples are Wolfram|Alpha and cloud computing. Anne introduces you to computational information searching, and to the post-desktop model of human-computer interaction.

Dispatch From the Digital Frontier  June 22, 2009

In spite of problems with the economy, the prospects for e-Learning continue to expand. This week, Anne considers how the Kindle DX can improve delivery, and whether government grants can point the way to new opportunities.

Dispatch From the Digital Frontier  May 25, 2009

Anne Derryberry looks at the way work decisions we make every day are affected by what’s going on around us, both distant and immediate. Often, e-Learning professionals are so busy with their work that they don’t have time to look at the overall context within which they operate. Here's a second look.