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Jeremy Vest

Articles by Jeremy Vest

Google Helpouts: Video Training from Experts  November 21, 2013

Do you need to learn a new skill, or do you have some expertise in a subject that you would like to teach others? Helpouts is a new service from Google that provides a video chat facility so you can do either. Learn how to use Helpouts here!

Google+ Hangouts: Six Practical Uses for Online Education  October 19, 2011

Google+ Hangouts is a video group-chat feature that Google added to its offerings this summer. In addition to video chat for up to 10 people, Hangouts provides most of the features of expensive online meeting Websites. Here are six quick applications that you may find useful as elements of your design inventory.

Seven (Possible) Ways to Use Google Buzz for Education  February 17, 2010

Google’s entry into social networking, Buzz, created quite a bit of buzz last week after its launch. While the service is not necessarily in its final form yet, and certainly not everyone who has tried it likes it, it certainly is not too early to start looking at Buzz as a potential learning environment.

Rethinking Online Course Marketing: Build a Tribe in Six Steps  February 16, 2010

The fundamental way to grow any business, including e-Learning, is to have customers who are crazy about you. It takes time to build the kind of brand and reputation that generates this level of loyalty for your online courses, but the effort is worth it, and it pays off better than “hard selling” or “soft selling.” Here are six simple steps that will take you there.

Six Steps to Creating High Quality Video Training  December 2, 2009

Games and immersive learning are great, but today the most accessible and most easily developed instructional medium is video. Producing great video instruction for use online is simpler than you may think, and may also be less expensive than other rapid development methods. Here are six steps you can begin using today to develop online video e-Learning.