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Frank Nguyen

Articles by Frank Nguyen

Twenty-Five Years Later: Performance Support Adoption  August 12, 2013

Timing is important. Even a brilliant idea, if launched at the wrong time, can take years to gain adoption and bear fruit. So it was with performance support. But now research is showing that the time is right, and here is a preview of some findings that the author will present at Performance Support Symposium 2013 (September 9 – 10 in Boston).

Performance Support Maturity (PSM): A Performance Support Rebirth  August 13, 2012

Performance support is undergoing a renaissance. Empirical research and case studies have made us smarter about implementing performance support. Web 2.0 technologies have made it easier and less costly to adopt. Here is a method that will help identify areas to improve your strategy, and advance the sophistication of your performance support organization.

Efficiency in e-Learning: Proven Instructional Methods for Faster, Better, Online Learning  November 7, 2005

Instructional designers face the constant challenge of balancing many considerations affecting learning. Of all the guidelines from research offering advice on these matters, few are more challenging than those dealing with cognitive load. How much is too much? Is cognitive load always bad? In this article, two authors who have focused on these questions give you the answers and a systematic view.