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Marc Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Articles by Marc Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Marc My Words: Writing a Good RFP  October 11, 2016

We’ve all heard the phrase caveat emptor (buyer beware), but too often we ignore it when selecting an eLearning vendor. One way to protect yourself is to write a solid request for proposal (RFP). An RFP is an invitation to the vendor to propose work according to criteria you set. Here’s how to write an RFP that protects you and your project outcome.

Marc My Words: Back to School: Tech-Savvy Students Challenge Our Notions of Learning Technology  September 13, 2016

Thanks to their use of technology outside their educational environment to learn and to collaborate, communicate, and document their own lives, today’s students are different from students of a generation ago. Now the emphasis must be to open up education to personal technology and enable students to use it wisely and productively. Here are five key considerations for doing this successfully!

Marc My Words: From Content Creation to Content Curation: Do You Have a “Decrapulation” Strategy?  August 9, 2016

We search for something on the web, or on our organization’s intranet, only to find tons of outdated, irrelevant content. It seems we find it too easy to publish content and too bothersome to update or “unpublish” it. How do you avoid creating a content curation mess? Marc offers four guidelines for content expiration.

Marc My Words: Seven Approaches to Curation  July 12, 2016

Last month, Marc looked at the importance of content curation and the consequences of ignoring it. This month, he outlines seven approaches to actually getting curation done—from culling to crowdsourcing, to algorithms and analytics, to syndication (and more)—and the factors to consider in selecting or combining the methods.

Marc My Words: From Content Creation to Content Curation: The Importance of Curation  June 14, 2016

Knowledge doubles every year, and the shelf life of that knowledge gets smaller all the time. The amount of “stuff” on the Internet is overwhelming, and we could wear ourselves out trying to keep up with the new, refresh ourselves on the old, and keep track of what’s no longer valuable. A good content-curation strategy is your best hope, and here is a checklist to help you develop one.

Marc My Words: Are They Ready to Learn? Nine Questions to Ponder  May 10, 2016

If learners have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a course, doesn’t that mean they are ready to learn? No! They must actually be ready to learn. Here are the key things you should find out about and deal with before you answer that question.

Marc My Words: The xAPI Breakthrough  April 12, 2016

The xAPI is a specification for building tracking mechanisms into applications and systems. A growing number of innovative products for adaptive and experiential learning support the xAPI. If you aren’t excited about the possibilities, this column explains why you should be.

Marc My Words: Revisiting Knowledge Management  March 9, 2016

Knowledge management (KM) has had a rough go of it. Hot topic one year, dead the next, repeat. KM is important, so what can we do? This month’s column from Marc offers a start on gaining better understanding of what KM is, and what it can and can’t do. This time, we’ll think big but start smaller, learn as we go along, be ready to scale when needed. Here’s how!

Marc My Words: Ten Steps to Building a Learning Culture  February 9, 2016

We all like to think we work in a positive learning culture, but that’s not always the case. Here are 10 key steps to building a positive learning culture that will succeed!

Marc My Words: This Will Revolutionize Education!  January 12, 2016

Have you heard someone utter those words? “This will revolutionize education, training, and/or learning and development!” How has that worked out for anyone? Technology may make learning more efficient, but that’s not the same thing as “more effective.” Here are Marc’s thoughts on revolution, evolution, and what makes the real difference.

Marc My Words: Out with the Old and in with the New  December 8, 2015

It’s the time of year when the experts weigh in with their pronouncements about what’s “out” and what’s “in,” so here is Marc’s totally non-scientific take on the ins and the outs for our field in 2016. Enjoy! (And feel free to leave your own prognostications and reactions in the Comments.)

Marc My Words: The Three Laws of eLearning Failure  November 10, 2015

Few things in life are certain. Even though we are sure that eLearning is certain to succeed, there are, unfortunately, lots of examples to the contrary. However, Marc says that you can count on three laws of eLearning failure. They are not beyond your control if you know what they are.

Marc My Words: Why I Hate LMSs  October 13, 2015

Modern-day LMSs were born out of the new transactional capabilities of the Internet in the late 1990s. They are as much eCommerce as eLearning. LMSs can offer many products, process thousands of transactions, handle payments and delivery, and keep track of it all. This is a great value of LMSs. Without a good LMS, there would be chaos in the eLearning world. Why does Marc say he hates them?

Marc My Words: Back to School—Asking Schools About Learning Technology  September 8, 2015

The new school year has started in many countries, and that means it is also time for parents to take an interest again in how the massive industry called public education is using learning technology. Here are a dozen questions to ask. Listen carefully to the answers you get, including the non-verbal responses, when you hold educators accountable.

Marc My Words: Don't Call Them Learners!  August 11, 2015

What word do you use to describe or name the people who use the content you labor to create? How does a name affect the way you relate to the person(s) named? It probably does more than you think it does. Here are some thoughts about labels.

Marc My Words: LinkedIn and Lynda—Perfect Together?  July 14, 2015

LinkedIn, the online social media giant that focuses primarily on professional career development, communities, and networks, has acquired, an online eLearning provider that focuses on skill building. Will this marriage work from a learning perspective? Here is an examination of that question, from the point of view of eLearning managers.

Marc My Words: The Allure and Danger of Compliance Training  June 9, 2015

Compliance training is popular, attractive, and often required by law. But is it enough? More importantly, are you doing compliance training in a way that is actually dangerous? Here is a discussion of the four shortcomings of many compliance training programs, and recommendations that will help you avoid those dangers.

Marc My Words: What Exactly Is Mobile Learning?  May 12, 2015

How do you see mobile learning? As a context? A device? An ecosystem? Is the way you think about mobile learning inhibiting your application of it? The thought-provoking scenarios in this column may help you resolve these questions.

Marc My Words: Just How Awesome Is the Internet Anyway?  April 14, 2015

Even though we act like it’s been here forever, the Internet has only been of practical use for about 20 years. Nothing has changed our lives so much, so fast, as the Internet. Herewith a meditation on the bigger picture, beyond the online learning world, and some mind-blowing revelations.

Marc My Words: Learning Technology—Proceed with Caution  March 10, 2015

The problem with learning technology is not the technology itself, but how well it’s used. Here are seven cautions to keep in mind as you develop and implement learning technology solutions of all shapes and sizes, to assure that you don’t jump into things blindly and that you see the bigger picture.

Marc My Words: A Matter of Time  February 10, 2015

Time plays a huge role in what we do. Put time in the right perspective, and time to make an impact on your organization is no longer a problem. Here are 10 timely ideas!

Marc My Words: fLearning!  January 13, 2015

Classroom training just doesn’t seem to get much respect. But it should. It still has an important role to play in the learning ecosystem, for at least four significant situations, and this month’s column points out just what those are—and what they aren’t.

Marc My Words: 'Twas the Night Before Rollout  December 9, 2014

A cautionary tale for the holidays, with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore.

Marc My Words: In Learning and Performance Ecosystems… (Part 2)  November 11, 2014

You will be hearing a lot from The eLearning Guild and in Learning Solutions Magazine over the coming months about learning and performance ecosystems. This column expands on Marc’s introduction of the concept last month. Between these two columns and the white paper linked at the end of this one, you will gain a more complete understanding of this vital and emerging concept.

Marc My Words: In Learning and Performance Ecosystems, the Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts (Part 1)  October 14, 2014

Training is not enough! We must move away from individual, siloed, “one-off” solutions to an ecosystem comprised of multi- faceted options that enhance the total environment in which we work and learn. Here is your high-level introduction to the ecosystem concept, and why it is so critical to your future.

Marc My Words: Back to School—Technology Is Changing Learning, but Is It Changing Schooling?  September 9, 2014

Has technology in our schools come upon a significant barrier? Is it the schools themselves? Technology can improve learning, but we may never reach its full value if the context where it is used—the school—does not significantly change as well. There are efforts underway to change schools, but we still have to ask if they are enough. Read here about what it will take to change the game!

Marc My Words: From Interactivity to Engagement  August 12, 2014

We hear a lot about giving the learner something to do through interactivity and we hear a lot about engaging the learner. They are not the same thing. Interactivity does not necessarily create engagement, and engagement does not necessarily require overt interactivity. Learn about the difference here, and about the “Four T’s of Engagement.”

The Knowledge Management Genius of  July 29, 2014

How does so effortlessly connect “zillions” of people with “zigabytes” of product information? The answer, in part, is through using advanced knowledge-management (KM) techniques. In the eLearning field, we can learn a lot from how Amazon approaches the relationship between customers and information.

Marc My Words: Selling Performance Support  July 8, 2014

Selling performance support comes with unique challenges. Whether you are just getting started or have some performance-support experience under your belt, here are ten approaches to employ when planning to sell a performance-support project.

Marc My Words: The Power of Focus Groups  June 10, 2014

Focus groups can provide invaluable insight when used strategically for many analysis activities in the eLearning field, from needs assessment to usability to evaluating course effectiveness. Here is a complete, yet concise, guide to the what-when-how-who details that shape a focus group that will be a key resource for better decision-making.

Marc My Words: Training Sees a Shrink  May 13, 2014

If the training department were a person, it might be having an existential crisis these days. So Marc set up a counseling appointment for the department with a professional therapist. Here’s a transcript of the session.

Marc My Words: When Training Gets into Trouble  April 8, 2014

In organizations facing difficult times, training is often the third thing that’s cut, right after travel and free coffee. It’s obvious to most of us that investment in quality training is a good bet. So why can’t we sell it? Here are three key “failures” to avoid.

Marc My Words: Why I Hate ADDIE  March 11, 2014

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”—Albert Einstein

Marc My Words: The Training to Competence Myth  February 11, 2014

There is an assumption that training provides enough learning and support to launch someone right to proficiency and competence the moment they leave the classroom. If the training is great and the learners learn, we are told, they ought to be able to perform competently from day one. This is hardly ever the case. Here’s why, and what to do about it.

Marc My Words: Training Hubris  January 14, 2014

Training activity that doesn’t produce business value is primarily wasted. Here is the story of a training organization that believed it was creating value, but saw it in terms of its own desires, rather than servicing and supporting the key needs of the business, as defined by the business. Scary stuff. Don’t try this at home.

Marc My Words: Holiday Training Treats; or, Let Them Eat Bagels  December 10, 2013

Does everything that’s done in the name of learning always make sense? Here are 11 stories about performance improvement gone awry, from getting away (far, far away) from the office to total makeover to the edifice complex and more. Enjoy!

Leo Performance Assurance Solution  November 26, 2013

Performance support is in the midst of its second revival. The first time around, every performance support project was a custom development job. Today, a new category of tools makes it much easier to create resources that support work at the moment of need. In this review, meet Leo, a proven way to help people get their work done.

Marc My Words: The Debacle: Infrastructure Lessons for eLearning  November 12, 2013

A house is no better than the foundation under it, and the same is true for eLearning: if the infrastructure won’t support it, you’ve got (expensive) trouble. Learn from this example that is currently creating so much concern in the US.

Marc My Words: Don't Dismiss Level One Evaluation  October 8, 2013

”Smile sheets.” “Happy sheets.” We often hear level-one evaluation (the learner’s reaction to instruction) dismissed as trivial or unimportant. But maybe we’ve been asking the wrong questions. Here’s why level one is important—and how to do it in a way that provides insights that matter and that supports correct assessment of your work.

Marc My Words: Back to School (Killing and Reigniting the Learning Flame)  September 10, 2013

Sometimes a trip down Memory Lane is worth making. The differences you remember between the best and the worst educational experiences you’ve had can be excellent guides to making better experiences for the learners in your organization. You can even turn the memories into a course- improvement checklist. Here’s a guided tour through those experiences.

Marc My Words: Own the Assessment, Not the Course  August 13, 2013

Some instructional designers write the assessment (the criterion test) first, and some write the test after they have finished designing the course and creating the content. Which way is right? Here are six key points you should consider as you plan your next eLearning project.

Marc My Words: Five Reasons to Use Performance Support  July 9, 2013

Performance support—simple tools that guide and support people as they carry out tasks—is an effective, low-cost complement to instruction. Here are five quick points that you can use as the basis for your “elevator speech” that explains the concept to your colleagues and stakeholders, and three valuable resources that will help you implement the concept.

Marc My Words: Google Glass as Wearable Performance Support  June 6, 2013

Google Glass is getting a lot of attention, but will we use it, and if so, how? It has features that might make it a viable performance-support technology in many settings, and it also creates some significant concerns. Read about the pros and cons here!

Marc My Words: Boston, Social Media, and Lessons for Learning  May 14, 2013

Social media played an incredible role in reporting the events at the 2013 Boston Marathon and assisting in its outcome. There are some lessons about the power of social media in learning we can take away from those events. What are the benefits and what are the pitfalls?

Marc My Words: Practice Makes Mastery  April 9, 2013

How do people become high performers? Here are three ideas from one of the keynote speakers at last month’s eLearning Guild Learning Solutions Conference. Plant these ideas into your programs and watch your learners grow!

Marc My Words: End User- and SME-created Content—Good Strategy, but Risky  March 12, 2013

Delegation is a key skill for instructional designers, especially when turning content development over to end users and subject matter experts. However, just as in any other management effort, it is vital to delegate with control. Here are some key errors you want to avoid.

Marc My Words: eLearning vs. eKnowledge  February 12, 2013

Is it necessary to communicate all content in the form of courses? There are real reasons to deliver some content as well-designed information instead of instruction. Marc invites us to think critically about what fits the eLearning paradigm and what doesn’t.

Marc My Words: So You Want to Get Into the eLearning Biz?  January 8, 2013

Looking for a new career? Think you have what it takes to be an eLearning specialist or manager of eLearning? Here are the nine things you need to know on your first day in your new career … or maybe the nine things it would still be good to know even if you’re already on the job.

Marc My Words: Seven Trends, Predictions, and Resolutions for the New Year  December 11, 2012

If you thought 2012 was an action-packed year, get ready for 2013, because it will be more of the same. Marc looks ahead to what he sees as the key trends, offers some advice about what you can do about them, and suggests where you should remember to learn more.

Marc My Words: Testing Your eLearning Strategy  November 13, 2012

Is your eLearning strategy sustainable? Here are eight points to consider as you work on making your strategy clear and set up for success.

Marc My Words: Is It eLearning or Something More?  October 9, 2012

Imagine a world where the tools we use remove complexity rather than add to it, and are so intuitively easy to use that we can operate them—correctly—the first time, precisely when we need to use them, with minimal risk. The possibilities for this are here. Are you ready for them? Marc talks about performance support, training, and saving lives.

Marc My Words: If We Just Give Kids iPads, They'll Learn More, Right?  September 11, 2012

Everything from class size to irrelevant curriculum, from lack of involvement to ineffective teaching, all seem to point to a US education system that at best is treading water and at worst is falling behind the rest of the world. Is technology the answer, or is it more lipstick on the same pig? Marc has some insights for all of us, and not just for American readers.

Marc My Words: The Fall and Rise of Performance Support  August 14, 2012

After two decades in eclipse during the rise of eLearning, performance support is returning to become an essential part of business strategy. Marc reflects on the significance of this re-focus in the world of learning and performance.

Marc My Words: Why I Hate Instructional Objectives  July 10, 2012

Ever since Bob Mager popularized instructional objectives more than 40 years ago, they have been part of the Holy Grail for instructional designers and the training industry. But are they as valuable as we think they are? Marc suggests a way to add value to the learning objective.

Marc My Words: Seven Questions eLearning Developers and Managers Should Answer … Every Time  June 12, 2012

Good design depends on the right answers to important questions, and it is critical to answer those questions at the beginning of the project, not at the end. Here are seven important details you must identify correctly from the start.

Beyond Competence: It's the Journey to Mastery That Counts  May 21, 2012

We have tended to think of competence as a fixed point: either you are competent or you are not. If that’s the whole story, Albert Einstein was just a competent physicist, Florence Nightingale was a competent nurse, and the Beatles were only a competent band. There has to be more, beyond mere competence. There’s a continuum of performance from novice to master. Learn about it here!

Marc My Words: The End of Books  May 8, 2012

As we find new and better ways to create, store, manage, and, especially, share knowledge, what else changes? Perhaps it is that our key role moves from production to decision-making and advice on content and learning quality. Marc reflects on keeping our eyes on what really matters.

Marc My Words: A Salute to ISPI on Its 50th Anniversary  April 10, 2012

The International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) has been a pace-setting, research-based professional organization that has influenced so many aspects of what we do in our work that it is difficult to list them all. Here is a salute to this organization!

Marc My Words: Qualifying eLearning Vendors  March 13, 2012

No matter how good you are at building eLearning, sooner or later you will likely have to rely on an outside provider. But how do you separate the good vendors from the bad? Here are seven vendor qualities you should look for.

Marc My Words: eLearning Boot Camp  February 7, 2012

Traditional roles in training and education are in transition, and perhaps fading away. Specializations in eLearning are merging and morphing. What was current last year is now passé, and what was a blip on the horizon is now mainstream. In a time of constant change in our professions, where do you focus your attention? The answer is continuous professional development, and here’s how.

Marc My Words: Ten Common Mistakes in Building an eLearning Strategy  January 10, 2012

Having a strategy is important, and it needs to be a solid strategy if it is to be the basis for a successful and sustainable eLearning effort. Here are ten of the mistakes that people most often make when setting their strategy, and each mistake will weaken the strategy.

All I Want for Christmas Are Some Great Teachers  December 13, 2011

Great teachers are still necessary. But there are some characteristics, beyond being impressive lecturers, which make teachers great. Why do great teachers matter in eLearning? It is because great teachers also make great eLearning developers.

Marc My Words: eLearning Myths, Part 2  November 8, 2011

More eLearning myths, folklore, and legends busted this month! Has Marc left out any of your favorites?

Marc My Words: eLearning Myths, Part 1  October 11, 2011

There are so many myths about eLearning that it is hard to know where to begin. But here are five myths about eLearning design, and the truth to counter each one of them.

Marc My Words: Back to School – Tablets in the Classroom  September 13, 2011

As students return to school, many of them (and their teachers) are seeing tablet computers in the classroom, a trend that will only grow. Marc looks at what tablets bring to K-12 education, the concerns that they raise, and what we can do to ensure the success of this technology in the classroom.

Marc My Words: Back to Basics – When Training Is the Answer  August 9, 2011

After you have analyzed a performance problem and determined the non-instructional components of the solution, it’s time to begin working on the parts that have to be taught. Here are eight fundamental points of instructional design and delivery that you must incorporate into eLearning in order to get the results you intend.

Marc My Words: Back to Basics – When Training Is Not the Answer  July 12, 2011

We know that training is only one solution to performance problems, and that there are several others. So why always fall back on “build a course to fix it” as the default solution? Here’s an aid to help with that particular performance problem, and there’s no course required.

Marc My Words: Vendors Are People Too  June 14, 2011

Business ethics apply to customers as well as to vendors. Here’s a look on the other side of the fence.

Marc My Words: The Best eLearning Demo I Have Ever Seen  May 10, 2011

Early adopters of eLearning more than 15 years ago – before the mass adoption of the Internet and the Web – were already producing innovative programs that can still serve as models for us today. Great design and production values went a long way to overcome the primitive technology. Marc reviews the most successful example, and what it takes to be that effective.

Marc My Words: Is This Recession Good for eLearning?  April 12, 2011

You’ve probably heard that every cloud has its silver lining, although it may have been hard to find any silver at all in the current recession. Marc suggests that this set of tough times may actually have been better for eLearning than might at first appear. But don’t wait too long to act on the opportunity.

Marc My Words: Beyond SCORM – A Welcome New Direction  March 8, 2011

While the LMS and SCORM may not be dead, they do not address the complexities of new learning design strategies and their transcendence of technical standards. Marc reflects on the history of standards and comments on the new ADL Future Learning Experience Project.

Marc My Words: Want a Free iPad? Get an Equus  February 8, 2011

Mobile devices as performance support platforms is a pretty cool idea these days – but only if the designer thinks through the whole problem, from the customer’s point of view. Marc has some words for Hyundai about this.

Marc My Words: Handy Tips for Expo Shopping  January 11, 2011

Shopping an expo at a conference can be daunting. So, based on more than 100 expo visits over 30 years, here are Marc’s 14 tips for making your expo time a success.

Marc My Words: E-Dreaming  December 14, 2010

Marc’s wish list for the New Year. How many of these are on all our lists?

Marc My Words: The Greatest Mobile Learning App Ever (until the next one comes along)  November 9, 2010

Two-dimensional barcodes, also called 2D tags, provide a new dimension for mobile learning, performance support, and printed content. Learn how (and why) to use 2D tags in this informative column.

The Special Sauce of Social Learning  October 18, 2010

Social media and social learning are attracting a lot of attention, but don’t overlook the fact that it’s not the technology that makes them effective. Here are the eight ingredients you need to make social learning successful.

Marc My Words: Will Social Media Rot Our Brains?  October 12, 2010

Love it or hate it, social media and its compression of expression is here to stay. Marc presents the pros and the cons, and asks the critical question: What are we going to do about it?

Marc My Words: OMG, I'm Tweeting!  September 14, 2010

What's the real value of Twitter and other social media? Marc discovers that it's not about the tweets, it's about the context. Whether you're a social media maven, or a total skeptic, this column is for you.

Marc My Words: Learning Technology in Our Schools – How We Can Help  August 10, 2010

One of the most important things we in e-Learning today can do for the generations to come is to support effective use of technology in primary and secondary education. For the past several months, Anne Derryberry has written about her experiences as a volunteer in her local high school. Now Marc shows you eight more ways you can make a difference in your local schools.

Marc My Words: What Can We Learn from Bartender School?   July 13, 2010

High-level simulations, an interactive student guide, student-created job aids, simple memory aids, substantial realistic practice, and a competency-based assessment. Where are you… in a military training center? Medical school? Nope. It’s Bartending 101. Pull up a stool.

Marc My Words: Thinking About Mobile Learning in the Age of iPad  June 15, 2010

As mLearnCon 2010 begins today in San Diego, Marc reflects on the nature of mobile learning and the devices that might support it, and he proposes a new definition of mLearning.

Marc My Words: iPad Envy  May 11, 2010

The iPad has done an admirable job of capturing the imaginations of many of us (not to mention the cash of a million buyers – so far). But is it a game changer for learning?

Marc My Words: Farewell, Training Magazine  April 20, 2010

Training Magazine made important contributions to our field. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, editors Jack Gordon, Chris Lee, and others, and contributors like Ron Zemke, were unafraid to tackle the tough issues as well as some of the silliness of the training and e-Learning field, and to accept articles that made you think. There is no question that the field has lost one of its most strident voices.

Locked Out: Bridging the Divide Between Training and Information Technology  January 7, 2010

Customers demand more flexibility, less disruption in how training is delivered, and faster, better access. Business demands more frequent updates to training content. Both Training and IT have a vested interest in meeting these demands. Despite their differences, the two groups ultimately have the best interests of the organization in mind and can only succeed when bridges are built between them.

Is Instructional System Design Dead? Why there are better questions to ask  May 10, 2004

Is instructional systems design (ISD) dead? The arguments against ISD usually center on its perceived inflexibility and the excessive time it takes to go through the process. The arguments for ISD cite its systematic approach and evidence that, if followed, you’re likely to produce more effective training. Maybe there are better questions to ask. Here are four such questions.