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Raptivity for Mac Launched! The Wait Is Over!  October 4, 2016

Raptivity has unveiled an all-new version for the Macintosh operating system along with some more new offerings, continuing its 10-year legacy of innovation.

Learnnovators and Quinnovation Launch Demo Course Based on Learning Design Best Principles  September 12, 2016

Learnnovators and Clark Quinn have created a course on “Workplace of the Future.” The free course is now available. This first- of-its-kind project models deeper design and advanced presentation style, including development under real-world constraints, baked-in best practices, experiential learning, collaborative social media, and open navigation. A link to the course is in this article.

New Flipgrid Launch Fuels Active, Social Learning in Classrooms and Enterprises  August 23, 2016

A video discussion platform is updated to offer a more accessible and connected environment. Flipgrid fuels active, social learning among co-workers and the leadership team. Because Flipgrid is accessible on a variety of digital platforms (desktop, iOS, and Android), educators, companies, and HR managers use it to host MOOCs and train their workforces from virtually anywhere.

JoomlaLMS Launches Mobile App  July 13, 2016

JoomlaLMS, a leading provider of learning management software for Joomla! CMS, this week announced the release of a mobile application for Android and iOS.

Unity Makes Education Bundles Available to Support Game Development Programs  June 30, 2016

Unity, the industry’s leading tool for creating games and interactive experiences, is very excited to announce that Unity Certified Developer Courseware, certification exams, and education software license bundles are now available for purchase by academic institutions to support their game development programs.

Brainshark Enhances Learning and Performance Support in Sales Workflows  June 29, 2016

Brainshark announces new offerings and capabilities for better sales coaching and prospecting, driving greater productivity across sales teams. The company has debuted collaborative coaching features and introduced Outlook integration to provide convenient content access within reps’ workflows.

Viddler Introduces In-video Question Authoring & Reporting at FocusOn Learning  June 2, 2016

Viddler has launched a major upgrade to its online learning portal offering, the Viddler Training Suite. With the latest upgrade, authors can add multiple-choice questions to any point in the video timeline, include “jump to” entries, and track and report individual user responses to questions. Managers and team leaders can now also view user responses to in-video questions.

mLevel to Showcase Latest Learning Activity at FocusOn Learning 2016  June 1, 2016

mLevel, the game-based learning company that provides mobile, social, and interactive learning experiences, announces the release of Assessment. This new offering provides an immersive and configurable learning experience that incorporates many educational game techniques.

ApprenNet 2016 Mobile Upgrades: Previewing New Learner-centered Mobile Enhancements  June 1, 2016

ApprenNet, the signature video learning platform used to scale skill development and authentic assessment, announces the release of a full learner mobile interface. The enhancements include improved mobile functionality, as well as significant pedagogical upgrades to ApprenNet’s patented multi-step learning method.

Xprtise Announces Consultancy on Workflow-based Learning and Support  June 1, 2016

Xprtise announces the launch of a consulting firm with experienced team members focusing on workplace learning solutions, including performance support and adaptive learning designed for the moment of need.

Product Upgrade—Origin Konnect Goes Mobile!  June 1, 2016

Origin Learning announces the launch of the mobile app for Konnect, its cloud-hosted social learning platform. The app works across multiple operating systems and supports a variety of course formats including SCORM, AICC, and the xAPI (Tin Can).

Mobile Coach Announces New Training Reinforcement Product  May 31, 2016

Mobile Coach announces the opportunity to author training reinforcement campaigns on its interactive text messaging platform. Central to Mobile Coach campaigns is the ability to offer timely, individualized feedback to thousands of users simultaneously.

Overcome the Challenge of Connectivity with gomo learning's Native App for Training  May 24, 2016

gomo learning, a leader in multi-device eLearning authoring, announces the all-new gomo central app. The native app provides offline access to content and full tracking—even when users are disconnected.

Train Your Millennial Workforce with Indusgeeks' Enhanced Game-based Learning Platform: INIT  May 23, 2016

Indusgeeks, a game-based training company, announces enhancements to its content transformation platform to create game- based learning solutions specifically for the banking, financial services, and insurance industries.

Magic Coast Introduces VODaL: Simplifying Live Video Webcasts  May 19, 2016

Video on demand (VOD) is a great innovation: It offers providers control, low risk, and simplicity. Unfortunately, it can be problematic for training use, where you want engagement, interactivity, and real-time collaboration. VODaL offers a user experience that resembles a live streaming event without the cost and risk of live television!

The eLearning Guild Releases 2016 US eLearning Salary & Compensation Report  March 23, 2016

The eLearning Guild announces the publication of its annual salary report, the 2016 US eLearning Salary & Compensation Report. The report examines data from more than 3,500 members of the Guild to analyze US salary and compensation trends, taking variables such as state, company size, and job focus into account.

Axonify DiscoveryZone Gives Employees Access to Critical Business Knowledge  March 16, 2016

Axonify announces the introduction of Axonify DiscoveryZone, a solution that leverages company-generated content and expertise to give employees the information they need to be productive, efficient, and successful. DiscoveryZone provides a social environment for employees to access relevant, crowdsourced, and rated content.

Whatfix Launches World's First SCORM-compliant In-app Guidance Tool  March 16, 2016

Whatfix announces the release of the world’s first SCORM 1.2-compliant in-app guidance system, which makes it easy to create, upload, and track performance of training programs on any LMS. Whatfix integrates seamlessly with any LMS to streamline and accelerate training programs and makes training interactive with step-by-step in-app guidance.

Games at Work—Agile Literacy Announces Launch of Gelling  March 16, 2016

Agile Literacy announces the release of Gelling, a multiplayer online game that employs agile practices to improve team performance.

Bluewater Announces New Consulting and User Experience Services for the LMS Industry  March 16, 2016

Bluewater Learning announces the launch of its new packaged consulting services, Bluewater Tune-Ups. The services support mid-market and enterprise clients and address areas such as governance, change management, user experience, UAT, blueprints, and roadmaps.

Meet iSpring Suite 8.1, the New eLearning Authoring Supercharger  March 15, 2016

iSpring Solutions announces the release of iSpring Suite 8.1, an easy-to-use PowerPoint-based tool that preserves virtually all PowerPoint animation and transition effects. Plus, learners can access courses on their mobile devices using the free iSpring Play mobile app.

AdaptiveU Introduces Platform at Learning Solutions 2016  March 14, 2016

AdaptiveU, an eLearning solutions provider, will be exhibiting the AdaptiveU platform at Learning Solutions 2016. The easy- to-use LMS can be used to create, track, and manage content delivered to employees, customers, or students.

LearnUpon LMS Announces Launch of GoToMeeting Integration at Learning Solutions 2016  March 14, 2016

LearnUpon announces integration with GoToMeeting, which will allow event organizers to easily create, share, and invite users to GoTo events including GoToWebinar and GoToTraining.

New Subscription and Analytic Features Enhance ANCILE Products  March 10, 2016

ANCILE Solutions, announces flexible delivery options for ANCILE uPerform and analytics for ANCILE uGuide. These solutions are designed to deliver learning and performance support content and in-application, step-by-step guidance of web-based applications.

IQStrategix Announces Release of v2.0 IQX Cloud Technology   March 9, 2016

IQStrategix announces the release of IQX Cloud, its revolutionary v2.0 flagship knowledge computing technology. The IQX Cloud eLearning platform is designed to leverage corporate knowledge by providing real-world content, with analytics, on- demand.

Origin Konnect Product Upgrade—Powering Collective Intelligence  March 9, 2016

Origin Learning Solutions announces the continued development and expansion of Origin Konnect, a device-agnostic solution that leverages the power of Big Data to foster collaborative learning and engagement and provide data-driven insights about learners.

eLogic Learning to Unveil Brand-new User Interface at LSCon 2016  March 8, 2016

eLogic Learning announces a brand-new user interface to its award-winning eSSential LMS. Attendees at Learning Solutions 2016 in Orlando, Florida will be the first to get a sneak peek at the new interface and added LMS features.

HT2 to Unveil Next Generation Learning System, Talk Learning Ecosystems at Learning Solutions Conference & Expo  February 25, 2016

Research and development company HT2 will showcase its new platform for personal learning, and will present talks on successful learning ecosystems at the Learning Solutions Conference, March 16 – 18 in Orlando.

SkillStore Takes Aim at Billions Wasted on Corporate Training Each Year  February 24, 2016

New social-learning app launches to drive real results from communication and leadership training.

Brainshark Launches Sales Coaching Solution to Help Organizations Drive Greater Sales Performance  February 10, 2016

Brainshark also announces partnership with CloudCoaching International—founded by Tony Robbins and Walter Rogers— providing expert resources for sales coaching success.

Raptivity Unveils Engagement Analytics  February 9, 2016

eLearning industry experts foresee a game changer that applies analytics to interactivity. Engagement Analytics aims to provide eLearning developers and administrators with sophisticated insights into what’s working and what’s not working with their interactive content.

Grovo: Expanded Platform Capabilities, New Features Support Progressive Learning Programs at Scale  February 3, 2016

User Management API, Events, and Powers Now Available

Viddler Launches New Training App  February 2, 2016

Viddler Training Suite offers training practice, reinforcement, feedback, and measurable, long-term results.

New Benefits and Added Value for eLearning Guild Members  January 13, 2016

The eLearning Guild has increased membership value with the addition of three exciting new online events, providing members worldwide with more resources and more knowledge than ever.

New eBook: Engagement That Works: Tips from Learning Solutions Thought Leaders  January 12, 2016

Engagement is key to effective eLearning, but it isn’t always easy to achieve. The eLearning Guild’s new eBook, Engagement That Works: Tips from Learning Solutions Thought Leaders, offers tips from 39 experts to will help you get and hold learners’ attention.

The eLearning Guild Announces Games and Gamification eBook  December 22, 2015

For the first time, Guild content from multiple areas—Learning Solutions Magazine, Guild Research, and the Conference Archive—are gathered in one publication to create the ultimate resource for learning about games and gamification. Whether you’re just getting started or want a new viewpoint, The Art and Science of Gamification will help change the way you think about this hot topic.

Moodle Launches Major Version Release: Moodle 3.0  November 24, 2015

The world’s most widely used learning platform presents its best version to date, Moodle 3.0. Driven and supported by its active community, Moodle enters the next phase of its development with this release, building upon a firm foundation of stability, reliability, and performance.

SkyPrep, “LMS Without the Mess,” Made Even Better with Version 3  September 30, 2015

SkyPrep launches V3, complete with new premium features, including speed enhancements, visual reporting, a newly revamped help center, as well as the addition of Learning Paths.

Linguavista Launches LinguaLearn Suite of Services Today at DevLearn 2015  September 30, 2015

Linguavista launches its new suite of language and business solutions, which are particularly suited to businesses in the eLearning sector.

dominKnow Claro's Role in Improving UK Highway Safety Highlighted at DevLearn 2015   September 30, 2015

dominKnow Learning Systems partner Larmer Brown helps keep the busiest motorway crossing in the United Kingdom safe and sound. Find out how!

Easy Conversion to HTML5 with the Azimuth eLearning Services  September 29, 2015

Azimuth presents its conversion and development services for HTML5 and 3-D animations at the DevLearn 2015 Conference & Expo, Las Vegas, NV, USA. September 30 — October 2, 2015. Booth #130.

Cognitive Advisors Releases New Version of TREK Learning Experience Manager  September 29, 2015

The TREK Learning Experience Manager is one of the first solutions built from the ground up to take advantage of the Experience API (Tin Can), the new post-SCORM standard that supports tracking of all types of learning outside of the LMS.

Brightwave Raises the Bar at DevLearn 2015 Conference & Expo  September 29, 2015

Brightwave to present on the Learning Media stage and at DevLearn DemoFest during the conference.

gomo learning suite: DevLearn 2015 Exclusive Discount for Attendees  September 28, 2015

The gomo learning suite is an innovative authoring and distribution suite that allows users to create, host, update, and track beautiful multi-device learning, anywhere.

Adapt Learning Is Now Available as a Service  September 28, 2015

Learning Pool has released Adapt Builder, a game-changing authoring tool built on the award-winning Adapt Learning framework.

TrainingRelief: Creating, Organizing, and Delivering Training Has Never Been Easier  September 28, 2015

Create your own courses with a comprehensive and easy-to-use training platform. TrainingRelief can show you how at DevLearn 2015 in Las Vegas September 30.

LearnUpon Exhibiting for First Time at DevLearn 2015  September 24, 2015

To get a demo of LearnUpon’s learning management system visit booth #325 at the DevLearn Expo.

Origin Learning Is Innovative Learning: Digital, Visual, Social, Analytics  September 24, 2015

With the successful rollout of Konnect, Origin’s next-generation product platform, learners have peer-to-peer interaction and knowledge exchange apart from collaborative learning through the social platform. See it at DevLearn!

Highly Anticipated nawmalMAKE to Launch at DevLearn 2015  September 24, 2015

nawmalMAKE is easy, fast, and flexible—a unique animation solution.

Expedite Learning: Speed Up Learner Engagement Solutions!  September 24, 2015

Enrich design, extend engagement, and expedite development with an instructionally sound, visually enhanced, and technically perfect premium eLearning template library.

Train Your Millennial Workforce with Indusgeeks' New Game-based Learning Platform, INIT  September 23, 2015

A leading game-based training company announces a new content-transformation platform to create gamified mobile and LMS-ready immersive training solutions.

RedSeed: Online Retail Trainers to Hit US Soil in 2015  September 23, 2015

Specialist retail training provider RedSeed is set to launch its online sales and service training at the DevLearn 2015 conference in Las Vegas.

Aptara Introduces Aptara Enrich, a Custom HTML5 Content-delivery Platform Solution  September 23, 2015

Aptara Enrich is a customized digital-reader app and a new class of training library for viewing content online or offline, on any device or browser.

Atticmedia: Innovation in Action at DevLearn 2015  September 23, 2015

Atticmedia will be exhibiting at DevLearn in Las Vegas, Nevada from September 30 to October 2. Visitors who swing by booth #342 will get the chance to explore learning innovation and discuss business opportunities with the Atticmedia team.

Clarity Consultants Exhibits at DevLearn 2015 Conference & Expo  September 23, 2015

Clarity Consultants will be attending the DevLearn 2015 Conference & Expo and would like to meet you.

Experience Un-boring eLearning Simulations and the World's Simplest LMS at DevLearn 2015  September 22, 2015

Unboxed makes complex things simple, crafting human-friendly training, sales productivity, and performance management solutions that help employees do their jobs better.

eXact Learning Solutions Sponsors DevLearn 2015  September 22, 2015

The digital learning content management business-solution provider eXact Llearning solutions is one of this year’s sponsors of DevLearn 2015, the eLearning industry’s largest international exhibition.

iSpring Suite 8: Massive New Features Not Found in Standard eLearning Packages  September 22, 2015

iSpring introduces an upgrade to its flagship authoring tool that completely changes the eLearning authoring landscape. Now including functionality that can’t be found in other eLearning toolkits, iSpring Suite 8 is truly becoming an all-in-one tool for course creation.

Virtual Ashridge at DevLearn 2015: Online Business School Education  September 22, 2015

Virtual Ashridge is an award-winning online collection of learning materials, created by the faculty and consultants of Ashridge Business School. Customizable, relevant, and insightful, Virtual Ashridge is the leading digital learning solution that allows your learners to access a business school education anytime they need it, anywhere in the world.

A Year of Firsts for Yardstick  September 22, 2015

In its first appearance in the DevLearn Expo, Yardstick will showcase three new products: a digital badge builder,, and Yardstick InSession.

Meet the Needs of Your Modern Workforce at DevLearn 2015  September 21, 2015

Xyleme to showcase award-winning content management system in booth 407 in the expo.

Forge FX: Access Equipment, Aerial Work Platform Training Simulators  September 21, 2015

ForgeFX is a proud simulator-development partner of JLG Industries, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of aerial work platforms, telehandlers, and other access equipment. Here is an example of the results of this partnership.

mLevel to Showcase Latest Solutions at DevLearn 2015  September 16, 2015

mLevel will showcase their latest offerings: Academy, an adaptive learning tool, and Shape Escape, a hot and exciting game.

HT2 Learning to Share Social Learning, Data Insights at DevLearn 2015  September 14, 2015

HT2, the company behind the award-winning social learning platform Curatr and the open-source LRS Learning Locker, will be supporting the xAPI Camp, presenting at the conference, and demoing at DemoFest, in addition to exhibiting at the main show.

Hyla Soft and Skillaware Launch Skillaware 2.0  September 14, 2015

Skillaware and its partner Hyla Soft are proud to announce the U.S. launch of Skillaware 2.0, their flagship performance support and learning analytics platform.

City & Guilds Kineo Introduces EssentialsPlus  September 3, 2015

City & Guilds Kineo is delighted to announce the release of its brand-new, ready-to-go eLearning range, EssentialsPlus. This exciting eLearning platform is the only off-the-shelf product to offer both the reassurance of a 100 percent pass mark, and a motivating Guided Revision feature, which ensures learners only revise what they need to.

Digitec Interactive Unveils New Knowledge Direct Learning Management Platform  August 26, 2015

With Knowledge Direct, associations can now engage and increase membership through rich, accessible, and social learning experiences.

Adobe Integrates eLearning Brothers Templates into Captivate 9  August 25, 2015

This integration gives Captivate 9 developers instant access to over 25,000 templates directly within the software. eLearning Brothers Templates are now included in the purchase price of Captivate 9, giving developers the ability to create engaging, interactive, and inspiring courses.

Adobe Debuts Learning Management System, Captivate Prime; Also Releases Captivate 9  August 19, 2015

Adobe Captivate Prime is a cloud-based self-service learning management system that enables eLearning professionals to easily set up, deliver, and track any form of learning. Adobe Captivate 9 features enhanced mobile authoring and more than 25,000 eLearning assets.

Welcome to Obsidian Black: Bringing HTML5 Content to All Devices  August 19, 2015

Obsidian Learning has released their new rapid authoring tool in Beta. Interested? Create a free early-access account to explore the tool!

New eBook: 77 Tips on Today's Hottest Topics from DevLearn Thought Leaders  August 5, 2015

Every year the eLearning industry’s biggest names gather at DevLearn to share their knowledge. The eLearning Guild’s new eBook, 77 Tips on Today’s Hottest Topics from DevLearn Thought Leaders, is filled with tips from 16 experts who will be leading pre-conference workshops.

eLogic Learning Improves Efficiency of Managing State-by-state Continuing Education Requirements  July 8, 2015

eLogic Learning introduces complex continuing education management functionality in the latest release of its eSSential Learning Management System (LMS). This enhancement of eLogic’s LMS functionality helps organizations manage, track, and report on continuing education activity across states and jurisdictions more efficiently while assuring compliance with state- by-state regulations.

LearnBrite Comes Out of Stealth with VR Platform for eLearning  June 24, 2015

LearnBrite, a division of ExitReality, is collaborating with Curtin University Australia to develop virtual-reality learning simulations for medical students, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

Fort Hill Launches 70-20: Cloud-based Tool Activates Informal and Social Workplace Learning  June 23, 2015

70-20 leverages the ubiquitous presence of mobile and social technologies in the lives of today’s workforce to activate learning on the job and drive more productive outcomes for both individuals and organizations.

Ontuitive Announces Release of Ontuitive Cloud 1.2   June 15, 2015

This release will become publicly available on June 26, 2015 and will include significant enhancements for content authors, systems integrators, and end-users.

Float Releases CHAMPIONS: A Framework for Improving Worker Performance  June 10, 2015

Float and Qualcomm Learning Center today released CHAMPIONS, a framework that allows organizations to leverage the unique capabilities of digital technologies to improve human performance.

Atticmedia Jumps to the Forefront of Mobile Learning  June 10, 2015

Atticmedia is a full-service learning agency that has been working with clients since 1996. They offer a range of strategy, consulting, training, communications, design, development, copywriting, and marketing services, as well as expertise of mobile applications.

dominKnow Mobile Learning Enhancements: Flow and Capture Beta  June 10, 2015

dominKnow Learning Systems will be exhibiting at mLearnCon, featuring enhancements to their products Claro, dominKnow Mobile, and Flow, and the launch of a public beta for Capture, a new simulations creation tool.

gomo learning, Multi-device Experts, Present gomo learning suite at mLearnCon  June 9, 2015

gomo learning is delighted to announce their appearance at mLearnCon 2015, the leading North American event for mobile- technology supported learning and performance support professionals.

Get Smarter with Smartphones and Tablets with LEO at mLearnCon 2015  June 9, 2015

International learning technologies firm LEO is delighted to be presenting two sessions and exhibiting at mLearnCon in Austin, Texas from June 10 – 12, helping global organizations use mobile technology to move learning to the heart of business strategy.

Origin Learning Announces the Release of Konnect, a Next-generation Social Learning Platform  June 8, 2015

Origin Konnect fosters collaborative learning and engagement. See the new release at the mLearnCon 2015 Expo in Austin June 8 – 10.

tts Sponsors Performance Support Symposium in Austin, Texas USA  June 8, 2015

tts, a full service provider for talent management and corporate learning, is a Silver Sponsor at the Performance Support Symposium, June 10 – 12, 2015.

iSpring's Mobile Apps Take eLearning Further  June 2, 2015

iSpring Solutions will be showcasing their new mobile apps, along with the latest enhancements to their product line, at mLearnCon 2015 in Austin, Texas at booth #301.

eLearning Brothers Expands Its Template Library: Get My Graphic  May 28, 2015

eLearning Brothers announces the acquisition of the Arlington, Virginia-based Get My Graphic.

Cisco Introduces New Cloud and IoT Certifications to Address Key IoE Skills  May 28, 2015

Additions to Cisco’s training and certification portfolio enable customers to navigate rapid technology shifts.

iSpring Pro 7.1 Adds One-click YouTube Video Creation  May 27, 2015

iSpring announces an upgrade for iSpring Pro 7.1, its classic PowerPoint-based tool. New in this upgrade is easy creation of video from slides and one-click publishing to YouTube.

JoomlaLMS 2.0 Launched: Redesigned and Mobile-compatible  May 7, 2015

The new release features mobile responsiveness, redesigned layout, new conference capacities, and an embedded course builder.

Trivantis and eLearning Brothers Team Up to Rock the eLearning Industry  May 6, 2015

eLearning Brothers and Trivantis, the maker of Lectora, announced on April 22, 2015 that for the first time in eLearning history, an eLearning template provider and an authoring tool have combined forces to create an unprecedented eLearning solution.

Streamline Real-time Knowledge, Learning, and Innovation with Cisco Collaborative Knowledge  April 21, 2015

Cisco Collaborative Knowledge improves employee engagement and workforce productivity by building smarter, more agile workforces.

Raptivity Launches Raptivity Linker, A Solution to Create Short Interactive Learning Experiences  April 8, 2015

Raptivity, the award-winning interactivity building tool from Harbinger Knowledge Products, has announced the launch of Raptivity Linker, an innovative way to create short interactive learning experiences.

New eBook: Mobile Learning in Context  April 8, 2015

Mobile learning defies the customary approach to eLearning and forces us to rethink our approach. How are you addressing mLearning? This collection of essays may make you think about mobile learning in a whole new way.

Global Learning Support Releases AC3  March 25, 2015

Global Learning Support (GLS), a pioneer in the eLearning sector, announces the release of AC3, a simple and effective piece of cloud software designed to measure a student’s commitment to completing a course.

HapYak Interactive Video Now Analyzes Over 100,000,000 Data Points per Month  March 25, 2015

HapYak Interactive Video, the leader in the interactive video space, announced today that its platform now creates more than 100 million data points monthly. Representatives from HapYak will be available at Learning Solutions 2015 to share their eLearning best practices.

DominKnow Announces Latest Versions of Authoring Tools and Release of New Software Simulation Tool  March 24, 2015

dominKnow Learning Systems, an exhibitor at Learning Solutions 2015, is pleased to announce the latest versions of their eLearning authoring tools Claro and Flow, as well as the introduction of Capture, a new software simulation tool.

LearnUpon Announces Launch of iOS App Version of Their LMS at Learning Solutions 2015  March 23, 2015

LearnUpon, a featured exhibitor at Learning Solutions 2015, announced today the launch of an iOS app version of their LMS. The app allows learners to complete their courses, exams, and surveys on their iPhones or iPads.

March Madness at Designing Digitally!  March 23, 2015

Designing Digitally, an innovative leader in engaging learners, increasing their knowledge retention, and inspiring success through fully customized web-based training, will be exhibiting at Learning Solutions 2015. Attendees can stop by booth #313 to learn more about Designing Digitally and enter for a chance to win a Kindle Fire HD6 and more.

Yukon Learning Launches “The Articulate Trainer” Blog  March 20, 2015

Building on its commitment to make eLearning easy for everyone, Yukon Learning announces the launch of a new blog, “The Articulate Trainer.” The blog promises answers to common questions and advice for building effective eLearning using Articulate tools.

iSpring Solutions Introduces Ground-breaking iSpring Suite 7.1 Enhanced with Cloud/YouTube Upload  March 19, 2015

iSpring Solutions is introducing iSpring Suite 7.1 at Learning Solutions 2015. This upgrade promises powerful new features for fast and easy distribution of interactive, media-rich PowerPoint presentations.

RISC Releases xAPI Visualization  March 18, 2015

RISC, an xAPI early-adopter, announces that xAPI Data Visualizations for cloud-based annotations has been incorporated into the VTA LMS with version 7.2.

Training, Collaborating, and Note-taking Step into the Future with Computer Station's Cutting-edge Digital Interactive Technology  March 18, 2015

Computer Station, an exhibitor at Learning Solutions 2015, provides training and collaboration solutions for educators and businesses to engage, collaborate, share, and save. As a reseller and certified trainer for several lines, Computer Station works with their clients to help create presentations and learning environments where attendees are engaged.

eLogic Learning Announces eSSential Plus at Learning Solutions 2015  March 18, 2015

eLogic Learning (eLogic) announces the release of eSSential Plus, a new offering that includes the award-winning eSSential LMS with upgraded content authoring capabilities and a comprehensive eLearning solutions package. eLogic is exhibiting the new offering at Learning Solutions 2015 in booth #101.

Kineo Launches New Rapid Articulate Storyline Development Services to Support Internal Teams  March 18, 2015

Kineo’s new service accelerates timelines and reduces cost for development in Articulate Storyline products.

Aquafadas Brings Innovative Digital Authoring Tools to Learning Solutions 2015  March 17, 2015

Aquafadas will be debuting its new digital learning content authoring and distribution tools at Learning Solutions 2015. With two authoring platforms, Aquafadas makes it possible to build interactive training content and package it to an eBook, web app, or native mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Build on Your Legacy Content: Hurix Presents at Learning Solutions 2015  March 12, 2015

Hurix encourages learning and training organizations to take up the challenge of transforming their Flash-based legacy content to HTML5 in order to ride the rising wave of mobile devices. Only when your content is accessible on multiple devices and platforms for mobile audiences will you be able to realize the ROI on the huge investment made on content development.

Kryon Systems' Leo: First & Only Performance Support Software to Integrate Tin Can API  March 11, 2015

Leo Performance Support closes the loop on the learning ecosystem with real-time process performance feedback reporting to learning management systems.

Scitent Launches PROPEL Enterprise: Global eLearning Distribution  March 5, 2015

Scitent, a full-service eLearning company dedicated to the growth of an organization’s eLearning business, has launched a full suite of technology solutions and services for selling online courses via partners, resellers, or distribution networks.

The eLearning Guild Releases 2015 Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report  February 25, 2015

The eLearning Guild has released the 2015 Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report. Based on data from more than 5,000 Guild members, the average base salary of an eLearning employee is $78,310. Make the most of new resources in the report to start your own research, access the Guild’s salary calculator, and develop an action plan to prepare for—and succeed in—future negotiations.

Cisco Expands Certification Portfolio: Collaboration, IP Voice, Digital Video  February 17, 2015

New Collaboration Certifications help transform the way work is done, addresses IP voice and digital video workplace transformation and evolving job roles.

newrow_ Corporate Training APIs Extend Reach of Workforce Education Platforms to Mobile  February 3, 2015

newrow_ for training APIs integrate live video and help scale existing training platforms.

Guild Announces Learning and Performance Ecosystems Research Report  January 14, 2015

Ecosystems are becoming increasingly important to the workplace. What are they, and why are they necessary? The eLearning Guild’s new report, Learning and Performance Ecosystems: Current State and Challenges, takes a deep dive into this increasingly important topic.

The eLearning Guild Launches DemoFest Archive  January 8, 2015

The eLearning Guild expands its member resources with the launch of the DemoFest Archive, making one of the Guild’s most popular conference features available year-round.

New Mobile Learning Book Provides Practical Roadmap  December 22, 2014

The authors are “pointing the way” for enterprise mobile learning.

Trivantis Announces Lectora 12 Release  December 16, 2014

New usability enhancements make eLearning authoring even easier with Lectora 12.

Total Learning in Action: tessello 3.0 from Brightwave  December 11, 2014

Next-generation learning agency Brightwave has released a significant update to its total learning system tessello. Harnessing xAPI technology, tessello’s latest release includes new features such as structured learning pathways and event- booking modules, making the system one of the first on the market to combine formal learning with social, coaching, and collaborative tools.

Guild Announces Instructional Design Research Report  December 3, 2014

The role of the instructional designer has come a long way from its roots in World War II. The eLearning Guild’s new research report, Today’s Instructional Designer: Competencies and Careers, examines where this important role is now and where it’s headed.

Intrepid Learning Solutions Launches Independent SaaS Learning Technology Company  November 25, 2014

Intrepid Learning to focus exclusively on its award-winning cloud-based technology business built around its flagship Learning Hub and Corporate MOOC solutions.

Hatsize Launches Turnkey Citrix Labs  November 12, 2014

Turnkey Citrix Labs enable training organizations to offer virtual, hands-on XenDesktop training to students worldwide.

dominKnow Announces Latest Versions of Claro and Flow  November 6, 2014

Rapid development cycles and cloud-based software with native HTML/HTML5 support means users always have the most advanced eLearning authoring system at their fingertips.

Guild Announces Ecosystem White Paper  November 4, 2014

Our world is increasingly complex. We need to learn on demand, seamlessly, without interrupting our workflow. Our resources need to be immediate and effective. The eLearning Guild’s free new white paper, Learning and Performance Ecosystems: Strategy, Technology, Impact, and Challenges, can help get you started!

HapYak Interactive Video Announces New Quick-start Capabilities with Templates and Best Practices  October 29, 2014

HapYak Interactive Video announces new Templates feature to turn video collections interactive and Premium Support to give customers exactly the help they need.

Trivantis Will Showcase eLearning Solutions at DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo  October 29, 2014

Trivantis will be a premium sponsor at DevLearn 2014. Visitors to the Trivantis booth (#517) at the DevLearn Expo can enter for the chance to win one year of the new Lectora Online V2.0, as well as get a sneak peek of the upcoming release of Lectora V12 eLearning software.

Xyleme to Present Three Sessions at DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo  October 29, 2014

Xyleme, a leader in single-source content management for learning, is presenting three learning sessions during DevLearn 2014. Session attendees will learn more about moving to a performance-based strategy for managing learning content, best practices in single-sourcing learning content, and how Caterpillar and Xyleme partnered to provide multi-device access to global learners.

Weejee Learning Launches “Qwick Custom,” Enabling Fast, Affordable Custom Course Design  October 29, 2014

Weejee Learning announces its newest offering, Qwick Custom, a selection of adaptable themes that can be personalized with an organization’s own content to create high-end, tailored courses more quickly and less expensively than a traditional custom eLearning solution.

Refined Data Solutions Announces Reports-4-Moodle—the First Enterprise Reporting Solution for Moodle-based Learning Platforms  October 29, 2014

“Refined Data Solutions announces the first production release of Reports-4-Moodle—an enterprise-grade reporting extension for all Moodle-based LMS deployments.”

ClickMeeting Videoconferencing Releases Upgrade  October 29, 2014

ClickMeeting announces a new version of their popular videoconferencing platform that includes an events timeline, expanded profile, and flexible customization options.

Articulate Storyline 2 Now Available, Making It Faster and Easier to Create Beautiful, Interactive Courses  October 28, 2014

Adding more than two dozen new features and enhancements, Articulate recently released Articulate Storyline 2. The award-winning authoring tool makes it easy for course creators to bring content to life, control how their courses look and behave, and boost productivity.

LEO to Appear at DevLearn 2014  October 28, 2014

LEO, a learning technologies firm focused on working with international organizations to help them transform their approach to learning, will be an exhibitor at DevLearn 2014. Visitors to the LEO booth (#409) at the DevLearn Expo can enter for the chance to win a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

Refined Data Solutions Announces the Release of the Refined Training LMS Version 3.2  October 28, 2014

Refined Data Solutions announces the release of Refined Training LMS Version 3.2. This new release is full of custom extensions and enhancements and includes access to the new enterprise-grade Reports-4-Moodle functionality.

Yukon Learning to Unveil New Rapid Course Offerings at DevLearn 2014  October 28, 2014

Yukon Learning, a featured exhibitor at DevLearn 2014, is pleased to announce several new titles in its Rapid Course library.

Refined Data Solutions Awarded a Second US Patent for Vantage Point Virtual Learning Extension to Adobe Connect  October 27, 2014

Refined Data Solutions announces that its Vantage Point technology for Adobe Connect has been issued a second US patent. With this new technology, virtual live instructors can now view 25, 50, 100, or more student cameras at one time with minimal impact on student bandwidth requirements.

Bottom-Line Performance Unveils Knowledge Guru “Quest” Game at DevLearn 2014  October 27, 2014

The Knowledge Guru game-based learning platform is set to take another leap forward as Bottom-Line Performance announces the new “Quest” game type. This all-new game type incorporates immersive game elements and tightly integrated instructional design based on the science of learning and remembering.

Brightwave Will Showcase Total Learning and 3-D Solution at DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo  October 27, 2014

Brightwave, a DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo sponsor, will be showcasing the team’s latest solutions and demos, including Brightwave’s award-winning total learning system tessello.

StrengthsEngage, a New Self-coaching Solution for the Clifton StrengthsFinder, Now Available  October 27, 2014

In partnership with Simon Hurry’s Human Strategy Group, Cognician is pleased to announce StrengthsEngage, a new self-coaching solution for users of the Clifton StrengthsFinder.

Dashe & Thomson Announce Whole-Person Learning Framework and Development Method  October 23, 2014

Dashe & Thomson, an exhibitor at DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo, announces a new approach to learning design that builds on research into the role of emotion in learning.

iSpring Solutions Introduces Two Tools That Will Drive Your eLearning  October 23, 2014

iSpring Solutions, an exhibitor at DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo, is excited to announce two game changing eLearning solutions—iSpring Learn, a cloud-based LMS, and iSpring Suite 7, an all-in-one solution for creating media-rich professional presentations.

TorranceLearning Announces Eleventure Business Skills Course Library  October 23, 2014

TorranceLearning announces the availability of its new Eleventure eLearning library. The curriculum is hosted on the LearnCore LMS platform and covers a broad range of business skills

Obsidian Learning is Back in Black  October 22, 2014

Obsidian Learning is proud to be an exhibitor and sponsor of DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo. Obsidian will give a presentation on mobile learning development—and we just might drop a hint about an exciting project we’re working on. We look forward to seeing you there!

inWhatLanguage Will Showcase Translation Solutions at DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo  October 22, 2014

inWhatLanguage, a best-in-class translation agency, will be returning for a second year to the DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo. After an exceedingly positive experience last year, the online-based translation company is thirsty for more.

Sealworks Launches Major Update to Project Collaboration Web App  October 22, 2014

Sealworks, an exhibitor at DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo, announces a major update to their project collaboration web app

gomo learning Announces Release of gomo 2.2  October 21, 2014

gomo learning announces the release of gomo 2.2. The authoring tool is full of new features and improvements, promising to help course developers easily create single-source content for multiple devices.

Sify eLearning Services Exhibits at DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo  October 21, 2014

Sify eLearning Services, a leading provider of learning and performance support solutions, is exhibiting at DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo. Team members from Sify will demonstrate mobile learning solutions, content gamification, enterprise social learning, and much more.

Looop Doubles Down on Mobile Learning with Launch of New App  October 20, 2014

Looop, a new cloud-based training platform, recently launched a mobile app that allows users to build learning into the daily habits of their learners. The app, which takes advantage of the convenience and ease offered by mobile devices, is downloadable now on iOS and Android.

Carmazzi Global Solutions and IconLogic to Equip the Training and Development Industry with Specialized Localization Courses  October 20, 2014

Carmazzi Global Solutions and IconLogic announce a collaboration that will bring two three-hour mini courses on localization to the training and development industry.

Brainshark Sales Accelerator Launch: Smarter, Measurable Sales Conversations  October 13, 2014

This sales enablement platform gives reps instant access to engaging content in the context of their sales workflow and provides insights for managers to coach more effectively.

Unicorn Launches Built-in Authoring Tool for SkillsServe  October 9, 2014

Unicorn Learning has launched its new rapid-authoring tool, eCreator, built into the company’s award-winning learning and development platform, SkillsServe. The result is varied, dynamic learning that will inspire personal and business growth—read about it here!

Breaking News: Skillsoft Completes Acquisition of SumTotal Systems  October 2, 2014

Skillsoft Limited, a pioneer in technology-delivered learning solutions, announced today that its subsidiary, Skillsoft Corporation, has completed its acquisition of SumTotal Systems from Vista Equity Partners, a US-based private equity firm.

Zenler Online Schools Launches Beta  October 1, 2014

Zenler (, an eLearning authoring tool company and LMS provider, has launched a public beta of its Zenler Online Schools (ZOS). Anyone can start an online school using ZOS, creating, selling, and tracking eLearning courses, and building their own business.

NexLearn Announces New Patent for SimWriter Simulation Authoring Tool  October 1, 2014

NexLearn, a leading provider of immersive-learning simulations and eLearning courseware, celebrates the recognition of SimWriter as the only patented social-simulation authoring tool and announces that qualified new customers are eligible for a 30 percent discount on SimWriter licenses purchased before November 1, 2014.

Lectora Releases Cloud-authoring Tool with New Interface  September 24, 2014

Use the well-known Lectora software online in the cloud—anywhere, anytime.

New eBook: 61 Tips for Making Learning Memorable with Graphics and Visual Design  September 23, 2014

eLearning is a visual experience, and to take full advantage of it you need arresting graphics and solid visual design. If you’re not an expert, don’t lose hope! The eLearning Guild’s new eBook, 61 Tips for Making Learning Memorable with Graphics and Visual Design, can help.

PlayerLync: Enterprise Platform for Tablet Collaboration  September 18, 2014

PlayerLync has launched the first tablet-based automatic video and document content delivery, control, and collaboration platform for enterprise workgroups. PlayerLync is built for training and development!

Articulate Releases Articulate Storyline 2  September 18, 2014

Articulate Storyline 2 gives course creators more ways to create any interactive course imaginable.

Kryon Systems to Share Best Practices at Performance Support Symposium 2014  August 28, 2014

In Boston, September 8 & 9, Kryon Systems, a leader in performance support and process automation, will share the latest performance support best practices and real-life examples. Read about these sessions, about Kryon, and about Leo, their performance support suite!

Skillsoft Announces Agreement to Acquire SumTotal Systems  August 27, 2014

Skillsoft Limited, a pioneer in technology-delivered learning solutions, announced today that its subsidiary, Skillsoft Corporation, has entered into a definitive agreement for the acquisition of SumTotal Systems from affiliates of Vista Equity Partners, a US-based private equity firm. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

gomo releases gomo 2.1  August 13, 2014

gomo learning has released gomo 2.1, the first major update to the multi-device authoring tool since its launch earlier this year.

Business News: Epic US Forms New Learning Technologies Firm: LEO  July 23, 2014

Following the merger of Epic Learning Group and LINE Communications, Learning Technologies Group is proud to introduce LEO, its new learning technologies firm.

Mozilla Global “Maker Party” Supports Web Literacy  July 15, 2014

Almost 2,000 Maker Party events will bring tens of thousands of web users worldwide together as part of the Mozilla Webmaker project. This effort is dedicated to teaching web literacy as the educational background needed for success anywhere. The annual Maker Party season kicks off today and runs through September 15. Learn about the Maker Parties and how to participate!

eLearning Brothers and Infuse Medical Launch Medical Stock-image Library  July 15, 2014

eLearning Brothers and Infuse Medical announce the first library subscription of its kind of medical stock images. This library subscription is the first eLearning-specific library consisting of high resolution 3-D medical imagery.

edTotal Learning Record Store Untethers Learning Content from LMS Jail  July 9, 2014

The edTotal Learning Record Store (LRS) enables organizations to post courses, videos, and any training content anywhere on the web from any mobile device and to securely track and store learner activity. With the edTotal LRS, content is untethered, housed anywhere outside the LRS or LMS, and tracked in the edTotal LRS.

dominKnow Flow: Author Once for Multiple Versions  July 3, 2014

dominKnow Learning Systems introduces dominKnow Flow, a new web-based authoring platform that outputs fully responsive and adaptive learning content that automatically adjusts depending on the user’s screen.

Xyleme Hosts Webinar: Scalable Learning Content Delivery  July 3, 2014

In a webinar co-hosted by Xyleme, The Princeton Review will demonstrate the key role of a Learning Content Management System in learning strategy.

Guild Announces Performance Support White Paper  June 25, 2014

The potential for performance support has never been greater, but your leaders are still resistant. So how do you persuade them? Marc Rosenberg examines ways effective ways to make the case in The eLearning Guild’s free new white paper, Selling Performance Support: Building Stakeholder Buy-in.

Cognitive Advisors Showcases “The Un-LMS”—Mobile Software to Support 70:20:10  June 24, 2014

Cognitive Advisors will showcase the new TREK Learning Experience Manager at The eLearning Guild’s mLearnCon. The TREK Learning Experience Manager, built from the ground up on the Experience API (xAPI), is a mobile cloud-based application that manages, captures, and tracks experiential learning and informal learning.

Float Mobile Learning Announces Sandbox Web Browser for Android  June 24, 2014

Recognizing the need to restrict web browsing in certain environments, Float Mobile Learning announces the release of Sandbox Web Browser for Android devices. Users can access a predefined list of websites, known as a whitelist, via Sandbox, making it an ideal application for those situations in which granting full web access is not an option.

Kineo to Exhibit and Present at mLearnCon 2014  June 24, 2014

Kineo, a global leader in learning and technology, is a featured exhibitor and presenter at The eLearning Guild’s mLearnCon 2014 Mobile Learning Conference & Expo. Kineo will present two sessions to demonstrate Adapt, an open-source technology developed to alleviate design and development challenges, and to discuss common mobile-design challenges and how to overcome them.

Long-Awaited iSpring Suite 7: Mobile-ready Courses with Characters and Interactions  June 19, 2014

iSpring Solutions announces its latest authoring toolkit, iSpring Suite 7, which aims at becoming a game-changing professional content-development tool. The new toolkit is iSpring’s most powerful and versatile yet, allowing users to create mobile-ready eLearning courses with characters and interactions right in PowerPoint.

RISC Releases xAPI PDF Annotator for iOS and Browser  June 18, 2014

RISC, an early adopter of the Experience API standard, leverages xAPI for cloud-based annotations incorporated into the VTA LMS with version 7.1.

Upside Learning, Responsive eLearning, and mLearnCon 2014  June 18, 2014

Upside Learning announces it will be a featured exhibitor and presenter at The eLearning Guild’s mLearnCon, the leading industry event for technology-supported learning and performance-support professionals.

Yukon Learning to Unveil New Rapid Course Offerings at mLearnCon 2014  June 17, 2014

Yukon Learning announces that it will unveil new titles in its ever-expanding Rapid Course library at mLearnCon 2014. The library of course titles includes training topics such as compliance, health and safety, management and supervisory development, customer service, managed care, and more.

New eBook: 84 Tips on New Instructional Design for New Instructional Technology  June 10, 2014

There are a lot of choices when it comes to instructional technology—but is your instructional design making the most of these technologies? The eLearning Guild’s new eBook, 84 Tips on New Instructional Design for New Instructional Technology, can help!

ZebraZapps: Serious Games and Simulations for Mobile Devices  June 10, 2014

Allen Interactions has introduced ZebraZapps Mobile App Publishing. This new feature gives authors the ability to publish real mobile apps for learners, any time or place they want without relying on a mobile Internet browser.

WizIQ to Offer Live Instructor-led Online Learning  May 22, 2014

WizIQ, the online education company, offers live instructor-led online learning through its WizIQ Learning Marketplace, and a free, comprehensive teaching system for educators.

New eBook: 72 Tips for Using Media to Engage and Teach  May 5, 2014

Designers and developers aren’t necessarily multimedia experts, but often companies expect them to be. This new eBook will help you in areas from selecting camcorders to editing audio. If multimedia isn’t one of your strengths, download 72 Tips for Using Media to Engage and Teach from The eLearning Guild today!

Totara Learning Solutions Launches Community Version: Totara Seedlings  April 29, 2014

Totara Learning Solutions has announced a significant change to its open-source distribution strategy. In addition to its enterprise offering, Totara LMS, the company has released Totara Seedlings, a beta version of the upcoming TotaraLMS production release. This announcement contains important details on Seedlings.

GoAnimate Launches Whiteboard Theme and Lectora Online Integration  April 23, 2014

Animated videos provide flexibility and range that often just aren’t attainable with live-action video. GoAnimate offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop online animation suite, with access to thousands of character models, backdrops, and props. GoAnimate has now extended its capabilities with two new features: whiteboard animation and integration with Lectora Online. Here are the details!

Mindflash Releases Breakthrough Emotion Tracking Software for Online Training  April 10, 2014

Powerful new Mindflash online business-training software analyzes learner facial expressions and body language, aggregates precise measurements of groups of trainees, and generates an average “Engagement Score,” without revealing the identity of any individual. Course designers can use this formative data to evaluate effectiveness and identify opportunities for course improvement. Details here.

Business News: LTG to Acquire LINE  April 10, 2014

On April 8, Learning Technologies Group (LTG) announced that it will acquire the entire share capital of LINE Communications. LINE will join Epic, LTG’s principal operating company to form the UK’s leader in the eLearning custom content market.

Raptivity Launches Raptivity Linker for Creating “Learning Arcs”  March 26, 2014

Raptivity, the award-winning interactivity building tool from Harbinger Knowledge Products, announces the launch of Raptivity Linker, an innovative solution for creating “learning arcs.” This new software holds a promise to go beyond learning interactions and allow users to create truly interactive learning experiences.

LINGOs Celebrates Tenth Anniversary and 2014 Global Giveback Winner and Finalists  March 20, 2014

At The eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions 2014 Conference & Expo, LINGOs celebrated its tenth anniversary. LINGOs CEO Eric Berg also announced the winner and finalists of the 2014 Global Giveback competition. Read about this unique group and the outstanding work done by the winners of the competition.

Quantum 7 to Showcase New DMS Technology at Learning Solutions 2014  March 19, 2014

Quantum 7 announces the introduction of a new technology to the learning and development industry: the Development Management System, or DMS. This integrated platform is specifically designed for training development and gives teams the tools they need to produce high-quality solutions while automating project management and business processes for increased productivity.

Indecomm Launches New Training Tools at Learning Solutions 2014  March 19, 2014

Indecomm Global Services, a leader in business process outsourcing, learning, and technology solutions, announces that its learning division will showcase three new training offerings at Learning Solutions 2014. The new mobile plug-in, course authoring platform, and sales training framework demonstrate Indecomm’s continued commitment to professional development.

Upside Learning to Showcase FRED at Learning Solutions 2014  March 19, 2014

Upside Learning, a provider of learning technology solutions, announces they will be exhibiting and presenting at the Learning Solutions 2014 Conference and Expo. Additionally, they will showcase FRED, their innovative Framework for Responsive eLearning Design, at the conference.

LearnUpon Announces Integration with Two New Payment Gateways  March 19, 2014

LearnUpon, an exhibitor at The eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions 2014 Conference and Expo, announces expanded eCommerce functionality of their LMS by integrating with two new payment gateways. The LearnUpon team will be on hand to provide demonstrations as part of the Learning Solutions 2014 Expo.

Living Language Introduces Corporate and Institutional Language Learning Programs  March 18, 2014

Living Language, a leader in the field of foreign language self-study, announces two new programs designed to offer flexible and affordable learning options for employee training and educational customers. The programs, Living Language Corporate and Living Language Education, are currently available in 17 languages and feature beginner-to-advanced courses in a variety of formats.

iSpring to Introduce New Product Line at Learning Solutions 2014  March 18, 2014

iSpring Solutions, a featured exhibitor and sponsor of The eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions 2014 Conference and Expo, announces new products and features of iSpring software designed to take eLearning to a new level. The powerful tools cover every step of the eLearning process, from authoring to delivery and tracking.

Totara LMS Presents Benefits of Open-source LMS at Learning Solutions 2014  March 18, 2014

Totara LMS, a custom distribution of Moodle, announces it will be an exhibitor at The eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions 2014 Conference and Expo. Staff from Totara LMS will be presenting the benefits of an open-source LMS at the Learning Solutions 2014 Expo and in discussion sessions at Ecosystem 2014.

HapYak Interactive Video Announces Adaptive In-video Quizzes  March 17, 2014

HapYak announces the release of a new suite of enhanced tools that allow learning and development professionals to create measurable, adaptive training from their existing video assets. Additionally, HapYak is releasing enhanced data tracking capabilities, which is now supported across more than 20 of HapYak’s existing video player integrations.

WalkMe to Demonstrate Guidance and Engagement Technology at Learning Solutions 2014  March 17, 2014

WalkMe, the Enterprise-Class Guidance and Engagement Platform, will demonstrate how to never forget software training at Learning Solutions 2014. The guidance and engagement technology, which delivers contextual step-by-step assistance in the moment of need, guides employees through business software in real-time.

Cognitive Advisors Releases Mobile Coaching Feature to Support On-the-Job Learning  March 17, 2014

Cognitive Advisors announces the release of a new version of the TREK Learning Experience Manager. The mobile, cloud-based application manages, captures, and tracks experiential and informal learning and provides managers and coaches with an easy way to monitor progress and give feedback.

Lectora to Showcase eLearning Solutions at Learning Solutions 2014  March 12, 2014

Lectora, a global leader in eLearning software, will be a featured exhibitor at The eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions 2014 Conference and Expo. Conference attendees will be able to see personalized demos of the full suite of Lectora products, as well as learn from Lectora staff in multiple concurrent sessions.

Epic to Exhibit at Learning Solutions 2014  March 12, 2014

Epic, a market leader in learning technologies, is exhibiting at Learning Solutions 2014 in Orlando, Florida. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to meet Epic’s US team, watch demos of their award- winning work, and see a recent eLearning program developed on the topic of sustainability as part of SolutionFest 2014.

gomo 2.0 to Launch in US at Learning Solutions 2014  March 12, 2014

The US launch of gomo, the multi-device authoring tool, will take place at Learning Solutions 2014 Conference and Expo. The SaaS authoring tool promises to make it easier than ever to create adaptive, responsive content, which can be designed once and published simultaneously to desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Kryon Systems to Showcase Leo Performance Assurance Solution  March 12, 2014

Kryon Systems, a featured exhibitor and presenter, will be demonstrating a new version of its Leo Performance Assurance software at The eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions 2014 Conference and Expo. In addition to demonstrations of the new software, Kryon executives will also be featured speakers at the conference.

Learning Industry Experts Commit to Disrupt the Current State of eLearning  March 11, 2014

Based on research, theory, and decades of experience, four learning industry experts have collectively established The Serious eLearning Manifesto outlining what they believe is required to use instructional technology and what is required to earn the right to use the learner’s time. All learning professionals are invited to join the movement and learn more in an upcoming Google+ Hangout.

Articulate Studio '13 Update Improves Industry Standard in Rapid Authoring  March 6, 2014

Articulate, known widely as an eLearning leader in rapid authoring, improves the industry standard with the release of Articulate Studio ’13 Update 2. With the update, users can easily make content accessible, localize for global audiences, deliver enhanced HTML5 output, and improve video quality.

New eBook: 76 Tips for Turning Instructional Design Challenges into Successes  February 26, 2014

Everybody hits a rough patch now and then; quick, effective reaction makes the difference between success and failure. If you’re looking for tips on turning problems into triumphs, download 76 Tips for Turning Instructional Design Challenges into Successes from The eLearning Guild—today!

The eLearning Guild Releases 2014 Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report  February 19, 2014

The eLearning Guild announces the publication of its annual salary report, the 2014 Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report. The report examines data from more than 5,900 members of the Guild to analyze global salary and compensation trends, taking variables such as region, employer size, and education into account.

Docebo Releases LMS Cloud Solution 6.2: New Features, Pricing Plan  February 18, 2014

New 6.2 release of the Docebo LMS improves delivery and supports enterprise learning from end-to-end.

Kineo Announces Release of Version 1.0 of the Adapt Framework  February 12, 2014

Kineo announces the release of version 1.0 of the Adapt framework. This framework was developed as a means of delivering responsive eLearning design on multiple devices.

Skillsoft and IBM Research: Harnessing Big Data in Enterprise Learning  January 31, 2014

Big data will drive next-generation learning and integrated development for improved user engagement and learning outcomes. Skillsoft and IBM are collaborating to develop new methods of creating and assessing optimal learning experiences at an individual level. Here is a quick look at what is driving these developments.

eLearning Brothers & Lodestone: New Concept in eLearning Training  January 24, 2014

eLearning Brothers and Lodestone have partnered to provide eLearning developers with software training and over 20,000 eLearning assets in one offering at the same price as training alone. Here are the details!

Measuring the Impact of Learning Through Technology: Special ROI Certification  December 12, 2013

The ROI Institute and Qualcomm have announced a special ROI Certification focusing on learning through technology. The five-day training curriculum will help creators of eLearning, mLearning, and blended learning show the value of their programs. Read about it here!

Mindflash, Okta Streamline Enterprise Training  November 19, 2013

Product integration helps secure access to sensitive corporate information while making it easier for employees, customers, and partners to participate in online training programs.

dominKnow Mobile Player Opens Up Content Delivery  October 30, 2013

Slow Internet connection? No Internet connection? No problem! dominKnow’s new mobile player provides organizations with an integrated, secure way to deliver training content to any user—at home, at the office, or on the road.

KnowledgeAdvisors Releases Big Data Solutions for HR and Talent Management  October 28, 2013

Company launches a new trio of solutions and will host a webinar on October 29 to offer a deep look at three new additions to the Metrics that Matter analytics platform.

easygenerator Launches New Web-based Authoring Tool at DevLearn 2013  October 23, 2013

Leveraging nearly two decades of eLearning experience, easygenerator recently embarked on an ambitious journey to re-create their product from scratch. The result is an entirely new, web-based authoring tool that enables users to create engaging, high-impact learning experiences—and the first iteration is available for free.

Rapid Learning Institute Re-launches Learning Centers  October 23, 2013

Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) has officially launched its redesigned online learning centers for sales, leadership, workplace safety, and employment-law training.

Own Learning Data with Learning Locker  October 23, 2013

Learning Locker, a free, powerful way to store your personal learning data, has been launched by HT2, the award-winning innovators behind Curatr.

TREK Learning Experience Manager Launches: Harness Informal, Experiential Learning  October 23, 2013

Cognitive Advisors announced today that it is launching the TREK Learning Experience Manager at DevLearn 2013. TREK, a brand-new class of software built from the ground up on the Experience API (Tin Can), goes beyond the LMS to harness the power of informal and experiential learning.

Wax LRS by Saltbox Adds Badges, Mastery, and Experience API Content Launcher  October 23, 2013

The latest updates from Wax LRS provide L&D organizations intuitive and useful ways to better understand their learning-related data, in real time and on-demand.

CallidusCloud's Litmos Launches Solution to Capture Learning Content  October 23, 2013

Gathering content for learning courses is often time consuming and costly. Video studios and armies of people have to be coordinated to get a few minutes of useable content that can be deployed for training courses. With Litmos Crowd, organizations will be able to harness the crowd in their companies and allow anyone with a camera and PowerPoint to create rich content.

GuideDocs: Instructor-led Material Development Made Easy  October 22, 2013

Converting PowerPoint files to facilitator and participant guides is a time-consuming (and expensive) manual task. Obsidian Learning announces the latest release of GuideDocs, a proprietary PowerPoint extension that automates this task—saving your developers time and your company money.

ProctorU Continues Hiring Surge, Brings on Former TechBirmingham Leader  October 22, 2013

ProctorU is averaging tens of thousands of tests every month. In order to accommodate the increased volume, ProctorU has hired one of the area’s prominent business leaders, continues to hire additional support staff, and has unveiled new services to make its online proctoring service more efficient.

Pathgather and Qualcomm Launch Next-gen Social LMS  October 22, 2013

The company says that employees will intuitively feel that the Pathgather system is designed for them, their goals, and their ambitions.

LearningCart 3.1 Released: New Features, Even Better Options  October 22, 2013

LearningCart’s enhanced feature set further enables organizations to easily sell access to SCORM-compliant content, digital downloads, webinars, in-person events, and physical products.

HapYak Simple Gradebook and Engagement Reports Launch at DevLearn 2013  October 21, 2013

HapYak Interactive Video announces a new service that simplifies in-video assessment and shines a light on true engagement.

iSpring Presenter 7: The New eLearning Development Tool That Really Works  October 21, 2013

iSpring has released its latest authoring tool, which meets the highest expectations of eLearning developers and subject-matter experts in today’s mobile-focused learning environment.

Articulate Releases Articulate Studio ‘13  October 21, 2013

New studio includes mobile publishing, unified player, characters, and all-new Articulate replay screencasting application.

SpokenHere Partners with HelpFlix: Instructional Videos in Multiple Languages  October 16, 2013

Multimedia localization is more complex than other translation projects, and requires experience to craft a translation that fits the timing of the original production. SpokenHere has teamed up with HelpFlix to create easy-to-understand product-assembly demonstration videos for non-English-speaking viewers.

getAbstract Branches Beyond Business Books with TED Summaries  October 16, 2013

getAbstract provides executives worldwide with the best in business knowledge. The subscription service now offers summaries of TED Talks; each summary incorporates hyperlinks to the exact section of the video where the speaker discusses the linked information.

DevLearn 2013 Conference & Expo Now World's Leading e-Learning Event  October 15, 2013

DevLearn grows by 25 percent to become the e-Learning industry’s leading annual event.

Lectora Express: Lectora Launches “The Easy LMS”  October 15, 2013

Makers of Lectora offer a new, easy-to-use, quick-deploying LMS. See it at DevLearn on October 23.

Grovo Launches Enterprise Training Solution: Grovo for Teams  October 10, 2013

Chevron, Pitney Bowes, ReachLocal, & Sotheby’s International Realty join Grovo to train employees on the cloud, in the cloud. Grovo for Teams helps employees improve their Internet skills and decrease knowledge gaps with 60-second product training, goal-specific learning, and expert-led strategy on entire sites and apps like Adobe Creative Cloud and Basecamp.

Lumesse Launches Accelerator: Speeds Up New Hire Productivity and Engagement  October 8, 2013

Accelerator is ideal for HR, recruiters, and learning and development pros. It supports showcasing an organization’s values, culture, and knowledge early in the recruitment process, and maintaining a strong relationship over the period of time between acceptance of offer through notice period and well into the first months of employment.

SumTotal Releases Talent Expansion Suite: Context-aware User Experience for HR  October 7, 2013

SumTotal’s latest Talent Expansion Suite release helps employees filter out the noise and focus on information that is truly relevant and important at a given point in time. This release delivers more than 50 features and enhancements across the entire suite.

SumTotal Extends elixHR Platform with SnapLogic Cloud Integration  September 25, 2013

Partnership to deliver pre-built “Snap” Connectors, allowing SumTotal customers to incorporate Talent Management Applications and SumTotal’s Learn with 150 third-party business applications.

Hatsize Adds Advanced Microsoft 10750A and 10751A Labs  September 24, 2013

Robust Hatsize Labs enable instructors to mentor and help remote students virtually.

Lumesse Launches Mobile Talent Management for the Workforce  September 18, 2013

ETWeb Mobile gives managers and employees access to the ETWeb talent-management platform on their device of choice. Managers can overview and act on development workflow items. Employees can review details of their development plans as well as see the status of their requests for training and eLearning.

Curatr v3 Launched: To Enter US Market at DevLearn 2013  September 11, 2013

Curatr version 3 wows the crowd with Tin Can and HTML5 innovations in learning technology.

znanja and eLearning Brothers Enhance Rapid Development  September 4, 2013

Converting traditional content and material to an acceptable eLearning format can take hundreds of hours. eLearning Brothers and znanja say their integrated tools shorten the journey to rich, engaging eLearning media to seconds.

From Training to Performance Support: Corporate Learning Is Moving Rapidly  September 3, 2013

Industry event highlights leading companies’ rapid move away from traditional training.

Edmentum Enhances Study Island for Common Core State Standards Assessments  August 29, 2013

New assessment item types within Study Island solution help students demonstrate knowledge at deeper levels.

Schoology Best for Managing Classrooms: American Association of School Librarians  August 28, 2013

Schoology apps best for mobile 1:1 learning, says AASL.

Weejee Learning: Special Rates for eLearning to Associations  August 22, 2013

Weejee Learning gives back as a way of saying thanks.

SumTotal, Skillsoft Expand Partnership, Launch Context-Aware Talent Solution  August 21, 2013

New offering helps organizations rationalize big HR data by extending SumTotal’s elixHR platform to enable the pervasive, dynamic delivery of best-action learning and talent development content within SumTotal’s talent expansion solutions.

Lectora Announces CourseMill LMS 6.8 SP2  August 21, 2013

New updates and improvements make powerful learning management system even better.

Brainshark Introduces VideoSync: Combine Video and Slides  August 20, 2013

With VideoSync, users can now show video and slides side-by-side to more effectively highlight subject matter experts and increase audience engagement.

MOOC: Badges as New Currency for Credentials  August 20, 2013

Industry leaders and educational experts with WCET, Mozilla, Blackboard, and Sage Road Solutions will explore the use of badges as powerful new tools to openly represent flexible portable learning and skill and competency achievements. The free MOOC will run September 9 to October 14, 2013. Read this press release for details and registration information.

Kryon Systems to Launch Leo Release 3.7 at Performance Support Symposium 2013  August 14, 2013

From two clicks to no clicks: New release to support users when they know they don’t know, and when they don’t know they don’t know.

Mindflash Adds Look-Away Feature  August 13, 2013

Mindflash has introduced an exciting new feature to its iPad eLearning application. The capability, dubbed FocusAssist, monitors trainee attention and pauses a training course in the Mindflash application when trainees look away. Read about the feature and its benefits here!

Human Capital Management Advances: Tribridge Acquires Intelladon  August 8, 2013

Talent management systems and cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) are integrating the “Four Pillars” of Human Capital Management (HCM)—recruitment, performance management, learning and development, and compensation management. These changes are important to eLearning. This recent significant acquisition makes eLearning initiatives simpler, and indicates the direction HCM is going.

Mindflash Launches Quarterly eLearning Report  July 25, 2013

The Mindflash eLearning Report released today highlights the industry, geographic, and gender-based trends in online training for businesses. Research reveals the organizations that spent the most on online training—and which employees were most likely to pass.

Embracing Complexity: Survey Finds Leaders Feel Overwhelmed  July 18, 2013

An independent survey reveals that over half of global HR leaders feel overwhelmed by organizational complexity. Executives say they are not fully confident in dealing with increasing decision-making complexities, compliance, and legislation, and with the emergence of new technologies. The effects are important for professionals in eLearning and talent management to understand.

ProExam Releases ProExam Vault for Digital Credentials  July 11, 2013

Web-based software eases creation and management of credentials displayed as digital open badges.

Claro Flow: Author Once, Deliver to Any Screen  June 18, 2013

dominKnow Learning Systems Announces beta program for eLearning and mLearning software that allows authors to create content that responds to a user’s screen size

GP Strategies Acquires Prospero Learning Solutions  June 5, 2013

Company expands custom learning content development expertise in Canada.

ClassLink LaunchPad: SIIA CODiE Award, “Best Cloud Application”  May 29, 2013

ClassLink has announced that LaunchPad iOS & Touch Apps won the SIIA CODiE Award for the Best Cloud Application Service. This is the second consecutive year that the industry-leading LaunchPad took home a prestigious CODiE award win.

LINGOs Releases Last Mile Learning Open Portal  May 28, 2013

LINGOs, a not-for-profit consortium that focuses on enabling international humanitarian relief and development organizations to share their learning resources and experiences, invites the international development community to access free learning resources.

Wiley Announces Branding Changes  May 22, 2013

John Wiley & Sons, publisher of a number of books for professionals in the learning field, has announced a series of strategic branding changes. Among these changes is the discontinuation of the Pfeiffer brand. Read the details here!

Hatsize 4.0 Launched: Next-generation Training Labs  May 21, 2013

A new, state-of-the-art interface in Hatsize 4.0 makes lab-based learning easier and more interactive.

Citrix Adds Do-it-yourself Webcasting, Announces New HDFaces GoToTraining Beta  April 24, 2013

From small-group presentations to stadium-filled sales seminars, Citrix connects people with a full range of video-enabled collaboration tools.

Brainshark Launches SlideShark Broadcasting and SlideShark Pro  March 26, 2013

BrainShark continues to expand the capabilities of its SlideShark offering with new features. Mobile presenters can now invite remote meeting attendees to view live presentations over the web. SlideShark app users can now also get data on audience activity and draw on and annotate slides while presenting from iOS devices.

Docebo Launches eLearning Ecosystem at Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2013  March 13, 2013

Docebo and American partners Dynamic Inventions and Mowerks unveil an eLearning ecosystem: LMS, apps, and Courses Marketplace. The new offering is integrated with WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world.

It's Time to Rethink Enterprise Video  March 13, 2013

Panopto introduces a new release of its platform for video communication and social knowledge sharing.

Saltbox Announces New Wax LRS Features, Releases New Launching Platform  March 8, 2013

Wax LRS from Saltbox is a Learning Record Store (LRS), based on the Tin Can API, that helps L&D organizations measure the impact of learning on performance. New features make it easier to understand all your learning data in one dashboard.

Infor to Acquire CERTPOINT Systems Inc.  March 6, 2013

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, announced on Monday, March 4, that it has reached an agreement to acquire CERTPOINT Systems Inc.

The eLearning Guild Announces Additions to Program Development Team  March 4, 2013

The eLearning Guild, the leading global community of practice for eLearning professionals, announced today that it has added several individuals to its program development team, including the hiring of David Kelly as program director for all Guild face-to-face events.

Lectora Inspire v.11: Demo Webinar February 27  February 27, 2013

Trivantis recently released the biggest upgrade in the history of Lectora, with a completely new interface and 112 new features. Get a firsthand demonstration of Lectora V11 today! Details in this article.

eLearning Guild to Produce Rapid Intake's DevCon Events  February 16, 2013

The eLearning Guild, the leading global community of practice for eLearning professionals, has taken over production of the eLearning DevCon™ & mLearning DevCon™ conferences from Callidus Software, which acquired them as part of its 2011 acquisition of Rapid Intake. These events will expand the Guild’s offerings of highly technical developer-oriented content at its events.

Professional Examination Service Introduces Digital Micro-Credentials  January 28, 2013

ProExam Digital Micro-Credential Solution adds assessment, secure verification to “badges.”

A Slower Speed of Light: MIT Game Lab Scores  January 23, 2013

The MIT Game Lab has released A Slower Speed of Light, a game that illustrates some conceptually challenging physics and math. As a kind of proof of concept, A Slower Speed of Light also demonstrates the Game Lab’s new OpenRelativity toolset.

Babson Study: Over 6.7 Million Students Learning Online   January 16, 2013

The 2012 Survey of Online Learning conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group reveals the number of students taking at least one online course has now surpassed 6.7 million. However, most institutions remain undecided about MOOCs.

Brainshark's HTML5-based Mobile Player: Interactive Mobile Video  December 18, 2012

Brainshark, Inc., the leader in online and mobile video presentations, has unveiled the Brainshark Mobile Player. This new HTML5-based player gives iOS and Android users a more interactive experience when they view Brainshark video presentations on their smartphones and tablets— without the need to download an app.

City & Guilds Acquires Kineo  December 3, 2012

City & Guilds, the UK’s leading vocational education organization, has acquired Kineo and Kineo’s share of Totara LMS.

vTrainingTracker Launches at DevLearn: New Tin Can Learning Record Store  November 1, 2012

vTrainingTracker is a Tin Can API-enabled Learning Record Store fully compatible with both the .90 and .95 versions of the Experience API (also known as Tin Can API). This SaaS (software as a service) offers new opportunities to track, report, and reward learners.

ADL Collaborating with AICC on the Experience API  November 1, 2012

The Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) and the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative have agreed to collaborate to improve and solidify the Experience API (formerly referred to as “Tin Can”), ensuring its viability for the aviation industry and other communities served by AICC.

Intuition Unveils Revolutionary Knowledge Management Platform  November 1, 2012

Intuition, a leading global knowledge solutions provider announced at DevLearn Conference & Expo the release of a new revolutionary knowledge management solution, Intuition Advantage.

Chetu Shows HTML5 Prototypes for Mobile Content Delivery  October 31, 2012

eLearning provider Chetu announces prototypes at DevLearn 2012 for adaptive rendering on mobile devices.

dominKnow Unveils New Features in Claro at DevLearn 2012  October 31, 2012

Two years after announcing the beta release of Claro at DevLearn 2010, dominKnow is rolling out new features in the award-winning HTML5-compliant authoring tool during this year’s conference.

Adobe Presents Adobe Software Assurance at DevLearn 2012  October 31, 2012

Adobe will present its just-launched Adobe Software Assurance (ASA) at The eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference and Expo 2012. ASA ensures that you are always using the latest Adobe technology without straining your software budget or administrative resources for your covered Adobe Software.

CERTPOINT Systems Presents at DevLearn 2012  October 31, 2012

CERTPOINT Systems explores the latest trends in technologies for training and development at The eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference & Expo 2012 in Las Vegas.

Float Mobile Learning Introduces Tappestry for Organizations and Events  October 31, 2012

Float Mobile Learning, the leader in developing custom mobile learning applications and mobile learning strategy, introduced new features for Tappestry today at DevLearn that will allow business professionals to capture and share learning and productivity data in a controlled and secure environment.

Piron Corp. Presents FlexiGuru eLearning Platform at DevLearn 2012  October 31, 2012

Piron’s Ankur Aggarwal, CEO and founder, and Myles Fuchs, chief revenue officer, will share their thoughts on the latest trends in eLearning and corporate training technologies and how to deliver successful business impact across the enterprise. The Piron team will also demonstrate the new, innovative FlexiGuru eLearning platform.

Skill Pill M-Learning and Prentice Hall/Pearson launch The Mobile MBA at DevLearn 2012  October 31, 2012

At DevLearn 2012, Skill Pill M-Learning is launching The Mobile MBA, a learning resource package consisting of a book, mobile videos, and tools to help boost business performance. Introduces Affordable User-Friendly SaaS-based LMS at DevLearn  October 31, 2012

Following a six-month beta period, the official release of SkyPrep incorporates the feedback of hundreds of users and provides one of the most effective training tools in the market.

vTrainingRoom Launches Cloud-Based LMS with Tin Can Integration  October 31, 2012

At DevLearn Conference & Expo 2012 in Las Vegas, vTrainingRoom today announced the release of ScholarLMS, the first-of-its-kind Tin Can API-enabled learning management system.

Refined Data Solutions, Inc. Releases Refined Training 2.3 LMS  October 30, 2012

Refined Data is releasing the latest version of the Refined Training platform on the newest version of Moodle. The Refined Training Hosted Solution combines the power of Adobe Connect web conferencing technology with an industry-leading learning management system (LMS).

HT2 Launches HT2 Inc and Announces New US Offices  October 30, 2012

HT2, the innovators in learning technology, are very proud to announce the establishment of HT2 Inc, a wholly owned US subsidiary with offices in La Jolla, CA. HT2 Inc will be on show at The eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference & Expo, demonstrating their breakthrough social learning product, Curatr.

Kineo Launches Jumpstart Service for Totara LMS   October 30, 2012

Kineo US has launched Jumpstart, a bundle of services to rapidly and economically implement open-source Totara LMS for businesses. Jumpstart is delivered as an on-demand solution that enables organizations to manage all of their online and classroom learning, forums, and certifications.

LaunchCycle Simplifies Project Management: See It at DevLearn 2012  October 30, 2012

Sealworks, Inc. will introduce the all-new at The eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, NV. LaunchCycle provides a simple way for teams to manage projects and tasks via an easy-to-use interface.

Docnito Launches New State-of-the-Art Learning Management System  October 29, 2012

Docnito Learning Management System Inc. announces the release of its new, state-of-the-art learning management system. From simple testing to a full-blown campus-style environment, Docnito provides a customizable solution.

Public Launch of Free Edition of Authoring Tool easygenerator at DevLearn 2012  October 29, 2012 will announce the public launch of the free edition of its easygenerator authoring tool at The eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference and Expo on October 31, 2012. The free version includes full authoring capabilities and is not time-limited.

Xyleme Adds Analytics to Cloud-based Delivery Solution Bravais 1.2  October 29, 2012

Xyleme brings analytics into its cloud-based delivery solution Bravais. User tracking, reporting, and analytics are among the highly anticipated updates released in Bravais 1.2.

Revealing the new Docebo Cloud LMS at DevLearn 2012  October 25, 2012

Docebo will reveal the new Docebo Cloud Learning Management System at DevLearn 2012. The Docebo Cloud LMS is designed to be easy to use and already integrated with a Marketplace environment.

New eBook: 61 Tips on mLearning: Making Learning Mobile  October 24, 2012

People use mobile technology everywhere: at work, in school, while shopping, while dining out, and more. They carry their devices with them, and they enjoy referring to the devices. Each time someone uses a mobile device, there’s an opportunity for learning. Can you take advantage of these opportunities? Nine mLearning experts provide key tips to answer that question in this new eBook!

SlideShark App Adds Support for Video, Box, and Dropbox  October 9, 2012

New integration with Box and Dropbox, plus new embedded video capability, makes SlideShark an ideal tool for eLearning and mLearning applications and for field performance support, as well as for educators, presenters, and instructors in face-to-face settings.

Social Learning: Answers to Eight Crucial Questions  September 13, 2012

The eLearning Guild has released its 2012 research report on the numerous benefits of leveraging a more social approach to learning.

Tin Can API Continues to Gain Momentum  September 11, 2012

The Tin Can API, a new eLearning standard that allows for the tracking and recording of learning experiences anywhere, from any device, continues to gain traction as more and more eLearning software providers commit to adopt.

Put PowerPoint in Your Pocket: SlideShark iPhone App  September 5, 2012

Brainshark, Inc. has launched the SlideShark iPhone app. iPhone users can view and share PowerPoints on the go, and can connect to projectors for presentations to large audiences. This is a companion to the SlideShark iPad app announced last year.

Axonify Unveils Next Generation eLearning Solution  September 4, 2012

Axonify has launched the next generation of its breakthrough eLearning platform, designed to change the way employees learn, retain, and apply knowledge in the workplace. Axonify reinforces critical learning by delivering bite-sized content on a daily basis, using game mechanics and brain science to drive engagement and real learning transfer. Launches New Social Presenter App  August 29, 2012 has announced the release of SlideKlowd—an audience engagement app that allows a presenter to share content and interact with a live audience via their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other mobile device.

New eBook: 52 Tips On Best Practices for eLearning Development and Implementation  August 22, 2012

How can you develop and deploy eLearning quickly, efficiently, and with positive results and buy-in? What does the research say about which eLearning development and implementation methods work best and which methods are unreliable or ineffective? Here are top tips from execution experts!

Hatsize Unveils Industry's First Learning Voucher Solution  August 16, 2012

Hatsize, the leading cloud automation software provider for hands-on training and demos, has unveiled Hatsize Learning Vouchers – the industry’s first self-paced, hands-on practice training solution. Students benefit from self-paced VMware lab practice.

Collaborative Learning Startup Skillshare Introduces “The Classroom”  August 1, 2012

Skillshare, a collaborative learning startup, launches The Classroom. This online area is available to every Skillshare class for students and teachers to interact, share resources, ask questions, get feedback, and more.

Safari To Go Apps Allow Subscribers to Access Learning Libraries On the Go  August 1, 2012

Safari® Books Online announces its next generation Safari To Go app is now available for iOS and Android phone and tablet users. The free app allows users to search, view, and organize content from thousands of books and videos about technology, digital media, and professional development, while utilizing the functionality and features of their iOS and Android devices.

Logical Operations Launches LogicalCHOICE  July 31, 2012

Learning solutions provider celebrates grand opening and launches nationwide tour of a patent-pending multi-platform training model it says will transform the future of learning.

New eBook: 62 Tips on Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, and Visualization for eLearning  July 25, 2012

We’ve all seen eLearning courses that confuse learners because of poor design, a non-intuitive interface, and confusing navigation. Even without a professional graphic designer, we can apply basic principles to blend good graphic, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX) designs. Take the first step to successful outcomes for your learners with these tips from today’s design experts.

Adobe Launches eLearning Suite 6, Presenter 8  July 18, 2012

Industry-leading authoring suite introduces HTML5-based mLearning support, presenter compatible with Microsoft® PowerPoint.

New eBook: 65 Tips on Managing Projects and SMEs for eLearning  June 27, 2012

Whether they like it or not, eLearning designers and developers must often don the project management hat. If panic looms at the mere thought of managing eLearning projects and SMEs, never fear! Start here with 65 tips from 11 contributors to help your projects – and your SMEs – stay on time and on target.

Adobe Unveils Captivate 6 with HTML5 Support  June 19, 2012

New HD video workflow and other key enhancements help trainers quickly deliver professional-grade eLearning content.

Enterprise Social Learning App: Float Mobile Learning Debuts Tappestry  June 19, 2012

Float Mobile Learning announces the release of Tappestry for iOS, the first social network developed specifically to enhance informal learning. The app makes its debut at mLearnCon 2012 today.

iSpring Converter: PowerPoint to HTML5   June 19, 2012

iSpring now offers “iSpring Converter” for purchase. The product provides PowerPoint to HTML5 conversion, allowing learners to view PPT-based presentations on iPad and other mobile devices.

Next Generation SCORM: Rustici Software Delivers Tin Can API Support  June 19, 2012

Rustici Software announces that all of its products now support Tin Can API. This brand-new learning technology specification creates a world of experiences, both online and offline.

Bravais Mobile Delivers Performance Support at Your Fingertips  June 18, 2012

Xyleme’s latest mobile app provides anytime, anywhere moment-of-need support for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Adobe Announces Adobe Connect 9  June 12, 2012

The latest release of Adobe’s Web conferencing software delivers significant innovations for mobile learning, as well as other enhancements for mobile-to-mobile collaboration and for Webinars.

Claro Celebrates Anniversary with rEvolutionary Release  June 12, 2012

dominKnow Learning Systems has announced the latest version of Claro. With eight feature-packed releases since it first launched last spring, Claro has quickly evolved into an industry leader in HTML5 content authoring.

New PowerPoint to HTML5 Technology: iSpring Beta  June 7, 2012

During the first part of June, iSpring is introducing the beta version of their PowerPoint to HTML5 converter for iPad and mobile devices. Customers and others who are interested are invited to test the new product.

Brookwood and Advanced Mobile Team Up for Mobile Learning Partnership  June 7, 2012

Brookwood and Advanced Mobile have partnered to create custom LMS-integrated iPad learning applications. These robust untethered solutions follow industry-standard design best practices and integrate with SCORM-compliant learning management systems to complete the “loop of learning.”

Citrix Launches Multimedia Webcasting Service GoToWebinar Premier Event  May 29, 2012

Citrix launches GoToWebinar Premier Event, which allows organizers to broadcast to larger consumer or business-focused audiences, reducing the communication and travel costs usually incurred when assembling larger audiences.

Blackboard Releases Update for Popular Mobile Learning App   May 23, 2012

Blackboard Inc. announces a major update to Blackboard Mobile Learn, its popular mobile learning app. The app gives students and educators access to their courses and content on a variety of smartphones and is the first in higher education to enable students to take tests specifically designed for mobile devices.

Intellum Releases Enhanced Exceed LMS  May 15, 2012

Enhancements include localization by individual learners, integration with GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, automatic video uploads, and new reporting functionality.

Mobile Learning: The Time Is Now  May 9, 2012

The eLearning Guild has released its 2012 research report on current trends, practices, and important strategic considerations for mobile learning (mLearning).

New Free eLearning Guild eBook: 53 Tips on Using the Cloud for eLearning   May 7, 2012

What comes to mind when you think of the cloud? Do you think of exciting ways to use this latest technology … or do you think about a place meant solely for daydreams? How can your organization get the most out of the cloud? What does it mean to the eLearning world? To learn more, start here – 53 tips from 11 eLearning technology and instructional design experts in a free eBook!

Articulate Launches Storyline  May 3, 2012

Articulate announces the release of Articulate Storyline, the first eLearning authoring tool that’s simple enough for beginners and powerful enough for experts. The innovative features in Articulate Storyline revolutionize how eLearning authors create interactivity – there’s no programming required. Getting eLearning content to learners everywhere is easier than ever with Articulate Storyline.

Texas A&M-Commerce Launches New Master of Science in Global eLearning Degree  May 3, 2012

(Press Release) Texas A&M University-Commerce announces the launch of a new, totally online Master of Science degree for practitioners in eLearning.

SkillSoft Announces Release of SkillPort 8  May 1, 2012

Leveraging a decade of SaaS experience with platform architecture expertise, and incorporating customer needs and requests, SkillSoft embarked on a journey to create the next generation learning platform. The result is SkillPort 8 – a platform that is highly configurable, offers improved access to relevant content, and results in a better user experience.

MIT OpenCourseWare Publishes New Resource for Entrepreneurship Education  May 1, 2012

(Press Release) MIT OpenCourseWare has released a new cross-disciplinary course list presenting the core academic materials, including lecture notes and videos, from 66 MIT entrepreneurship courses.

New eBook: 58 Tips for Breakthrough eLearning Instructional Design  April 5, 2012

Whether you are new to ID or have been designing eLearning for a while, it’s easy to get stuck in certain ways of doing things, and difficult to come up with new ways. How do you develop something new, successful, and cost-effective in your eLearning designs? Here are tips from 14 ID experts in a free eBook!

InfoPro Launches Collaborative Learning Platform Gnosis   April 3, 2012

InfoPro Learning, Inc. announces the release of Gnosis, an advanced and sophisticated online collaborative learning platform with cutting-edge functionalities. With Gnosis, people can capture and share knowledge, experience, and expertise to better connect formal and informal learning within an organization.

$500,000 Simulate A Better World Challenge: Deadline Extended  April 2, 2012

WILL Interactive, Inc. has issued a challenge in the form of a call for entries for the creation of a serious game simulation to solve a pressing social issue. The deadline for entries is now April 20, 2012.

Global Giveback 2012: Last Mile Learning Reduces Poverty, Alleviates Suffering  March 27, 2012

Global Giveback 2012, the fourth annual eLearning competition led by LINGOs in partnership with The eLearning Guild, will match volunteers from the learning community with NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to develop courses that help improve the work performance of staff working around the globe.

LINGOs & eLearning Guild Announce Third Annual Global Giveback Finalists  March 15, 2012

The eLearning Guild, OpenSesame, and humanitarian consortium LINGOs (Learning In Non- Governmental Organizations) have announced the finalists in the Third Annual eLearning Global Giveback Competition. The groups will announce the winner during a reception March 22, 2012 at the Learning Solutions Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida.

Brainshark Unveils New Features and Functionality for Mobile SlideShark   March 14, 2012

(Press Release) Updated SlideShark iPad app lets mobile professionals share PowerPoint® presentations online for on- demand viewing on all major devices, plus new content management capabilities.

iSpring Announces “Free QuizMaker”  March 8, 2012

(Press Release) From the standpoint of engineering and functionality, iSpring’s authoring tools stand alone at the top of their categories. The company now offers a free version of its iSpring QuizMaker 6.0 program, with the same quality and usability as the professional version.

Learning Solutions Magazine Goes Mobile  March 7, 2012

Learning Solutions Magazine has launched its new Mobile version, making the publication more accessible on mobile devices, particularly on phones.

Totara LMS Partners with Lambda Solutions, Allen Interactions  March 7, 2012

(Press Release) Totara Learning Solutions, a global alliance founded by Kineo eLearning and Catalyst IT, has entered two new partnerships in North America with solutions providers Lambda Solutions and Allen Interactions.

Social Learning Platform Curatr Releases Version 2.0  March 1, 2012

(Press Release) UK-based Curatr, an award-winning platform that creates rich, active, and social eLearning, has released version 2.0 of the software. Curatr combines a unique interface with game-like mechanics and a collaborative learning environment.

Taleo Enterprise: A Retooled User Interface  February 28, 2012

The latest release of this enterprise-class suite simplifies and unifies access to talent intelligence and new capabilities for learning. The result is more ways to find and develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Upside2Go Released For Android  February 14, 2012

With this release, Upside2Go is now available on the third major mobile operating system, with the other two being BlackBerry OS and iOS.

MITx Prototype Course Opens For Enrollment  February 14, 2012

Online-learning initiative’s first offering, “6.002x: Circuits and Electronics,” accepting registrants now.

Assima Announces the Acquisition of Kaplan Learning Technologies  February 10, 2012

Assima is extending its product portfolio into the mid-level market with authoring tools STT and Atlantic-Link.

Oracle Buys Taleo  February 9, 2012

Oracle plans to add Taleo’s Talent Management cloud offering to the Oracle Public Cloud.

Kenexa Agrees To Acquire OutStart  February 7, 2012

Acquisition will address growing market demand for social learning, mobile learning, learning content management, and the integration of learning management and talent management.

New eLearning Guild Research Report
Media for eLearning: Top Tools
  January 25, 2012

Many an argument gets started over the merits and deficits of media tools – those indispensible software products that provide the functions required for creating, editing, and building media and eLearning content. The latest Guild report gives you the facts you need when you are deciding which tool to learn, purchase, or use.

ZebraZapps Arrives: Released at DevLearn 2011  November 3, 2011

[Press Release] Allen Interactions released Version 1.0 of ZebraZapps, its new authoring and publishing platform, at eLearning Guild's DevLearn Conference in Las Vegas, NV. This new authoring tool offers unparalleled flexibility and speed to create truly interactive applications and eLearning without writing a single line of code.

BlueVolt LMS Goes Mobile: HTML5 Mobile Interface  November 3, 2011

[Press Release] BlueVolt's new HTML5 mobile interface enables learning on-the-go. The interface is in beta, but is available for free to all existing BlueVolt LMS customers.

Easygenerator Launches into U.S. Market at DevLearn 2011  November 2, 2011

[Press Release] After years of success in Europe, easygenerator will launch its latest version into the US market at DevLearn.

aNewSpring Releases Self-Service eLearning Platform at DevLearn 2011  November 2, 2011

[Press Release] aNewSpring, a Netherlands-based provider of online services that enable trainers to develop, maintain, and distribute innovative education products, announced today at DevLearn the international launch of the latest version of its self-service platform.

dominKnow Announces Latest Release of Claro at DevLearn 2011  November 1, 2011

[Press Release] dominKnow adds SCORM Cloud integration, an expanded catalogue of HTML5-based templates, and a library of royalty-free characters to Claro, the award-winning collaborative eLearning and mLearning authoring software.

Impatica for PowerPoint Back In The Game With HTML5 Support  October 27, 2011

[Press Release] With the approach of the HTML5 standard, and rising numbers of iPads in education and the workplace, eLearning developers are looking for alternatives to Flash. Impatica for PowerPoint Version 5, launching at DevLearn 2011, offers rapid conversion of PowerPoint files into a format that can be built once and delivered everywhere.

Ayogo Games, Inc. Acquires Tandem Learning  October 27, 2011

Ayogo, an award-winning creator of serious games has announced today its agreement to acquire Tandem Learning, a learning company that develops serious games and immersive learning solutions. [Press Release]

Taleo Learn: Transforming Talent Training and Development  October 26, 2011

[Press release] Taleo Learn is a comprehensive solution for delivering, tracking, and managing formal and social learning content. This allows organizations to streamline learning and development and improve time to competency.

Impatica for PowerPoint Version 5 to Launch at DevLearn 2011  October 25, 2011

[Press Release] Impatica for PowerPoint Version 5 quickly converts PowerPoint content into high- quality online presentations that will play everywhere: on computers, iPhones, iPads and other devices. Impatica’s player uses HTML5, when available, to view these fully animated and narrated slides, but still works when HTML5 support is not available. See it at DevLearn 2011 in Las Vegas!

Windows 8 Metro Browser on Mobile Devices Will Be Plug-In Free  September 15, 2011

Another mobile platform will be a Flash-free zone. Microsoft announced last night that the Metro browser, the part of Windows 8 optimized for tablets, will not support plug-ins.

Callidus Software Acquires Rapid Intake  September 9, 2011

[Press Release] Callidus Software Inc., the leader in Sales Performance Management (SPM), announced late yesterday it has acquired the leader in collaborative rapid eLearning authoring, Rapid Intake.

Interactive Services Builds Falcon Lite Development System  September 1, 2011

[Press Release] Interactive Services has developed Falcon Lite, a subset of the Falcon courseware development framework. Falcon Lite is Flash-based and specifically intended for projects where there is limited budget and less need for flexibility.

Infographic: Private Cloud Computing  August 31, 2011

edCetra Training has released an infographic summarizing the state of private cloud computing today, its benefits, and its future directions. In addition, on September 7, edCetra is launching a TweetChat (#clouduc8), a monthly discussion about learning in the cloud.

Zenler Studio Pro to Address Game-Based Learning Gap: In Beta  August 30, 2011

[Press Release] Zenler ( has advanced development of its new Zenler Studio Pro product (ZSP) to the Beta phase. ZSP is a rapid authoring tool for production of interactive courseware, stand- alone game-based eLearning, and simulations. The company is seeking additional participants for the Beta group.

Infographic: The State of Digital Education  August 22, 2011

Knewton has released an excellent infographic that summarizes a number of important metrics and other facts relating to the use of digital technology in education today, from kindergarten through institutions of higher learning.

Blackboard Inc. To Be Acquired: Will Become Privately Held Company  July 1, 2011

(Press Release) Education software company Blackboard Inc. announced today that it will be acquired by an investor group led by affiliates of Providence Equity Partners.

Xyleme Introduces Pastiche™: Develop learning apps for iPad  June 21, 2011

[Product Announcement] Xyleme announces Pastiche™, a new tool for developing interactive learning apps for iPad, at mLearnCon 2011.

edCetra Training Launches Anan™, Cloud-Based Publishing Tool  June 9, 2011

[Press Release] Building on the trend of providing real time data and information in the moment of need, edCetra Training Inc, a Toronto-based learning services company, has developed Anan™, a cloud-based tool that delivers true rapid-publishing capabilities.

dominKnow Learning Systems announces Claro  March 24, 2011

dominKnow Learning Systems will make Claro, their collaborative e-Learning creation and publishing solution, available April 27, 2011, but Learning Solutions Conference and Expo attendees can get a free 1-year subscription now.

edCetra and Metrix Group: Leveraging Intelligent Content  March 17, 2011

Reducing time-to-knowledge is a competitive differentiator in business, and a key result area in government. Read about a new strategic partnership between two companies that will leverage intelligent content technology to enhance the offerings of each.

eLearning Brothers Launch Online e-Learning Interaction and Game Builder  December 20, 2010

eLearning Brothers now offers a site where designers can create e-Learning interactions and games in minutes with no programming experience needed.