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Paul Clothier

Articles by Paul Clothier

Adapting eLearning for Mobile: Learning from Wonderful Mistakes  September 8, 2014

For many companies, adapting eLearning content for use on smartphones is a first small step in providing learning content for mobile (mLearning). While redesign is always the best option, this article digs into deeper levels of adaptation and offers detailed guidance on ways to create effective mLearning from existing materials. And remember: Mistakes are your friends.

Ten Tips: Distilling Existing Content for Mobile  May 28, 2014

For many companies, the first step towards mLearning may consist of adapting or repackaging existing instructor-led or online learning for delivery on mobile devices. This is not the best approach to mLearning. However, if you are committed to re-using or re-purposing existing content, here are 10 tips to guide you.

Right Time and Place: mLearning Use Cases  May 12, 2014

Many designers think about mobile learning content in a similar way to eLearning content. They neglect to consider the mobile usage contexts, and so the projects meet with marginal success or they fail. The key to successful mLearning is in understanding context. Here are some sample use cases and user stories, with suggestions for your next development project.

Interactive Video: The Next Big Thing in Mobile  October 28, 2013

Studies have shown that interactive video increases attention, engagement, recall, satisfaction, and time spent watching a video. Most interactive video has a marketing aim, but some pioneers are beginning to use it for learning. This article explains the concepts, gives an overview of the techniques, and provides some ideas for getting started.

Review: A Quick Look at Brainshark Mobile  August 17, 2011

Many vendors offer ways to upload and share PowerPoint presentations online. One of these services is Brainshark Mobile, which targets smartphones and tablets as delivery destinations. Here is a review of Brainshark’s offering, including the major features that are available at no charge as well as those in the upgrade offerings.

Quick and Simple mLearning Content for the iPhone  June 6, 2011

Creating mobile learning applications requires a different approach compared to creating other forms of eLearning. Try experimenting with simple mLearning content, using PowerPoint and PDF files, to get the hang of it. Paul shows you how to get started.

Mobile Learning on the iPhone - Getting Started  April 19, 2010

“How to make e-Learning that plays on tiny screens?” and, “How to work without Flash?” are key questions in designing mLearning content for smart phones in general, and for the iPhone in particular. Would you be surprised to learn that you may already have the tools that you need to solve these problems? Many other tools are cheap or free. This article explains the workarounds.

Live Training on Your Phone? A Closer Look at Adobe Connect Pro Mobile  March 8, 2010

Adobe’s announcement, on February 24, 2010, of the release of Connect Pro Mobile, a synchronous conferencing application for the iPhone, was one more development elevating interest in mobile e-Learning. Here is the latest hands-on information about the new app and an interview with Randah McKinnie, Senior Product Manager for Connect Pro Mobile and eLearning Solutions at Adobe.

Edge and Emotion: What E-Learning Programs Are Missing  October 27, 2008

Writers, speakers, and filmmakers know the power of the “hook” — the content that gets the audience engaged immediately. Why do we see so many e-Learning applications that utterly fail to hook learners? What are the best methods for engaging learners early and often? This week’s article provides you with some answers!

Form Follows Function: How to Design e-Learning Templates for PowerPoint-to-Flash Products  September 12, 2005

Perhaps no tool for creating e-Learning is more frequently used — or more frequently disparaged —than PowerPoint. Some developers create masterpieces of e-Learning with PowerPoint as their basic tool, while others create applications that may actually reduce learning. How can these extremes be possible from the same tool? In this article, an e-Learning guru explains the differences.

An Introduction to m-Learning: An Interview with Ellen Wagner  July 18, 2005

M-Learning — e-Learning delivered through mobile computational devices — is one of several Next Big Things that Guild members are watching. What are the thought leaders thinking about where this channel is headed? This interview with Ellen Wagner contains some clues.

Training Goes Hollywood: Movies and Interactive Narrative in Soft-Skills Training  February 24, 2003

Why are e-Learning adoption and completion rates so dismal? Could one key reason be because so much e-Learning is so BORING???!!!! The interactive narrative approach applied to the design of your e-Learning will make it more engaging, more interactive, more relevant, and have your learners asking for… more! This article explains the key elements of this design approach.