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Ecosystem 2014 Block 60
6001 Learning and Performance Analysis: Aligning the Ecosystem with the Business
6002 PANEL: What’s Next for Learning Technology?
6003 Interoperable Performance Assessment as a Foundation for Your Learning Ecosystem

Learning and Performance Analysis: Aligning the Ecosystem with the Business

Thursday, March 20, 2014 02:30 PM - 3:30 PM

A learning ecosystem recognizes that learning is about more than just training; it’s about enabling people to perform in a way that contributes to organizational well-being. The ability to respond to opportunities and threats is built upon the speed with which organizations can unlearn, relearn, and adapt ahead of change. How do you assess organizational capacity to enable performance at every changing moment?

In this session you will learn about a transformational learning and performance analysis process founded upon the five moments of learning need framework. You will explore the results of this analysis with multi-national organizations to assess where their organizations are in their journeys to an optimal learning ecosystem. You will leave this session with an understanding of how this analysis can transform your organization into one that can learn at or above the speed of change. 

Conrad Gottfredson
Chief Learning Strategist
APPLY Synergies
Conrad A. Gottfredson, the chief learning strategist at APPLY Synergies, has deep experience in organizational learning, collaborative development, knowledge management, online learning, performance support, and instructional design and development. Conrad is the original developer of the Learning at the Five Moments of Need framework now in use around the world. He has worked with many of the world’s largest organizations, helping them attain higher levels of learning agility. Conrad’s experience includes the design and deployment of large-scale knowledge management and performance support systems within multinational corporations. In 2014 Conrad was awarded the Guild Master Award for his accomplishments and contributions to the eLearning community. He holds a PhD in instructional psychology and technology.
Bob Mosher
Chief Learning Evangelist
APPLY Synergies
Bob Mosher, the chief learning evangelist at APPLY Synergies, has been an active and influential leader in the learning and training industry for over 30 years, and is renowned worldwide for his pioneering role in eLearning and new approaches to learning. Before co-founding APPLY Synergies consultancy with Conrad Gottfredson, Bob served as the chief learning evangelist for Ontuitive, director of learning strategy and evangelism for Microsoft, and executive director of education for Element K. He is an influential voice in the IT training industry, speaking at conferences and participating in industry associations. Bob was awarded the Guild Master Award in 2014 for his accomplishments and contributions to the eLearning community.
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PANEL: What’s Next for Learning Technology?

Thursday, March 20, 2014 02:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing rate. New technologies are introduced to organizations almost every day, including many used to support learning and performance. In the last decade, learning professionals have needed to incorporate many new technologies into their learning strategy, including simulations, virtual classrooms, mobile learning, and more. Keeping pace with these new technologies, deciding which ones to implement, and balancing new tools with existing technologies is a growing challenge. Senior leaders need to understand what’s next for learning technologies and how future technologies will impact and benefit their organizations.

Join CEOs from leading learning technology companies for a discussion exploring the future of learning technology, and learn about the opportunities (and risks) that learning leaders will need to factor into their strategies in the near future.

David Kelly (Host)
Senior Vice President and Executive Director
The eLearning Guild
David Kelly is the senior vice president and executive director of The eLearning Guild. David has been a learning and performance consultant and training director for more than 15 years. He is a leading voice exploring how technology can be used to enhance training, education, learning, and organizational performance. David is an active member of the learning community and can frequently be found speaking at industry events. He has contributed to organizations including ATD, eLearn Magazine, LINGOs, and more. David is also known for his curation efforts, especially related to conferences and events for learning and performance professionals.
John Blackmon
John Blackmon, CTO of Trivantis Corporation, is responsible for all aspects of development and strategy for the company's eLearning products. John has worked in a variety of industries, including Electronic Data Systems, IBM, and General Motors. At IBM, John received a patent for software design for his work in developing operating systems. At General Motors, he designed a number of automatic identification systems using various technologies for plant floor applications. John was also co-founder and lead engineer at BocaSoft, a software utility creation company. John holds a BS degree in electrical engineering from Florida Institute of Technology.
Jason Marceau
Chief Operations Officer
Meridian Knowledge Solutions
Jason Marceau is the chief operations officer for Meridian Knowledge Solutions. As a member of the executive leadership team, Jason has overall strategic responsibility for marketing, sales, and operations. His direct responsibilities include strategy development, corporate planning, leadership and organizational development, and general management. Jason’s leadership of Meridian has helped the company increase its year-over-year customer retention rate, win back-to-back awards for the world’s best enterprise learning management system, and increase revenue and profitability annually. Prior to Meridian, Jason held leadership roles at Qwest Communications, where his teams implemented and migrated large telecommunications networks.
Luke Hickey
dominKnow Learning Systems
As CEO of dominKnow Learning Systems, Luke has overseen the development of several Learning and Development software initiatives. Possessing an uncommon balance of business and technical skills, Luke has the unique ability to develop solutions that meet today’s needs while anticipating tomorrow’s. Luke has an extensive background in application and learning solutions development, with 15+ years of experience leading mission critical software and information technology initiatives.
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Interoperable Performance Assessment as a Foundation for Your Learning Ecosystem

Thursday, March 20, 2014 02:30 PM - 3:30 PM

A learning ecosystem’s value is defined by the usability of the data produced and consumed by activity within it. The Experience API (xAPI) is emerging as an enabling technology that allows organizations to track experiences across a learning ecosystem. However, sharing individual performance data in ecosystems has both challenges and opportunities.

Interoperable performance assessment (IPA) defines and describes experience and context to assess learning and performance continually over time. By capturing and sharing data using IPA, organizations have the ability to adapt, personalize, and tailor learning experiences. This can cut costs and increase efficiency across the organization. In this session you will learn how to map and classify the functions of activities in your learning ecosystem. You will also explore practical examples and use cases for a variety of common learning experiences as well as a number of innovative applications.

Michael Hruska
Problem Solutions
Michael Hruska is a technologist and entrepreneur with experiences spanning across standards, emerging technologies, learning, and science. A former researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD, he is currently the president/CEO of Problem Solutions providing learning technology solutions to government, commercial, and nonprofit organizations.
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