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Write for Learning Solutions Magazine

Write for Learning Solutions Magazine

Learning Solutions Magazine is a publication of The eLearning Guild. The Guild's mission is to provide all eLearning professionals with ways to share their knowledge and expertise. To support the community of practice that the Guild represents, Learning Solutions serves as a catalyst for discussion, learning, and innovation, and as a vehicle for the dissemination of information about new and practical strategies, techniques, and technologies for learning. Tens of thousands of professionals world-wide read Learning Solutions Magazine each month.

Learning Solutions Magazine offers previously unpublished feature articles, book and software reviews, interviews, columns, tips, news and other content on a continuing basis. Everyone who writes for Learning Solutions Magazine is a working professional in the field of learning, including performance support and talent management. This means we publish articles by people just like you. Most of the authors since 2002 have been members of The eLearning Guild, but membership is not required.

There are three main reasons that practitioners write for Learning Solutions Magazine:

  • To share their knowledge, experience, and expertise
  • To receive recognition from their peers
  • To earn a free annual eLearning Guild membership

If you are involved in the design, development, or management of technology-supported learning, performance support, talent management, or related content and systems, the Editor would like to discuss your idea for a previously unpublished article.

If you are interested in writing, please click here for information about the types of articles and then click here for information about submitting a query to the Editor, Bill Brandon (