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Learning Solutions Magazine
, a publication of The eLearning Guild since 2002, is the eLearning industry’s oldest and most trusted source for practical information on the strategies, tools, technologies, services, and best practices for the management, design, development, and implementation of enterprise-wide eLearning programs. Learning Solutions Magazine offers feature articles, case studies, reviews, interviews, spotlights, columns, snippets, tips, and news that you can use with confidence while making critical decisions to ensure your organization’s success with eLearning.

Industry Perspective

As the only industry publication offering an insiders perspective that's focused on supporting eLearning professionals, Learning Solutions Magazine leads this dynamic industry by serving as a vehicle for the shared distribution of ideas, experience, and knowledge about eLearning. Hundreds of industry veterans write for Learning Solutions Magazine because they know that this is the premier industry publication for sharing knowledge and peer-to-peer collaboration. If you want to know “how” — as well as the “what” and “why” of eLearning, read Learning Solutions Magazine!

Who Should Read Learning Solutions Magazine?

This magazine is published for anyone involved in the management, design, development, and implementation of eLearning in support of enterprise wide training efforts. Whether you and your organization are new to eLearning, or you've been skating on the bleeding edge for some time, Learning Solutions Magazine offers timely information you'll need to succeed.

Accessible Content…

Since 2002 we have published more than 1000 articles — and every one of them is available on this new site right now. This new site makes all this valuable content more accessible to readers in a smart and user-friendly interface. Articles more than 90 days old are available to everyone in their entirety. To stay current with articles less than 90 days old, you will need to SUBSCRIBE