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Design Thinking Approach to eLearning Emphasizes Empathy

Empathy is an essential element of a design thinking approach to eLearning; it keeps the focus on learners and their real-world needs and experiences.

Authentic Assessments Align with Targeted eLearning Outcomes

Rethink learning objectives; instead, write outcomes that begin with the end in mind and create authentic assessments.

With Microlearning, Focus on Small Goals—Not Small Courses

Choose microlearning for tackling small, narrowly-focused goals or addressing specific, common situations learners will face.

Nuts and Bolts: Encourage Adoption of Technology for Learning

Do your learners have trouble with adoption of technology for learning? Here’s how to get them to drink once you have led them to the water.

Is Microlearning Really Learning? It Depends …

Microlearning can excel as a training or performance support approach, but many question whether microlearning is really learning.

Agile Instructional Design: Call Center Training Case Study

An instructional design team adopts an Agile mindset to keep call center training material design and development moving at the speed of business.

Metafocus: How Realistic Should Your Serious Game Be?

How realistic should your serious game be? Do the quality of the effects matter, or is the quality of the learning experience enough? Read on to find out.

Great Storytelling and Compliance Training an Obvious Match

Beat compliance training’s bad rap with a great story! Storytelling can change behavior and shape corporate culture.

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