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xAPI Tools Update: Spring 2019

This xAPI tools update to the July 2018 "Out of the Box" report on authoring tools supports the xAPI Camp at Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2019.

Planning the Technical Side of Extended Enterprise Training

Expanding your training reach to external learners can seem daunting. But extended enterprise training can have huge rewards if you harness it correctly.

Using xAPI to Evaluate Successful Completion of eLearning

Few rapid authoring tools support learning objectives. This is a problem when evaluating how well learners meet objectives in xAPI.

Toolkit: It’s 2019—Get Ready for More AI and VR!

Tools for development of AI and VR applications in eLearning arrived in 2018, and more are on the way for 2019.

Understanding Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Power BI: Collect and Visualize Training Analytics for Free

Power BI is a free tool that helps you gather and analyze training data—and easily create data visualizations.

4 Creative Ways to Send xAPI Data from Non-eLearning Sources

It’s possible to extract xAPI data from almost anywhere—including a training roster, a survey, and even a door!

Toolkit: CenarioVR—Virtual Reality for Learning

Virtual reality for learning isn’t always the right choice but when it is, the authoring tool CenarioVR makes it simple to produce quality results.

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