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SolutionFest 2013 is a fun and educational opportunity to see eLearning in action. Like a science fair, SolutionFest is a collective showcase of eLearning examples where conference participants show off their latest projects. Attendees move from table to table, getting to see a wide variety of solutions to common eLearning challenges we all face, and sharing information about the tools, technologies, and processes used to build them. Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Best of SolutionFest 2013 Free Webinar

Meet some of the winners from this year’s SolutionFest, and see their award-winning solutions.

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SolutionFest 2013 Winners

Best of Show Vendor
"Disaster Operations Control for the American Red Cross" by Diane Elkins

Best of Show Non-Vendor
"Pipetting—Interactive Comic Book Game" by Dan McClellan

Best Academic Solution
"What Can You Teach in 60 seconds: Using PTCH.com" by Rhonda Kitchens

Best Blended Learning Solution
"Monthly Store Product Training" by Erin Lyle

Best Business Processes Solution
"AARP Premium Consolidation Whiteboard Video" by Donna Safko

Best Mobile Solution
"JLG Scissor Lifts" by Desirée Pinder

Best Onboarding or Employee Orientation Solution
"Using Avatars to Engage Your Audience" by Kevin Lydon

Best Performance Support Solution
"Defense Ammunition Center Storage Compatibility Groups" by Rick Raymer

Best Soft-skills Solution
"Summit—Leadership Development at CarMax" by Brian McWalters

Best Software Systems Solution
"Interactive Design Exploration" by Mike Enders