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In Real Life: How Will AI Impact Workplace Learning?

Asking how will AI impact workplace learning is asking the wrong question. Ask how AI will impact the way work gets done in your organization.

Microlearning: A Training Disrupter or Training Strategy?

Microlearning can help build a culture that sustains learning and retention—improving the “stickiness” of eLearning.

Extended Enterprise is a Game Changer for Product Training

Transforming how you manage product training can make a huge difference. Here is a much smoother process that provides numerous enhancements and savings.

Workers Want Workflow Learning for Immediate Solutions

Learning is moving online and into the moment, as employees find workflow learning a great way to solve problems without interrupting their work.

Microlearning Engages a Dispersed Technical Workforce

Dispersed workforce? With a program of daily microlearning, employees can sharpen their skills while waiting for their lunches!

Beyond Kirkpatrick: 3 Approaches to Evaluating eLearning

Kirkpatrick levels are the most common approach to evaluating eLearning; these three alternative models might better meet L&D teams’ and learners’ needs.

6 Key Ways Role-Based Training Benefits Your Organization

Targeted role-based training offers multiple benefits to your organization.

Looking Ahead: Future-Proofing eLearning in 2019 and Beyond

L&D professionals can future-proof eLearning in 2019 by broadening access, making it responsive, and ascertaining who owns the source files.

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