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by Mary Arnold

Last-minute training requests make many training departments wish they had a seat at the table when projects are being developed. If your training group wants to partner with other areas in the organization, here are some ways to accomplish that goal.

Column   |   February 14, 2012
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by Patti Shank

In Part Three of her series on Professional Development for 2012, Patti offers links to meetings, conferences, online sessions, and other places where you can acquire new skills or update what you already know.

Column   |   February 9, 2012
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by Marc Rosenberg

Traditional roles in training and education are in transition, and perhaps fading away. Specializations in eLearning are merging and morphing. What was current last year is now passé, and what was a blip on the horizon is now mainstream. In a time of constant change in our professions, where do you focus your attention? The answer is continuous professional development, and here’s how.

Column   |   February 7, 2012
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by Jane Bozarth

Formal design process gets a lot of attention, but not every problem requires the full treatment. Consider first what your client needs, before you start working on what the process flow chart requires, and when the problem is simple, keep the solution simple. Jane offers the key to remedies for performance issues.

Column   |   January 31, 2012
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by Judy Katz

The typical objection to prototyping in eLearning is that there is neither time nor money for it. Yet, in other fields, prototyping is not only accepted, but expected. There are compelling arguments for prototyping, including dramatically shortened development cycles and improved product quality. Here is a review that may help you find what you need to overcome objections to prototyping.

Column   |   January 26, 2012
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by Joe Ganci

After two years of anticipation, ZebraZapps is available to developers. Was it worth the wait? Read Joe’s review!

Column   |   January 24, 2012
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by Mark Lassoff

We welcome Mark Lassoff to our family of Learning Solutions Magazine columnists. Each month, Mark will provide tutorial content on basic production skills that will help you master the tools you use everyday as you develop eLearning. He begins this month with the most basic tool: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

Column   |   January 18, 2012
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by Mary Arnold

Mobile and social technologies can combine to support learning and performance, as can simulation and gaming. But games, simulations, and social technologies can also be combined collaboratively to support learning, performance, and other real-world tasks. Here is an example that also suggests a model for collaborative development of such applications.

Column   |   January 17, 2012
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by Patti Shank

Don’t leave your skills development to chance! Consider where your skills will need to be at the end of 2012, and start planning now to create a path to that level. Patti shows you some guideposts that will help you get there!

Column   |   January 12, 2012
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by Marc Rosenberg

Having a strategy is important, and it needs to be a solid strategy if it is to be the basis for a successful and sustainable eLearning effort. Here are ten of the mistakes that people most often make when setting their strategy, and each mistake will weaken the strategy.

Column   |   January 10, 2012
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