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by Mark Lassoff

We welcome Mark Lassoff to our family of Learning Solutions Magazine columnists. Each month, Mark will provide tutorial content on basic production skills that will help you master the tools you use everyday as you develop eLearning. He begins this month with the most basic tool: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

Column   |   January 18, 2012
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by Mary Arnold

Mobile and social technologies can combine to support learning and performance, as can simulation and gaming. But games, simulations, and social technologies can also be combined collaboratively to support learning, performance, and other real-world tasks. Here is an example that also suggests a model for collaborative development of such applications.

Column   |   January 17, 2012
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by Patti Shank

Don’t leave your skills development to chance! Consider where your skills will need to be at the end of 2012, and start planning now to create a path to that level. Patti shows you some guideposts that will help you get there!

Column   |   January 12, 2012
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by Marc Rosenberg

Having a strategy is important, and it needs to be a solid strategy if it is to be the basis for a successful and sustainable eLearning effort. Here are ten of the mistakes that people most often make when setting their strategy, and each mistake will weaken the strategy.

Column   |   January 10, 2012
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by Jane Bozarth

By all indications, 2012 is going to be a year of some major transitions in the way we develop and deliver eLearning. However, this should not distract any of us from the fundamentals that support actual learning. Jane offers some suggestions for resolutions that will keep us all on the right track.

Column   |   January 3, 2012
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by Judy Katz

We welcome Judy Unrein's column, Well Read, to Learning Solutions Magazine! To be a successful instructional designer takes broad knowledge of design principles and business concepts that go beyond our narrow field of practice. Each month, Judy will review a book that should be on your shelf or in your eReader. She starts this month with an exploration of creativity!

Column   |   December 29, 2011
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by Joe Ganci

Did you go to DevLearn this year? If so, did you visit every Expo exhibit to see the latest and greatest tools and services? If not, then you’ll want to read Joe Ganci’s column this month. He checked out the expo hall thoroughly and asked the exhibitors a lot of questions, some of which made the exhibitors uncomfortable. Read Joe’s take on what he saw and heard. Be ready to be surprised!

Column   |   December 27, 2011
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by Mary Arnold

Looking for some good reading during the holiday break? Mary recommends the five business books she’s found most useful in her ongoing professional development in 2011.

Column   |   December 20, 2011
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by Patti Shank

Professional development is vital in any career, and especially so in those careers that move as fast as ours in eLearning does. But the task can seem overwhelming: what should be in your professional development plan, and where do you start? It’s not all technical skills. Here is some excellent advice on creating your own plan for 2012 – and for starting on it today!

Column   |   December 15, 2011
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by Marc Rosenberg

Great teachers are still necessary. But there are some characteristics, beyond being impressive lecturers, which make teachers great. Why do great teachers matter in eLearning? It is because great teachers also make great eLearning developers.

Column   |   December 13, 2011
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