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by Patti Shank

How do you learn to use authoring tools? This is the question that stops many would-be eLearning creators cold, yet the answer is deceptively simple. Patti offers a step-by-step approach to using the plentiful resources that will get you started on your way to success.

Column   |   November 10, 2011
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by Marc Rosenberg

More eLearning myths, folklore, and legends busted this month! Has Marc left out any of your favorites?

Column   |   November 8, 2011
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by Terrence Wing

As a concept, the Social Graph has been around for several years. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are built on the idea. But are you able to use it to drive your work? This month’s column gives you some direction about how you can do this.

Column   |   November 3, 2011
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by Jane Bozarth

Even though it’s a digital world for readers of this e-zine, most of us still enjoy good old analog professional conferences and the opportunity to speak face-to-face with our colleagues and heroes. And even more – the secret love of many of us is browsing physical books in the conference bookstores! Jane suggests some great tomes to browse and add to your resources.

Column   |   November 1, 2011
31    2

by Joe Ganci

In some ways, the move to mobile involves two steps forward and one step back. How will authoring tools meet the demands of smaller screens, slower processors, slower connections, and easily distracted learners? In addition to his comments about these challenges, Joe looks at coming changes in a number of popular tools.

Column   |   October 25, 2011
14    4

by Mary Arnold

Pondering how to create a social media strategy that supports learning? Research suggests that an effective strategy may be simpler than you think.

Column   |   October 18, 2011
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by Patti Shank

Last month, Patti offered tips to help you get started choosing the right tools for your authoring needs. This month, she gives you the final secrets to making an excellent selection!

Column   |   October 13, 2011
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by Marc Rosenberg

There are so many myths about eLearning that it is hard to know where to begin. But here are five myths about eLearning design, and the truth to counter each one of them.

Column   |   October 11, 2011
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by Terrence Wing

Facebook’s recent changes have been somewhat controversial, but they demonstrate the evolution of social infrastructure. For learning-support-systems designers, the new Facebook features are yet another demonstration that using demographics in training design or learning facilitation has become antiquated. This month’s column explores the implications.

Column   |   October 6, 2011
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by Jane Bozarth

What's the difference between social media and social learning? How are you using each of them in your organization? This month's article addresses these questions and provides an overview of The eLearning Guild's new Report, Social Media for Learning.

Column   |   October 4, 2011
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