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by Jane Bozarth

For several years, Jane has been intrigued by the possibilities that doing better at showing our work could have for organizations, for each other, and for our own professional development. In this column on the practice of showing others what you are doing, she gives you concrete examples and compelling reasons for working out loud.

Column   |   May 6, 2014
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by Jennifer Neibert

Is your organization thriving … or are you merely surviving? And for those times when mobile learning is the perfect complement to your existing strategies, how can you take full advantage of its possibilities? This article takes a high-level look at the impact of mobile, data trends, and an organization’s learning culture to give today’s executives plenty of food for thought.

Feature   |   May 5, 2014
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by News Editor

Designers and developers aren’t necessarily multimedia experts, but often companies expect them to be. This new eBook will help you in areas from selecting camcorders to editing audio. If multimedia isn’t one of your strengths, download 72 Tips for Using Media to Engage and Teach from The eLearning Guild today!

News   |   May 5, 2014
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by Joe Ganci

In March 2014, Raptivity launched a beta tool called Raptivity Linker. The tool allows developers to link standalone Raptivity interactions into short interactive learning modules. Here’s a first look at the tool and what it does!

Review   |   May 1, 2014
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by Christie Wroten

Take advantage of endorphins by adding games to your online courses! When designed correctly, games and gamification are very successful in engaging people and motivating them to change behaviors. Here are four tips to get those endorphins flowing in your learners’ brains.

Tip   |   April 30, 2014
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by Bill Brandon

Clark Quinn’s latest book raises a lot of questions about the trajectory of the learning and development field and offers advice about process, architecture, and strategy for moving the profession and our practice forward.

Review   |   April 29, 2014
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by News Editor

Totara Learning Solutions has announced a significant change to its open-source distribution strategy. In addition to its enterprise offering, Totara LMS, the company has released Totara Seedlings, a beta version of the upcoming TotaraLMS production release. This announcement contains important details on Seedlings.

News   |   April 29, 2014
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by Andrew Hughes

What does it take to make an award-winning serious game? Technology and skills are important, but team dynamics make the essential difference. Andrew Hughes and his team at Designing Digitally share their lessons learned in this guide to team and process.

Feature   |   April 28, 2014
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by Nic Laycock

There are some amazing things going on in education, in places you might least expect. Here is a look at learning in the twenty-first century, as experienced by those who have never lived anywhere else. Please open the links, watch the videos, and reflect on where learning is going. Are you ready for this?

News   |   April 24, 2014
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by Brandi Krause

One of the routine tasks that instructional designers must perform is converting or repurposing content. This can be time-consuming, confusing, and sometimes frustrating. However, there is a simple way to lay out the work required—using a template. This tip just may reduce your stress!

Tip   |   April 23, 2014
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