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by Duncan Welder

The fourth xAPI Camp of 2015 met in Toronto November 17, where a number of presenters and participants showed and discussed creative uses of xAPI. The focus of these events has moved from “things we can do” to “interoperability and standardization.” Read this informative summary of the Toronto meeting, and plan on attending one of the upcoming Camps.

Spotlight   |   January 6, 2016
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by Cory McMillen

Are we adopting video too quickly? Streaming video is a provocative communication tool and among the most appreciated by students. But we lack key insights about what actually happens once the video is released, and we have filled many of those insight gaps with assumptions. Have we been wrong?

Feature   |   November 16, 2015
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by Marc Rosenberg

Modern-day LMSs were born out of the new transactional capabilities of the Internet in the late 1990s. They are as much eCommerce as eLearning. LMSs can offer many products, process thousands of transactions, handle payments and delivery, and keep track of it all. This is a great value of LMSs. Without a good LMS, there would be chaos in the eLearning world. Why does Marc say he hates them?

Column   |   October 13, 2015
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by News Editor

Brightwave to present on the Learning Media stage and at DevLearn DemoFest during the conference.

News   |   September 29, 2015
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by News Editor

In its first appearance in the DevLearn Expo, Yardstick will showcase three new products: a digital badge builder,, and Yardstick InSession.

News   |   September 22, 2015
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by News Editor

Skillaware and its partner Hyla Soft are proud to announce the U.S. launch of Skillaware 2.0, their flagship performance support and learning analytics platform.

News   |   September 14, 2015
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by News Editor

HT2, the company behind the award-winning social learning platform Curatr and the open-source LRS Learning Locker, will be supporting the xAPI Camp, presenting at the conference, and demoing at DemoFest, in addition to exhibiting at the main show.

News   |   September 14, 2015
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by News Editor

eLogic Learning introduces complex continuing education management functionality in the latest release of its eSSential Learning Management System (LMS). This enhancement of eLogic’s LMS functionality helps organizations manage, track, and report on continuing education activity across states and jurisdictions more efficiently while assuring compliance with state- by-state regulations.

News   |   July 8, 2015
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Topics Covered: Learning Systems, Measurement

by Cammy Bean, Chip Cleary

Are we stuck in a rut? An event-based eLearning mindset? A “default to PowerPoint” design paradigm? Maybe it’s about time to get out of that rut through a blended journey that leads to demonstrated performance. This article offers a real-life example of doing exactly that.

Feature   |   June 8, 2015
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by Nic Laycock

As a learning professional, how do you view HR? David Wilson has spent 18 years watching how the relationship works and has come to some thought-provoking conclusions. Learn about how David is bridging the gap between the US and EMEA when it comes to research about learning, talent management, and HR.

News   |   May 28, 2015
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