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by News Editor

Weejee Learning announces its newest offering, Qwick Custom, a selection of adaptable themes that can be personalized with an organization’s own content to create high-end, tailored courses more quickly and less expensively than a traditional custom eLearning solution.

News   |   October 29, 2014
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by Stephanie Ivec

Beyond making sure your authoring tool supports HTML5, and making sure you have either a BYOD (bring your own device) policy or a mobile-usage policy in place, what else is there to do to be ready to deploy mobile learning? A lot, it turns out. Here are five tips that will help you as you prepare to launch your mLearning initiative.

Tip   |   October 29, 2014
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by News Editor

Yukon Learning, a featured exhibitor at DevLearn 2014, is pleased to announce several new titles in its Rapid Course library.

News   |   October 28, 2014
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by News Editor

Adding more than two dozen new features and enhancements, Articulate recently released Articulate Storyline 2. The award-winning authoring tool makes it easy for course creators to bring content to life, control how their courses look and behave, and boost productivity.

News   |   October 28, 2014
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by News Editor

In partnership with Simon Hurry’s Human Strategy Group, Cognician is pleased to announce StrengthsEngage, a new self-coaching solution for users of the Clifton StrengthsFinder.

News   |   October 27, 2014
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by Cory McMillen

For businesses, learning institutions, and even graduating students, future success increasingly depends on the cycle of developing and enhancing valuable skill sets. Maintaining the motivation needed for that kind of sustained growth can be incredibly difficult. Here are seven research-based tips that just might help your learners get there.

Feature   |   October 27, 2014
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by News Editor

Dashe & Thomson, an exhibitor at DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo, announces a new approach to learning design that builds on research into the role of emotion in learning.

News   |   October 23, 2014
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by News Editor

inWhatLanguage, a best-in-class translation agency, will be returning for a second year to the DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo. After an exceedingly positive experience last year, the online-based translation company is thirsty for more.

News   |   October 22, 2014
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by News Editor

gomo learning announces the release of gomo 2.2. The authoring tool is full of new features and improvements, promising to help course developers easily create single-source content for multiple devices.

News   |   October 21, 2014
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by Stephen Meyer

Practice is critical for long-term learning, but research shows that learners don’t practice effectively on their own. What can you, the instructional designer, do about that? Here are five research-based design tips that will lock in learning.

Tip   |   October 21, 2014
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