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by News Editor

Many an argument gets started over the merits and deficits of media tools – those indispensible software products that provide the functions required for creating, editing, and building media and eLearning content. The latest Guild report gives you the facts you need when you are deciding which tool to learn, purchase, or use.

News   |   January 25, 2012
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by Chris Stape, Patrick Gardner

Course navigation, and how to best manage the limited resources of working memory and the computer screen, are key considerations in eLearning design. The effect of course maps on learning is difficult to assess, as the research findings are mixed. This study examined whether a course map affected the length of time to complete a training course and the achievement results of 846 adult learners.

Feature   |   December 12, 2011
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by Patti Shank

The quality of visual design in your eLearning product can contribute to or detract from its effectiveness — and its credibility! Concluding the discussion started last month, Patti shows you how to use alignment and proximity to solidify your visual design, and how to use all four principles of visual design together.

Column   |   August 11, 2011
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by Patti Shank

Expanding on last month’s column about alignment of graphics, here are the first two of four overarching principles of visual design. Try them – they make a real difference in the appearance and effectiveness of your content!

Column   |   July 12, 2011
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by Patti Shank

How can you tell a professional’s screen design from a rookie design? The professional makes sure all the elements on the screen align with each other. This is an important point, and it is easy to do. Patti shows you how.

Column   |   June 16, 2011
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by Mark Simon

Are you an “occasional” graphic artist? Would you like to produce better-looking graphics for your eLearning? Here are some solid ideas that will help you advance your skills!

Feature   |   May 26, 2011
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by Stephen Haskin

Upgrades just became a little more interesting and possibly a little more complicated, at least where Adobe’s Creative Suite is concerned. Here’s a quick look at CS5.5, and some guidelines to help you decide whether you need to buy the upgrade, rent it, or just wait for the next major upgrade.

Review   |   May 25, 2011
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by Mary Arnold

Creating color palettes for eLearning projects can be frustrating and time-consuming when the designer tries to do the job manually, even for those with experience in art. Luckily, there are tools available online that save time and frustration. Mary reviews five of them this month.

Column   |   May 17, 2011
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by Patti Shank

Clip art presents designers with some important challenges. On the one hand, it’s convenient and generally free. On the other hand, it is obviously clip art and it often doesn’t fit the other graphic design elements in the content. This month’s column shows you how to get rid of clip art backgrounds that don’t quite work for your design.

Column   |   May 12, 2011
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by Patti Shank

Clip art has a bad image, if you will pardon the pun, among instructional designers and those who review their products. Yet it is possible to use clip art in ways that are consistent with a professional approach. Begin by matching image types and by recoloring images to match your color scheme. This month's column shows you how easy this is to do!

Column   |   April 14, 2011
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