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by Jenny Hill

Online courses open up a wealth of possibilities for many learners. Ensuring the accessibility of courses, including accessibility for users with physical or sensory challenges, takes advantage of eLearning’s flexibility and maximizes the potential of the learning experience. Here are five tips that show you how to remove barriers from your content.

Feature   |   April 1, 2013
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by Joe Ganci

GoAnimate is cloud-based software that creates animated videos. These can be very effective for eLearning applications and much less expensive than live action shoots. Here’s a thorough review of everything that GoAnimate offers.

Review   |   March 26, 2013
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by News Editor

Panopto introduces a new release of its platform for video communication and social knowledge sharing.

News   |   March 13, 2013
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by Gary Lipkowitz

Trainers and educators have long known that appropriate, well-made video can increase levels of engagement and retention in eLearning. Technology is providing us with a set of tools we can use to create more video without breaking the bank. Here are eight tips for using one such product, GoAnimate, in your eLearning.

Tip   |   February 28, 2013
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by Joe Ganci

Techsmith’s Camtasia 8 is a complete reboot, rewritten from scratch, and it is attracting attention not only from eLearning developers but also from video production professionals and even from consumer periodicals. This is a beautiful tool to add to your kit, and you can read all about it here!

Review   |   February 26, 2013
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by Mark Lassoff

CSS3 provides some very interesting new formatting possibilities for your eLearning content. Unfortunately, browsers handle these techniques in different ways. Here are three new formats (rounded corners, color gradients, and newspaper columns) and step-by-step instructions that accommodate the various browsers!

Column   |   August 23, 2012
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by News Editor

We’ve all seen eLearning courses that confuse learners because of poor design, a non-intuitive interface, and confusing navigation. Even without a professional graphic designer, we can apply basic principles to blend good graphic, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX) designs. Take the first step to successful outcomes for your learners with these tips from today’s design experts.

News   |   July 25, 2012
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by Stephen Haskin

Adobe has taken the wrapper completely off of Creative Suite 6. Here’s the rundown on the pricing, subscriptions, powerful new features – and a fly in the ointment.

News   |   April 24, 2012
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by Stephen Haskin, Megan Torrance

This week in the Photeo series, you will learn how to use Photoshop and After Effects to decompose images and to animate words and letters. These are essential skills in the creation of scavenger Photeos, and the process is faster than creating the same effects by using Flash!

Feature   |   April 23, 2012
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by Stephen Haskin, Megan Torrance

A Photeo is the digital evolution of the movie montage: it supports continuity and engagement by telling a story. In the first two articles of this series, you learned what a Photeo is, and you got an overview of the production process. In this article and the next two, you get the hands-on tutorial you’ve been asking for, beginning with Articulate Presenter!

Feature   |   April 16, 2012
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