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by Dennis Gullotti

Only 35 percent of executives believe their organizations have the know-how to transform their business, even though 85 percent of large companies expect they must do so in the next five years. How can organizations build leadership and management capability, not just among senior managers, but at all levels? Here are some key ideas for building a learning and leading culture.

Spotlight   |   November 19, 2014
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by Marc Rosenberg

You will be hearing a lot from The eLearning Guild and in Learning Solutions Magazine over the coming months about learning and performance ecosystems. This column expands on Marc’s introduction of the concept last month. Between these two columns and the white paper linked at the end of this one, you will gain a more complete understanding of this vital and emerging concept.

Column   |   November 11, 2014
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by Donna Wells

When was the last time your training or eLearning process had a multi-point inspection? As the New Year approaches, this is the ideal time to do one! Whether you are a training manager, an eLearning or mLearning team, or an executive with an interest in maintaining enterprise talent, this is a timely article full of tips for your consideration.

Tip   |   November 6, 2014
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by Jane Bozarth

In the United States Marine Corps, “improvise, adapt, overcome” has become an adopted motto in many units. It should be our motto in eLearning, considering all the times things don’t go the way we planned or the way we wish they would. Sometimes you just gotta punt.

Column   |   November 4, 2014
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by News Editor

Our world is increasingly complex. We need to learn on demand, seamlessly, without interrupting our workflow. Our resources need to be immediate and effective. The eLearning Guild’s free new white paper, Learning and Performance Ecosystems: Strategy, Technology, Impact, and Challenges, can help get you started!

News   |   November 4, 2014
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by Bill Brandon

What were we concerned about in 2005? It was a different world in many ways. Mobile learning was a topic, but the devices were nowhere near the equal of what we have now. Social media was only a faint dream. Technology, and our skill in using it, was just crossing the threshold of today’s reality. Here’s a look back, and a look forward.

Feature   |   November 3, 2014
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by News Editor

“Refined Data Solutions announces the first production release of Reports-4-Moodle—an enterprise-grade reporting extension for all Moodle-based LMS deployments.”

News   |   October 29, 2014
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by Stephanie Ivec

Beyond making sure your authoring tool supports HTML5, and making sure you have either a BYOD (bring your own device) policy or a mobile-usage policy in place, what else is there to do to be ready to deploy mobile learning? A lot, it turns out. Here are five tips that will help you as you prepare to launch your mLearning initiative.

Tip   |   October 29, 2014
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by News Editor

Yukon Learning, a featured exhibitor at DevLearn 2014, is pleased to announce several new titles in its Rapid Course library.

News   |   October 28, 2014
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by News Editor

Refined Data Solutions announces the release of Refined Training LMS Version 3.2. This new release is full of custom extensions and enhancements and includes access to the new enterprise-grade Reports-4-Moodle functionality.

News   |   October 28, 2014
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