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by News Editor

LearnUpon announces integration with GoToMeeting, which will allow event organizers to easily create, share, and invite users to GoTo events including GoToWebinar and GoToTraining.

News   |   March 14, 2016
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by News Editor

ANCILE Solutions, announces flexible delivery options for ANCILE uPerform and analytics for ANCILE uGuide. These solutions are designed to deliver learning and performance support content and in-application, step-by-step guidance of web-based applications.

News   |   March 10, 2016
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by Marc Rosenberg

Knowledge management (KM) has had a rough go of it. Hot topic one year, dead the next, repeat. KM is important, so what can we do? This month’s column from Marc offers a start on gaining better understanding of what KM is, and what it can and can’t do. This time, we’ll think big but start smaller, learn as we go along, be ready to scale when needed. Here’s how!

Column   |   March 9, 2016
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by News Editor

IQStrategix announces the release of IQX Cloud, its revolutionary v2.0 flagship knowledge computing technology. The IQX Cloud eLearning platform is designed to leverage corporate knowledge by providing real-world content, with analytics, on- demand.

News   |   March 9, 2016
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by News Editor

Origin Learning Solutions announces the continued development and expansion of Origin Konnect, a device-agnostic solution that leverages the power of Big Data to foster collaborative learning and engagement and provide data-driven insights about learners.

News   |   March 9, 2016
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by Sharon Vipond

The concept of knowledge management (KM) is not new, and for some it has a negative legacy. But the challenges that call for a KM solution have not gone away; in fact they have intensified. So it is important to take a look at KM again, with fresh eyes, and that is what our newest white paper does, as this article outlines.

Spotlight   |   March 9, 2016
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by Neil Lasher

The Internet is a lot like the old Wild West in some ways, especially when it comes to thieves eager to get into your valuables. Are you educating your staff how to be more web savvy? Is web security part of your onboarding program? Are mobile devices within your managed defense? Here is a short essay on how not to be part of the low-hanging fruit the thieves are after.

Feature   |   February 22, 2016
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by Marc Rosenberg

We all like to think we work in a positive learning culture, but that’s not always the case. Here are 10 key steps to building a positive learning culture that will succeed!

Column   |   February 9, 2016
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by Bill Brandon

In the face of ongoing, even disruptive, change, where should you focus in 2016? How can you engage and challenge learners more effectively? Here are solid best practices and fresh advice to guide you!

Spotlight   |   January 21, 2016
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by Marc Rosenberg

Have you heard someone utter those words? “This will revolutionize education, training, and/or learning and development!” How has that worked out for anyone? Technology may make learning more efficient, but that’s not the same thing as “more effective.” Here are Marc’s thoughts on revolution, evolution, and what makes the real difference.

Column   |   January 12, 2016
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