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by Mayra Villar

Recent research challenges the assumption that games are not an appropriate channel for learning. By focusing on delivering the necessary experience, designers can produce meaningful, engaging eLearning as games. Here are guidelines to effective mechanics, story, aesthetics, and technology selection that support contextualized practice, invitation to action, and self-assessment of decisions.

Feature   |   January 14, 2013
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by Neil Lasher

Is the handwriting on the wall for eLearning? The design, development, and delivery of content intended to facilitate learning have undergone many changes. Perhaps it is time to change the way we are doing things. If you believe that eLearning is not providing sufficient value for anything other than “tick box compliance,” read this for a different direction that you may want to consider.

Feature   |   November 26, 2012
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by News Editor

Axonify has launched the next generation of its breakthrough eLearning platform, designed to change the way employees learn, retain, and apply knowledge in the workplace. Axonify reinforces critical learning by delivering bite-sized content on a daily basis, using game mechanics and brain science to drive engagement and real learning transfer.

News   |   September 4, 2012
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by Jennifer Neibert

For anyone who thinks education in America isn’t quite right and wants to do something about it, add Clark Aldrich’s Unschooling Rules to your summer reading list. This quick read of Aldrich’s 55 common-sense insights will surely pique your interest. And you may soon find yourself unlearning everything you know about schools in America today.

Review   |   August 8, 2012
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by Jennifer Neibert

If you’re up to the challenge, Karl Kapp’s latest book offers best practices, design considerations, and pragmatic recommendations that will surely change the way you think about enhancing your learning initiatives through the use of games.

Review   |   May 2, 2012
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by Bill Brandon

“Gamification” is a relatively new buzzword in application design, including eLearning. Many designers and developers aren’t quite sure what it means, or how to apply the concept in their work. Brenda Enders gives you great insights in this interview.

Interview   |   April 5, 2012
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by News Editor

WILL Interactive, Inc. has issued a challenge in the form of a call for entries for the creation of a serious game simulation to solve a pressing social issue. The deadline for entries is now April 20, 2012.

News   |   April 2, 2012
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by Mary Arnold

Mobile and social technologies can combine to support learning and performance, as can simulation and gaming. But games, simulations, and social technologies can also be combined collaboratively to support learning, performance, and other real-world tasks. Here is an example that also suggests a model for collaborative development of such applications.

Column   |   January 17, 2012
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by News Editor

Ayogo, an award-winning creator of serious games has announced today its agreement to acquire Tandem Learning, a learning company that develops serious games and immersive learning solutions. [Press Release]

News   |   October 27, 2011
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Topics Covered: Games & Learning

by Terrence Wing

Augmented Reality (AR) digitally enhances a workplace by adding computer-generated information and sensory inputs, including teaching and performance support, or by combining real-world stimuli and information with instructional content. This can be done today – the tools exist, and it’s only a matter of designers using their imagination. Here are some ideas and tools to get you started.

Column   |   September 8, 2011
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