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by JD Dillon

The call to evolve the role of learning and development (L&D) has become downright deafening. If you haven’t heard it, you just aren’t listening. The workplace has changed, but we have not kept pace with the ways we support it. Many L&D thought leaders are sharing great ideas on how to shift the L&D mindset. Here are four key tips for you!

Column   |   August 16, 2016
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by Pamela Hogle

User-centered design engages learners in all stages of design, development, and testing of eLearning products. This approach can help eLearning developers and designers avoid costly mistakes, achieve better design, and produce usable, successful eLearning modules.

Spotlight   |   August 10, 2016
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by David Wood

We sometimes discover that solving a business problem requires a new, innovative approach to learning. Then we go off to look for innovation, but in all the usual places. While this can be a comfortable path, it is also a way to only come up with the same answers we already know well. There are ways to avoid this kind of disappointment, and this article will help you find them.

Spotlight   |   August 9, 2016
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by Stephen Haskin

If you’re making eLearning productions these days, you’re probably making video. What are you doing to give your video depth and get learners believing they’re in the situation you want them to believe in? The right answer, for many eLearning productions, is to create a sonic environment. Not just narration or a voice track, but a soundtrack. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Feature   |   August 8, 2016
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by Barbara Opyt

What if you want to convert some of your instructor-led classroom training for delivery in a virtual venue such as live web conferencing? Not all classroom programs are ideal candidates for this, and you must take care to ensure the virtual delivery is effective. Here are tips to guide you in selecting content for conversion, and in making the necessary adjustments.

Tip   |   August 4, 2016
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by Jane Bozarth

What is “social learning”? This is a question that evidently stymies a lot of learning and development teams and their managers, but it need not. Some groups figure it out, and some groups fail at it. If you want to know what makes the difference, Jane shows you in her column this month. By the way, have you seen any Pokémon trainers out on the street today?

Column   |   August 2, 2016
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by George Denoon

A motion graphics designer examines how new technologies such as 360-degree video can be applied to digital learning, especially in safety-critical industries.

Feature   |   August 1, 2016
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by Kat Gore

Creativity is crucial when it comes to learning and performance. It gives learning professionals the tools to seize the possibilities presented by new technologies and put together inventive learning and performance solutions. The eLearning Guild’s new free eBook offers insights on creative inspiration: Creativity is a skill, and it improves with focus and practice!

News   |   July 28, 2016
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by Michele Medved

Interviewing a subject matter expert (SME) requires technique on the part of the interviewer. By using probing questions, you elicit the focused, relevant, engaging, and deep content-rich information that will support your instructional design. Here are five best practices to get the job done.

Tip   |   July 27, 2016
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by Veronica Yan, Morris Davis

Certain “desirably difficult” conditions of learning that more actively and effortfully engage learners lead to better long-term learning. In other words, training that makes learning difficult is more effective. Does that seem shocking to you? Find out here why the common wisdom that says you should make eLearning easy is wrong, and to learn what “desirably difficult” entails.

Feature   |   July 25, 2016
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