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by Marc Rosenberg

If learners have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a course, doesn’t that mean they are ready to learn? No! They must actually be ready to learn. Here are the key things you should find out about and deal with before you answer that question.

Column   |   May 10, 2016
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by Jane Bozarth

Participant chat is a tool included in most virtual classroom products, yet it is underutilized. If you think of it as just a place for participants to chat, offer commentary, or ask questions, you are missing a golden opportunity to engage your audience! Here are seven incredibly productive ways to encourage the reluctant and avoid the “Anyone? Anyone?” moments.

Column   |   May 3, 2016
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by JD Dillon

JD Dillon is our newest columnist at Learning Solutions Magazine! Many readers already know JD from his presentations at conferences and from his blog, and we hope that many more will benefit from his insights here. This month, an introduction.

Column   |   April 19, 2016
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by Marc Rosenberg

The xAPI is a specification for building tracking mechanisms into applications and systems. A growing number of innovative products for adaptive and experiential learning support the xAPI. If you aren’t excited about the possibilities, this column explains why you should be.

Column   |   April 12, 2016
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by Jane Bozarth

How many issues do you face in delivering training to your organization? People widely dispersed geographically? Lack of learner availability? Employees who have to be covered across work shifts? No travel funds? If you aren’t using virtual meeting software to meet these challenges, maybe you should. Drop “webinar” from your vocabulary, and learn to use the virtual whiteboard! Here’s how!

Column   |   April 5, 2016
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by Marc Rosenberg

Knowledge management (KM) has had a rough go of it. Hot topic one year, dead the next, repeat. KM is important, so what can we do? This month’s column from Marc offers a start on gaining better understanding of what KM is, and what it can and can’t do. This time, we’ll think big but start smaller, learn as we go along, be ready to scale when needed. Here’s how!

Column   |   March 9, 2016
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by Jane Bozarth

In Cargo Cult Training, the designer or the leader replicates what he saw teachers do, capturing the artifacts of instruction without understanding what’s underneath. This happens in classrooms and in online instruction. Why does it happen, and what can you do about it (or avoid falling into it yourself)? Here are some answers.

Column   |   March 1, 2016
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by Marc Rosenberg

We all like to think we work in a positive learning culture, but that’s not always the case. Here are 10 key steps to building a positive learning culture that will succeed!

Column   |   February 9, 2016
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by Jane Bozarth

Does an instructional designer or other training practitioner need a specialized degree in order to work effectively? There’s a lot of debate about this. You should read this article and Jane’s suggestions, and decide what works for you. There’s not just one answer.

Column   |   February 2, 2016
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by Marc Rosenberg

Have you heard someone utter those words? “This will revolutionize education, training, and/or learning and development!” How has that worked out for anyone? Technology may make learning more efficient, but that’s not the same thing as “more effective.” Here are Marc’s thoughts on revolution, evolution, and what makes the real difference.

Column   |   January 12, 2016
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