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by Jane Bozarth

Continuing the discussion of Richard Mayer’s “SOI” model (select, organize, integrate), this month’s column focuses on organizing information into meaningful wholes. Most slide-based authoring tools and old habits get us to think in terms of bullet points, but there are better ways! Here’s how to re-think content and concept information.

Column   |   December 1, 2015
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by Marc Rosenberg

Few things in life are certain. Even though we are sure that eLearning is certain to succeed, there are, unfortunately, lots of examples to the contrary. However, Marc says that you can count on three laws of eLearning failure. They are not beyond your control if you know what they are.

Column   |   November 10, 2015
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by Jane Bozarth

A constant challenge with eLearning (and face-to-face) courses is managing “overwhelm:” too often the learner is inundated with content and ideas and bullets and more content. Here’s how to select the really important information and present it in a way that helps learners focus and make sense of what they are seeing.

Column   |   November 3, 2015
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by Marc Rosenberg

Modern-day LMSs were born out of the new transactional capabilities of the Internet in the late 1990s. They are as much eCommerce as eLearning. LMSs can offer many products, process thousands of transactions, handle payments and delivery, and keep track of it all. This is a great value of LMSs. Without a good LMS, there would be chaos in the eLearning world. Why does Marc say he hates them?

Column   |   October 13, 2015
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by Jane Bozarth

“Which tool should I use?” If you hate to hear that “it all depends,” this article may give you a new perspective on that answer: “The best tools are the ones you’ll use, that meet your particular goals and needs—and the ones your audience likes.”

Column   |   October 6, 2015
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by Marc Rosenberg

The new school year has started in many countries, and that means it is also time for parents to take an interest again in how the massive industry called public education is using learning technology. Here are a dozen questions to ask. Listen carefully to the answers you get, including the non-verbal responses, when you hold educators accountable.

Column   |   September 8, 2015
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by Jane Bozarth

In the four years since Jane’s column “Social Media for Learning” appeared here, the popular use of social media and tools that make it easy to generate and share images has exploded. This month’s column looks at some of the new ways you might extend your own practice through use of these social tools.

Column   |   September 1, 2015
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by Art Kohn

Today’s learners have little tolerance for two-day lecture courses (or two-hour lectures, for that matter). In reaction, many organizations are now wondering about micro-training: short bursts of training that fit into 10 minutes or less. Is this reaction justified by claims that goldfish now have longer attention spans than people?

Column   |   August 20, 2015
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by Marc Rosenberg

What word do you use to describe or name the people who use the content you labor to create? How does a name affect the way you relate to the person(s) named? It probably does more than you think it does. Here are some thoughts about labels.

Column   |   August 11, 2015
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by Jane Bozarth

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we can either not do something at all, or we can figure out how to do it with no money. Many times this happens when it comes to finding art for our eLearning productions. Here are some tricks that will help you make the most of what you’ve got—for no money!

Column   |   August 4, 2015
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