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by Stephen Haskin

Among software vendors, Adobe has what is surely the biggest footprint in the world of eLearning authoring. And at the moment, Adobe also has a huge controversy on its hands, because of their decision to go to a subscription model for Creative Suite. While we are slowly getting more details, here is a sketch of what has some customers upset.

Review   |   April 4, 2012
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by Stephen Haskin

Two weeks ago, Apple released the latest upgrade to their top video-editing program, Final Cut Pro X (FCPX), to a firestorm of controversy. Is FCPX good enough for eLearning professionals? Here is some analysis to help you think your way through the decision to adopt, upgrade, or abandon the product for your video editing.

Review   |   February 15, 2012
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by Clark Quinn

Julie Dirksen has just published an excellent guide to better learning design. Here are the details. Her book is recommended for beginning designers, and for subject matter experts who have found themselves drafted into creating eLearning.

Review   |   January 25, 2012
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by Bill Brandon

In his second book this year on mobile learning, Clark Quinn has produced a concise and very practical guide to its strategy and implementation for administrators, instructional support staff, and faculty in higher education. It will also be useful as a quick overview for executives in other kinds of organizations as well.

Review   |   November 16, 2011
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by Bill Brandon

E-Learning by Design, published in October of this year, is an update to William Horton’s 2006 book. Horton has reorganized the content, and added excellent sections on games, social networking, and mobile technology. This is a book that belongs in your library.

Review   |   November 10, 2011
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by Bill Brandon

Older students in online education may not be as conversant with Web technology for learning, and younger students may not have the necessary study skills. Here is a review of a small book that tries to provide support for both groups. If you are an online educator, this resource may be worth considering as part of your orientation efforts.

Review   |   October 28, 2011
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by Bill Brandon

Volume 2 of Patti Shank's The Online Idea Book is now available. Continuing with the approach she used in Volume 1 four years ago, Patti has updated the book with over 80 new ideas from practitioners in the field, covering new approaches to online learning, such as the use of social media, new tools, and other innovations such as Pecha Kucha.

Review   |   September 28, 2011
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by Mark Simon

Few tasks cause designers and developers to create more spreadsheets, ask more questions, make more comparisons, and deliberate longer than the search for an authoring tool. This is just as true for “rapid” tools as it would be for more full-featured authoring. In an effort to do some of the legwork for you, here is a side-by-side discussion of four PowerPoint-based authoring tools.

Review   |   September 14, 2011
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by Paul Clothier

Many vendors offer ways to upload and share PowerPoint presentations online. One of these services is Brainshark Mobile, which targets smartphones and tablets as delivery destinations. Here is a review of Brainshark’s offering, including the major features that are available at no charge as well as those in the upgrade offerings.

Review   |   August 17, 2011
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by Neil Lasher

Many of us who were at mLearnCon a month ago are still processing the experience. That includes the experts who led sessions and major parts of the program. Here are the reflections of the MOSHPit Master, as he relates his learning in San Jose to the challenges we face.

Review   |   July 21, 2011
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