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by Joe Ganci

Allen Interactions has released ZebraZapps Pro. While it contains all of the many features of the earlier version, now called ZebraZapps Creator, it adds several important elements that any serious eLearning developer will want. This review covers all of the new features available in the Pro version.

Review   |   November 27, 2012
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by Joe Ganci

Claro by dominKnow is one of those products that you see in the exhibit hall at every major eLearning conference (including DevLearn 2012) and yet, when you ask someone if they know about Claro, they scratch their head a bit and say, “Well, I’ve heard of it…” Claro is like a well-kept open secret. But no more! It’s time to keep this a secret no longer.

Review   |   October 25, 2012
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by Bill Brandon

Do you want to use video in your eLearning content, but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on equipment, production, and post-production? Looking for help and ideas for short-form Web video? This is the book you need, written by an expert who has produced, edited, and hosted over 300 episodes of USA TODAY’s “Talking Tech” series.

Review   |   September 25, 2012
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by Jennifer Neibert

If you’re looking for the next must-read book for learning professionals, this is it. Michael Allen’s latest work, Leaving ADDIE for SAM, outlines his successive approximation model (SAM)—an approach that reduces the overall complexity of traditional instructional design processes, offering a more flexible, iterative, and productive model for today’s instructional designers and developers.

Review   |   September 19, 2012
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by Joe Ganci

Adobe has released Presenter 8, which attempts to surpass competing PowerPoint-based authoring tools in power and ease of use. Here is a review of the new features; it turns out that they are not just “more of the same,” but are additions that can help instructional designers create better designs.

Review   |   August 30, 2012
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by Jennifer Neibert

For anyone who thinks education in America isn’t quite right and wants to do something about it, add Clark Aldrich’s Unschooling Rules to your summer reading list. This quick read of Aldrich’s 55 common-sense insights will surely pique your interest. And you may soon find yourself unlearning everything you know about schools in America today.

Review   |   August 8, 2012
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by Joe Ganci

Adobe released Version 9 of its Connect Web-conferencing tool last month. Here’s a rundown of the new features and the limitations of the latest iteration of this widely used software.

Review   |   July 31, 2012
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by Jennifer Neibert

Technical details? Check. Relevant examples? Check. Accessible writing style, practical advice, and clear explanations? Check, check, and check! With Learning Everywhere, Chad Udell has taken a somewhat arduous process and distilled it into a how-to manual that is a must read for anyone tasked with developing mobile learning content.

Review   |   July 24, 2012
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by Joe Ganci

From HTML5 output to high definition screencasts to new pre-test and branching capabilities, plus numerous other important improvements, Captivate 6 is a huge step forward from the prior version, with new additions and features that make it easier to create engaging eLearning and let you do it even faster. Here’s an early look at the release.

Review   |   June 26, 2012
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by Joe Ganci

The first guide to ZebraZapps is available! Here’s a review and information on where to download the book.

Review   |   June 21, 2012
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