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by Bill Brandon

This is an outstanding tutorial for Google+, or G+ for short. If you are new to G+ and feeling overwhelmed, this is your guide. If you don’t know anything about G+, Kawasaki’s book will provide the basics. If you weren’t impressed with G+ when you tried it right after launch, Guy will give you an updated appreciation for what the service offers.

Review   |   January 31, 2013
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by Bill Brandon

eLearning design (and many authoring tools) may often support rote learning, recall of information, and acquisition of discrete skills, but not use of the information or skills to solve difficult problems, evaluate ideas, or settle arguments. Is there a way to use eLearning to develop or sharpen critical thinking skills? This article explores the question and suggests some answers.

Feature   |   January 21, 2013
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by Nic Laycock

Technology has disrupted many traditional relationships between providers and consumers, but much of what goes on in education has remained relatively unaffected. There have been few “top-down” initiatives to change this. But in Israel, a new approach driven by the student body is innovating collaborative methods of study enabled by the social media. Read about it here.

News   |   January 3, 2013
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by Jane Bozarth

Many of us start a new year with resolve to do better things and to do things better. Jane kicks off 2013 for Learning Solutions Magazine with three excellent resolutions and some concrete suggestions about how to make good on them.

Column   |   January 2, 2013
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by Julian Stodd

Building a healthy social learning community takes a lot of time and effort, and it requires thoughtful strategy and implementation in four key areas. Do the job right and you enable a dynamic environment for learning—but one that you do not own. Here is some expert guidance on this somewhat paradoxical idea.

Feature   |   November 19, 2012
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by News Editor

Float Mobile Learning, the leader in developing custom mobile learning applications and mobile learning strategy, introduced new features for Tappestry today at DevLearn that will allow business professionals to capture and share learning and productivity data in a controlled and secure environment.

News   |   October 31, 2012
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by News Editor

HT2, the innovators in learning technology, are very proud to announce the establishment of HT2 Inc, a wholly owned US subsidiary with offices in La Jolla, CA. HT2 Inc will be on show at The eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference & Expo, demonstrating their breakthrough social learning product, Curatr.

News   |   October 30, 2012
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by Inge de Waard

In an online course, running for several weeks with many participants who have different personal styles, come from different backgrounds, and speak different languages, keeping participants motivated is a significant challenge. Here are some tips from an experienced MOOC designer that will maintain the engagement and sense of fun.

Tip   |   October 23, 2012
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by Clark Quinn

Computing devices—especially mobile ones—continue to add sensors, to store and process more and more personal information (contacts, schedules, tasks, goals), and to connect more widely to other devices and to the Web. This context awareness opens huge learning opportunities. Are you ready? Here are some things to think about.

Feature   |   October 22, 2012
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by Patti Shank

Many people think social learning is new, but it isn’t. What’s new is the ability of instructional designers to leverage online social media as a strategy to support learning. Research can help you make better use of the new social channel in your practice. Patti summarizes the benefits and points the way to recent research you can use!

Research   |   October 11, 2012
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