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by Marc Rosenberg

Looking for a new career? Think you have what it takes to be an eLearning specialist or manager of eLearning? Here are the nine things you need to know on your first day in your new career … or maybe the nine things it would still be good to know even if you’re already on the job.

Column   |   January 8, 2013
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by Joel Gendelman

Many organizations are looking at moving face-to-face classroom delivery of instruction to web conferencing or virtual classrooms in 2013 as a means of reducing cost. This is not necessarily simple, and this article offers some tips, suggestions, and resources to help guide the conversion process.

Feature   |   January 7, 2013
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by Jane Bozarth

Many of us start a new year with resolve to do better things and to do things better. Jane kicks off 2013 for Learning Solutions Magazine with three excellent resolutions and some concrete suggestions about how to make good on them.

Column   |   January 2, 2013
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by Julie Dirksen

In academic approaches to teaching and learning that focus on knowledge rather than skill, the activities often involve traditional studying that involves repetition of the content. There are other methods that may also support learning. Do you know which one works best? One study attempted to find an answer to that question.

Research   |   December 26, 2012
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by Jane Bozarth

Concepts sometimes map over from one field of human activity to another, and the result of the juxtaposition can be a better understanding of both fields. In this month’s column, Jane offers her review of a new book about the music business in which she found many parallels to the learning and development business, and the insights she gained.

Column   |   December 4, 2012
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by Joe Ganci

Allen Interactions has released ZebraZapps Pro. While it contains all of the many features of the earlier version, now called ZebraZapps Creator, it adds several important elements that any serious eLearning developer will want. This review covers all of the new features available in the Pro version.

Review   |   November 27, 2012
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by Patti Shank

What’s changing in your world of work? There’s almost certainly a lot more work, a lot more tasks, and a lot more variety. HTML5 is possibly a major part of this, and The eLearning Guild’s Research has plenty to say on the subject. Get an overview of it here.

Research   |   November 15, 2012
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by News Editor

Two years after announcing the beta release of Claro at DevLearn 2010, dominKnow is rolling out new features in the award-winning HTML5-compliant authoring tool during this year’s conference.

News   |   October 31, 2012
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by David Kelly

“Curation” has become something of a buzzword, but different people seem to mean different things when they use the word. At the same time, curation is fast becoming a key skill for anyone who develops content. Explore the concept and the tools with an expert curator in this article!

Feature   |   October 29, 2012
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by Joe Ganci

Claro by dominKnow is one of those products that you see in the exhibit hall at every major eLearning conference (including DevLearn 2012) and yet, when you ask someone if they know about Claro, they scratch their head a bit and say, “Well, I’ve heard of it…” Claro is like a well-kept open secret. But no more! It’s time to keep this a secret no longer.

Review   |   October 25, 2012
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