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by Marc Rosenberg

Performance support—simple tools that guide and support people as they carry out tasks—is an effective, low-cost complement to instruction. Here are five quick points that you can use as the basis for your “elevator speech” that explains the concept to your colleagues and stakeholders, and three valuable resources that will help you implement the concept.

Column   |   July 9, 2013
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by Jane Bozarth

Good practice is made up of work, and thought, and mistakes, and time. Things that look easy in the hands of a skilled professional are often the end result of years of practice and experience. Jane offers some sobering thoughts about what it takes to make things look easy.

Column   |   July 2, 2013
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by Joe Ganci

Adobe released version 7 of its market-leading eLearning development tool, Captivate, one of the most feature-rich eLearning development tools around and one of the very few that work equally well on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Here’s a thorough review of the latest version of this long-time favorite.

Review   |   June 27, 2013
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by Nic Laycock

With the evolution of the many channels available to people for learning, we are witnessing the emergence of an age in which talent and passion drive learning and performance. Jef Staes, a Belgian authority on learning and innovative organizations, has a lot to say on this topic, and this month Nic introduces us to him and to a great overview of his ideas.

News   |   June 11, 2013
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by Jennifer Neibert

Even the best training initiatives are no match for work environments where well-trained employees cannot directly apply their learning. With insights from today’s leading performance support experts, Marc Rosenberg underscores the need for a new performance framework in a white paper from The eLearning Guild, At the Moment of Need: The Case for Performance Support.

News   |   June 6, 2013
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by Jane Bozarth

Change management is always a large part of introducing new tools and approaches. In fact, logic and talking points are seldom effective in dealing with resistance. It is important to understand the barriers to change and their predictable progression. Here are the barriers you can expect and the keys to getting past them.

Column   |   June 4, 2013
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by Chris Atherton

Is it better to present large amounts of information the same way to all learners, or should the presentation depend on the reader’s level of knowledge about the topic? The results of a study offer important insights about this question for eLearning design.

Research   |   May 30, 2013
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by Joe Ganci

Qarbon ViewletBuilder 7 Enterprise is a full-featured authoring tool with versions for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Joe found an unexpected level of sophistication in the Windows Enterprise edition. For a thorough look at what Qarbon ViewletBuilder offers, please take the time to read this review!

Review   |   May 28, 2013
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by Conrad Gottfredson

A good performance-support solution gives the help or information someone requires at the moment of need. A great performance support solution gives someone help or information in a way that causes that person to feel the response was “engineered ‘Just for Me.’” If you want to learn how to make great performance support, this Spotlight will get you started!

Spotlight   |   May 22, 2013
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by Jennifer Neibert

Engagement is a critical element of learning. For eLearning and mLearning engagement is arguably even more important, but it requires additional planning, monitoring, and creativity to do it well. If you’re looking for clever ideas to drive engagement in your learning initiatives, download 68 Tips for eLearning Engagement and Interactivity—free from The eLearning Guild—today!

News   |   May 21, 2013
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