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by Brian Dusablon

The card game A Game of Phones made its debut at The eLearning Guild’s mLearnCon in June. While you might wonder what a card game has to do with mobile learning, the experience of the players showed the value of combining social interaction with a game around the context of using mobile technology. Blended for sure! Here’s the impressions of one who played and won.

Review   |   July 20, 2011
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by Mary Arnold

Training professionals are quick to see the potential value in social learning and collaboration environments. However, their organizations often need additional reasons to invest in a social learning environment. The good news is, the reasons are substantial! Here are some persuasive arguments you can use.

Column   |   July 19, 2011
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Topics Covered: Emerging Topics, Social Media

by Ben Betts

The oft-quoted “70-20-10” model posits that the majority of learning happens from on the job experience, as opposed to learning from peers or in a formal learning environment. Are we paying attention to the wrong part of the model? Read this review of 70-20-10.

Review   |   July 13, 2011
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by Terrence Wing

Twitter is no longer a solution looking for a problem. Users find more uses for this microblogging service every day through apps, and that includes uses for personal and organizational learning. Here is a handy list of apps that will improve your Twitter experience!

Column   |   July 7, 2011
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by Mary Arnold

Podcasting (audio recordings on the Web with an associated RSS feed) has been around for several years, but it can be a surprisingly effective tool for eLearning and for mLearning – especially if you apply the five tips in this month’s column.

Column   |   June 21, 2011
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by Terrence Wing

Humans have long tapped into each other’s experience and knowledge in order to learn and to solve problems. Today, social technologies greatly expand the range of our networks and our ability to collect and consider what other people know. Growing out of these changes, here are a handful of trends that are becoming clear and that will soon affect our lives to a profound degree.

Column   |   June 9, 2011
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by Terrence Wing

You may have watched eLearnchat, or Leo Laporte’s and wondered how you could use Webcasting to increase learning outcomes. Wonder no longer! This month’s App Fusion gives you the rundown on the applications, equipment, and content strategy you need for success!

Column   |   May 5, 2011
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by Anne Derryberry

Just when instructional designers thought they had figured out how to make eLearning that Gen Y would use, here comes Gen Z, the Digital Generation. Think mobile. Think social. Think mashup. And that’s just the beginning. Anne gives you the rundown on what you really need to be planning as your delivery strategy.

Column   |   April 26, 2011
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by Marc Rosenberg

You’ve probably heard that every cloud has its silver lining, although it may have been hard to find any silver at all in the current recession. Marc suggests that this set of tough times may actually have been better for eLearning than might at first appear. But don’t wait too long to act on the opportunity.

Column   |   April 12, 2011
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by Joanne Scouler, Jason Green

The relationship between technology and the ways we learn and work is changing. As designers, we have the opportunity to take advantage of this through informal learning and gain many benefits. Here are some points to consider.

Feature   |   April 11, 2011
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