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by Marc Rosenberg

Imagine a world where the tools we use remove complexity rather than add to it, and are so intuitively easy to use that we can operate them—correctly—the first time, precisely when we need to use them, with minimal risk. The possibilities for this are here. Are you ready for them? Marc talks about performance support, training, and saving lives.

Column   |   October 9, 2012
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by Nic Laycock

The “back channel”—mainly a stream of participant comments on Twitter—has become a mainstay of conferences. The back channel adds value, extends the reach of conferences, builds personal networks, and supports curation—and that’s only the start! The back channel is global, as Nic Laycock reports this month.

News   |   October 4, 2012
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by Jane Bozarth

There is no magic formula for assessing the value of social interactions; no formula like “two hours on LinkedIn + four comments in groups = tangible outcomes for the organization.” So how do you know time spent using social media isn’t wasted? Jane has some ideas you can use.

Column   |   October 2, 2012
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by Bill Brandon

Do you want to use video in your eLearning content, but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on equipment, production, and post-production? Looking for help and ideas for short-form Web video? This is the book you need, written by an expert who has produced, edited, and hosted over 300 episodes of USA TODAY’s “Talking Tech” series.

Review   |   September 25, 2012
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by Mark Lassoff

Forms are a critical factor in user interaction design, yet they often fail to provide good data (or even to provide data at all). HTML5 offers new ways to deal with the problems of obtaining clean data. Here is an introduction to the new data types that you can put to work today.

Column   |   September 20, 2012
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by Bill Brandon

What we really should be concerned about in producing eLearning is “habit formation.” At mLearnCon 2012, Dr. B. J. Fogg challenged us to rethink what we are doing if we are not creating habits in users and learners. He showed how he is using mobile and social technology to create “tiny habits.” In this video interview, Dr. Fogg explains more about the technique.

Interview   |   September 19, 2012
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by Stacy Lindenberg

Vendors and learning professionals alike feel the frustration that results from lack of internal alignment and preparation during the selection and implementation of learning technology solutions. If not addressed, these problems can lead to failed selections and implementations. The key is to involve stakeholders as an internal advisory council. Here’s how to be proactive in this process!

Feature   |   September 10, 2012
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by Sarah Danzl, Dawn Poulos

How simple is it in your organization to convert content from one delivery format to another—for example, to repurpose a classroom handout job aid for display on a smartphone? The answer to this dilemma is single sourcing. If this is a new term to you, this tip explains what it is and why you should adopt it.

Column   |   September 5, 2012
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by Jane Bozarth

Learning can be difficult, but unlearning is the real challenge. Whether as students or teachers, we have to adapt and be as willing to unlearn as to learn.

Column   |   September 4, 2012
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by Brian McWalters

Creating effective annual compliance training is a common challenge for instructional designers. How can such training “cover all the bases,” yet be interesting and compelling for learners? At CarMax, creating an illusion in the minds of the learners paid tangible dividends! Read how they did it.

Feature   |   August 27, 2012
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