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by Nic Laycock

Faced with a need to develop a wide curriculum on a mobile platform for delivery in Africa, and under severe budget constraints, Steve Dineen and Bronwen McConkey created an innovative approach that has been tremendously successful. Here is their story, and it is one that includes a transition of their methodology to the corporate marketplace.

News   |   September 6, 2012
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by News Editor

Brainshark, Inc. has launched the SlideShark iPhone app. iPhone users can view and share PowerPoints on the go, and can connect to projectors for presentations to large audiences. This is a companion to the SlideShark iPad app announced last year.

News   |   September 5, 2012
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by Mark Lassoff

CSS3 provides some very interesting new formatting possibilities for your eLearning content. Unfortunately, browsers handle these techniques in different ways. Here are three new formats (rounded corners, color gradients, and newspaper columns) and step-by-step instructions that accommodate the various browsers!

Column   |   August 23, 2012
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by Carla Torgerson, Phillip Neal

In the past, employees would have learned details of their jobs through formal training, through coaching, and by informal learning through Internet searches and conversations with peers. Today, formal and informal learning, together with coaching and coupled with performance support at the point of need, provide faster, more accurate knowledge application and greater speed to competency.

Feature   |   August 20, 2012
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by Marc Rosenberg

After two decades in eclipse during the rise of eLearning, performance support is returning to become an essential part of business strategy. Marc reflects on the significance of this re-focus in the world of learning and performance.

Column   |   August 14, 2012
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by Frank Nguyen

Performance support is undergoing a renaissance. Empirical research and case studies have made us smarter about implementing performance support. Web 2.0 technologies have made it easier and less costly to adopt. Here is a method that will help identify areas to improve your strategy, and advance the sophistication of your performance support organization.

Feature   |   August 13, 2012
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by Allison Rossett

Apps, always fun, have stepped up to become a star in the world of mobile support. They’re small in size and ambition, but these bite-size powerhouses can make all the difference in matters big and small, amusing and important.

Spotlight   |   August 2, 2012
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by News Editor

Safari® Books Online announces its next generation Safari To Go app is now available for iOS and Android phone and tablet users. The free app allows users to search, view, and organize content from thousands of books and videos about technology, digital media, and professional development, while utilizing the functionality and features of their iOS and Android devices.

News   |   August 1, 2012
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by Jennifer Neibert

Technical details? Check. Relevant examples? Check. Accessible writing style, practical advice, and clear explanations? Check, check, and check! With Learning Everywhere, Chad Udell has taken a somewhat arduous process and distilled it into a how-to manual that is a must read for anyone tasked with developing mobile learning content.

Review   |   July 24, 2012
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by Mark Lassoff

As mobile devices continue to become the display targets of choice for learning and performance support applications, practitioners are working to break out of the Flash-in-frame paradigm to create true cross-platform solutions. Fortunately, this is not difficult, as Mark demonstrates in this column!

Column   |   July 19, 2012
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