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by Brian McWalters

Creating effective annual compliance training is a common challenge for instructional designers. How can such training “cover all the bases,” yet be interesting and compelling for learners? At CarMax, creating an illusion in the minds of the learners paid tangible dividends! Read how they did it.

Feature   |   August 27, 2012
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by Carla Torgerson, Phillip Neal

In the past, employees would have learned details of their jobs through formal training, through coaching, and by informal learning through Internet searches and conversations with peers. Today, formal and informal learning, together with coaching and coupled with performance support at the point of need, provide faster, more accurate knowledge application and greater speed to competency.

Feature   |   August 20, 2012
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by Frank Nguyen

Performance support is undergoing a renaissance. Empirical research and case studies have made us smarter about implementing performance support. Web 2.0 technologies have made it easier and less costly to adopt. Here is a method that will help identify areas to improve your strategy, and advance the sophistication of your performance support organization.

Feature   |   August 13, 2012
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by Conrad Gottfredson, Bob Mosher

Performance support needs a performance support architecture that facilitates the transfer and sustainment of training, so that the performance support resources are delivered to every performer at the right moment, but just what is required to enable effective performance at every changing moment. Read about the way to provide what is too often the “missing link” in performance support.

Feature   |   August 6, 2012
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by Clark Quinn

If you’re ready to think about mobile, you really ought to think about content systems. The effort invested in developing such systems pays off hugely in being able to flexibly deliver content based on the consumer and the context. This is one of the Next Big Things, and this article explains the basics you need in order to be ready for it.

Feature   |   July 30, 2012
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by Rebecca Bodrero

Google+ Hangouts is an accessible, capable, and low-cost alternative to other more established Web- conferencing solutions. This service is ideal for small group activities when group members are geographically disparate. Learn how Hangouts worked effectively in one online graduate environment and about ideas for additional applications for education and training.

Feature   |   July 23, 2012
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by Conrad Gottfredson, Bob Mosher

Effective Performance Support requires a well-thought-out approach to filtering information and a strategy that supports rapid access. Here are the keys and best practices for both!

Feature   |   July 9, 2012
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by Phil Cowcill

The makeup of the workforce is changing dramatically, and this requires some adjustments in the way we design eLearning. Here is a septuplet of tips foraligning your learning application to the preferences of Generations Y and Z.

Feature   |   July 2, 2012
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by Bill Brandon

mLearnCon 2012, the largest mobile learning event in North America, opened June 19 to record attendance. The program and Expo featured important announcements, new products, and cutting- edge sessions from practitioners who have launched successful mLearning initiatives and from vendors with significant services and products. Here are the summary and links to social media from the event!

Feature   |   June 25, 2012
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by Conrad Gottfredson, Bob Mosher

In this second article in the Performance Support series, the authors ask, “Isn’t it our core mission to develop learning solutions that ensure people can perform effectively when they are called upon to act?” The authors begin to explore what it means to broaden the scope of our work to include the Five Moments of Learning Need.

Feature   |   June 18, 2012
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