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by Lauralee Sheehan

What defines a “woman in tech”? In this growing digital world, that’s a question that needs asking. Given the ways in which tech careers are constantly evolving and changing, the obvious answer that equates “tech” with “STEM” no longer suffices. Here’s an insightful essay on finding a better answer.

Spotlight   |   August 20, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

Improving and expanding your skills is always a worthwhile investment! Regardless of your specific job title, level of experience, responsibilities, or organizational setting, the Guild Academy offers a broad range of educational opportunities that will help you master career-critical skills and knowledge.

Spotlight   |   August 18, 2015
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by Phil Cowcill

In September 2013, Google announced that it would stop supporting a key technology that Java requires in order to run. By September 2015, Java will no longer run in the Chrome browser. How will this affect you? Find out in this article!

Spotlight   |   August 18, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

New links to some of the latest content offered through The eLearning Guild. This week: curated industry content; tips on hot topics; creating depth and perspective; instructor-led delivery entirely by smartphone; and video for cutting-edge performance support.

Spotlight   |   August 13, 2015
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by Michael Hruska, Nikolaus Hruska

The xAPI allows interpretation of meaning of the total data created by the learning ecology and provides predictability. The xAPI Camp in Seattle in July highlighted new use cases, collaborative exploration, and more. Learn more here about the event and about the upcoming xAPI Camp September 29 in Las Vegas, co-sited with The eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference & Expo.

Spotlight   |   August 6, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

In some organizations, leaders have not yet understood that mobile devices—specifically, smartphones—can play an important part in development of employee skills and performance. Here is an article, a couple of videos and handouts, and a set of case studies that you may find helpful in preparing to make your case.

Spotlight   |   August 5, 2015
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by Frank Nguyen

For those of us who are part of training organizations, it may seem as though we are far removed from socioeconomic problems. We build eLearning for software applications. We deliver classes on internal business processes. We coach employees on how to sell products. Our ability to influence beyond this sphere of action seems limited. But is it? Here is a challenge to think beyond that.

Spotlight   |   August 5, 2015
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by Sharon Vipond

Earlier this summer we asked Guild members to tell us about their research preferences to help us better focus on the topics they found most informative, useful, and insightful. Here are the 10 most requested topics, and our plans for addressing them.

Spotlight   |   July 30, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

New links to some of the latest and greatest content offered through The eLearning Guild. This week: comic book- style animation (a DemoFest winner), learner motivation, PowerPoint improvement, shooting steady-smartphone video, lessons learned for MOOCs, and lots of links!

Spotlight   |   July 29, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

This spotlight series offers links to some of the latest and greatest content from The eLearning Guild. This week: A winning DemoFest presentation; picking an authoring tool for mobile applications; tips for "must have" video gear and for music; and David Kelly's recommended articles and blog posts from all over the World Wide Web.

Spotlight   |   July 23, 2015
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