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by Sharon Vipond

Regardless of industry, learning management systems (LMSs) remain the staple for managing traditional course delivery, reporting, compliance, and onboarding. This summary of The eLearning Guild’s latest corporate LMS research study explains why.

Spotlight   |   February 10, 2016
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by Sharon Vipond

Learning management systems are ubiquitous today in higher education. They are integral to the experiences of students and faculty alike, and to the communication and management plans of academic institutions. But what is in store for academic LMSs in coming years? This article summarizes the results of The eLearning Guild’s latest study on the academic LMS.

Spotlight   |   February 4, 2016
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by Bill Brandon

In the face of ongoing, even disruptive, change, where should you focus in 2016? How can you engage and challenge learners more effectively? Here are solid best practices and fresh advice to guide you!

Spotlight   |   January 21, 2016
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by Julie Dirksen

From January to December, 2015, Learning Solutions Magazine ran a series of 12 articles looking at persistent gender issues in today’s workforce and in eLearning. In this closing article, Julie Dirksen, who managed the series, looks back at some lessons learned.

Spotlight   |   January 14, 2016
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by Bill Brandon

Last week’s feature gave a high-level overview of technologies and areas of practice that can change your business and the position of learning and development in your organization. This article links to deeper dives into three of the topics in that feature and into ways to keep up with change.

Spotlight   |   January 7, 2016
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by Duncan Welder

The fourth xAPI Camp of 2015 met in Toronto November 17, where a number of presenters and participants showed and discussed creative uses of xAPI. The focus of these events has moved from “things we can do” to “interoperability and standardization.” Read this informative summary of the Toronto meeting, and plan on attending one of the upcoming Camps.

Spotlight   |   January 6, 2016
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by Bill Brandon

Managing Learning and Development will be even more challenging in 2016, due to the additional options for creation and delivery of learning, and the cultural changes arising outside of L&D. Here are two examples of ways to meet some of these difficult situations.

Spotlight   |   December 23, 2015
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by Sahana Chattopadhyay

In India, the low literacy level in women has a dramatic socio-economic impact. Girls frequently drop out of school, for many reasons. Being economically dependent on their male family members takes away their ability to make or express their choices. eLearning could make a huge difference in this situation, and this article outlines how.

Spotlight   |   December 17, 2015
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by Art Werkenthin

cmi5, the new specification from ADL, is solving many of the persistent problems with SCORM that learners, as well as content developers, have had to contend with. Here’s an update on how Sandstone, the current beta of cmi5, is addressing the issues of pop-up windows, distributed content, and data storage.

Spotlight   |   December 15, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

Is dealing with informal learning like trying to catch lightning in a bottle? We know that informal learning is important to performance, but it’s a moving target and we don’t always understand it very well. Here are three articles, a research report, and an Online Forum that may help you to get a handle on workplace learning.

Spotlight   |   December 9, 2015
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