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by Karl Kapp

“Micro-inequities” are our small everyday phrases and actions that, mostly unintentionally, tend to devalue people. Over time these add up and result in oppression and discrimination against certain types or classes of people. This phenomenon has been responsible for much of the content of this series on women in eLearning. How can we achieve equity in our field? You might not expect the answer.

Spotlight   |   November 19, 2015
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by Mark McGuire

The best knowledge transfer and retention systems are not only digital, but online and collaborative. Choosing an effective knowledge management or learning management system is not an easy task, but there is a small set of key features that ideal systems possess. In fact, there are four such features, outlined in this article, that can guide your evaluation of these systems.

Spotlight   |   November 17, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

Jay Cross, called by many “the Johnny Appleseed of informal learning,” passed away on November 6, 2015.

Spotlight   |   November 11, 2015
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by Caroline Freeman

Trends in the world of work, in generational differentiation, and in technology are working together to re-shape our thinking and our practice when it comes to eLearning. Knowing what to expect, and what to prepare for, depends on understanding those trends and how they are working themselves out in social learning. Here’s some help in preparing for tomorrow!

Spotlight   |   November 10, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

These resources include mLearning hacks, strategies for designing virtual classroom events that ensure learning occurs, presentations of the winning DemoFest entries in 2015, and an eBook of tips from the DevLearn thought leaders. Enjoy!

Spotlight   |   October 28, 2015
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by Judy Katz

The issue of how to represent gender in eLearning in a way that is authentic and helpful is not an easy one. The answers are not simple, and even considering the questions can be uncomfortable for many. In this article, you will find some excellent guidelines, and ideas to spark productive conversations within our industry and your department.

Spotlight   |   October 22, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

Over 2,800 eLearning professionals attended DevLearn this year, making it the largest gathering to date in The eLearning Guild’s history. Read about the award winners and find out how to see many of the presentations from the conference!

Spotlight   |   October 14, 2015
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by Trina Rimmer

Most of us don’t have the luxury of dismissing stock images from our design repertoire. But lack of diversity in stock photography is part of a larger cultural problem. We need to help people think differently, and one of the biggest ways to do that is to change the visuals we’re using so they better reflect the diverse lives we live. Here’s how!

Spotlight   |   September 17, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

Useful techniques for PowerPoint, Articulate Storyline, and Adobe Captivate, plus using scenario-based exams to better prepare tech-support and help-desk teams, and a fun little infographic on work life.

Spotlight   |   September 16, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

Membership at paid levels in The eLearning Guild gives you free access to hundreds of resources in our expanding collections! This article will introduce you to some of these resources and help you learn how to use the collections. This week you will find links to a graphic design technique, mobile learning strategy, professional competency insights, and gamification techniques.

Spotlight   |   August 26, 2015
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