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by Ara Ohanian

The world of work is changing, driven by speed and technology, and the Learning & Development department must change with it. Here are some thoughts about the challenges we face.

Snippet   |   November 17, 2010
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by Douglas Welch

New Media – online video sharing, Podcasting, live video streaming, and online social networks – can expand the educational playing field. How you approach New Media is important. Here are some key suggestions.

Snippet   |   September 30, 2010
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by Chad Udell

Mobile learning often “lives” outside of the Learning Management System (LMS). This doesn’t mean that you can’t measure whether it’s working or not: maybe you just need to reconsider what you measure, and how.

Snippet   |   September 9, 2010
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by Temple Smolen

From 2009 to 2010, the average budget reported by managers who are members of The eLearning Guild grew by 13.7%. How does yours compare to the average?

Snippet   |   August 31, 2010
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by Sesh Kumar

While educators struggle with new terms like “coursecasting” and “tweetup,” the mobile generation has begun to flex opposing digits in ways that will enable another dramatic leap forward for learning.

Snippet   |   August 18, 2010
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Topics Covered: Mobile Learning

by Brian Taliesin

Mobile learning is a new frontier of business productivity, with truly compelling potential benefits, and some real challenges to adoption. Here is a five-step process for driving the successful design, development, and management of your mLearning initiatives.

Snippet   |   August 11, 2010
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by Temple Smolen

The eLearning Guild recently published a report on 2010 e-Learning Salary and Compensation. One finding that generated much discussion is the 14.5% gender gap in pay. Why in today’s world does this gap still exist? Research Report author Temple Smolen drilled down further into the data to see if she could find an answer to that question.

Snippet   |   July 14, 2010
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by Audrey Dalton, Brian Friedlander

Learner expectations for production values in e-Learning, together with improvements in e-Learning development technology, have made e-Learning mediated by animated characters easier to implement. Before you integrate animated characters into your e-Learning productions, review the evidence pointing to the benefits of animated characters in e-Learning.

Snippet   |   July 8, 2010
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by Ara Ohanian

Mobile learning is a valuable addition to organizational learning strategy. Implemented correctly, it provides an excellent means to deliver knowledge rapidly across an enterprise, to ensure that people understand new corporate initiatives, or that new product knowledge is quickly available to those who need it.

Snippet   |   June 10, 2010
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by Robert Gadd

Mobile learning is still getting its feet on the ground, but there are already many misconceptions about what it is and what you can or cannot do with it. Here are eight myths that you often hear, and some expert information to the contrary.

Snippet   |   June 9, 2010
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