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Set Up Your Workspace in Captivate 8 … and Keep It!

by Joe Ganci

June 11, 2014


by Joe Ganci

June 11, 2014

“The next time you close Captivate and later open it, you’ll see your workspace ready to go!”

Captivate 8 changed its user interface quite a bit and this has caused many of us who have been using Captivate for a while to grumble. It’s clear that they intended the new interface to give newcomers to Captivate easier entry, but thereafter there seems to be a lot more clicking to get to the different dialogs that you need. The interface seems sparse and clean, but it doesn’t, by default, show the Timeline and Properties, and as some have pointed out, who uses Captivate without having those open?

So here’s a way to set up your workspace and name it, as you could in the past. Subsequently, when you open Captivate 8, your workspace, set up your way, is what will greet you, not the standard workspace. Here’s what to do.

  1. Go to Preferences > General Settings and click the checkbox "Enable custom workspaces/panel undocking (you will need to restart Captivate).”
  2. Close and restart Captivate.
  3. Set up your workspace the way you like—Timeline and Properties open, for instance. Here’s how I’ve set up my workspace below. (Figure 1) As you can see, I like to have everything readily available.

    Figure 1: Captivate 8 workspace set up for the individual user, not for the default

    Notice that on the left I have tabs for the Filmstrip and the Master Slides. It only takes one click to jump between them.

    At the bottom, I have tabs ready for Timeline, Effects, Progress Indicator, Slide Notes, and Question Pool.

    On the right, I have tabs stacked top to bottom for Properties, Timing, Library, Quiz, Comments, Drag and Drop, Swatches, Project Info, and the HTML5 Tracker.

  4. Finally, I click the Workspace option at the top right and choose New Workspace. I name my workspace.


  5. The next time you close Captivate and later open it, you’ll see your workspace ready to go!

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Appreciate this!

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Now they just need to give us the option to change the drop down menus at the top back into tool palettes. :)
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