2018 Guild Academy Workshops Coming to San Jose, CA

The eLearning Guild recently announced four new face-to-face Guild Academy workshops that are taking place this June. Led by experts in their field, these workshops take place on Monday, June 25, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM PT in San Jose, California.

Workshops include:

  • eLearning Project Management, with Anita Rosen, president of ReadyGo. In this workshop you’ll learn techniques to break your projects into manageable phases, how to implement an effective outsourced eLearning development process, and where waterfall and agile fit in—and which techniques to use.
  • Design for Behavior Change, with Julie Dirksen, instructional strategist at Usable Learning. In this workshop you’ll learn research-based methods to design solutions that inspire behavior change, how to identify and understand the barriers to behavior change, and how to use specific models and techniques for designing a change effort.
  • Measuring and Marketing Learning Outcomes, with Koreen Pagano, product management director at D2L. In this workshop you’ll gain valuable tips on using basic product marketing skills in framing the successes of your learning initiatives and amplifying your success metrics across your organization, as well as how to frame the same metrics to be meaningful for different audiences.
  • Creating UI and UX for Mobile Apps and Websites, with Chad Udell, managing partner at Float. In this workshop, you’ll learn about common UI and UX design tools and processes, how to use UI design patterns for mobile, what UX is and why it’s important, and how to collaboratively create mobile UI and UX process documents.

Join The eLearning Guild in one of these Guild Academy workshops and walk away with new knowledge and skills relevant to your industry!

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