Digital Learning Summit Explores How Workplace Learning Is Evolving

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April 18, 2018

Digital learning is a term that has emerged in our industry recently. While the term is not new, its use in corporate learning is somewhat recent. The expanding availability of digital information and resources is changing workplace learning as learning activities are becoming increasingly more self-driven. The worlds of work, technology, and learning are rapidly converging, bringing new methods and requirements for supporting workplace performance.

On May 16 & 17, The eLearning Guild is hosting a Digital Learning Summit, a two-day online event, to explore what corporate digital learning is and what this new term means for organizations. The eight sessions included in this Summit will prepare the foundation for L&D professionals to better meet organizational needs, enabling them to navigate the new era of digital learning. Participants will hear from L&D strategists on how to better support digital learning in their organizations. Experts will dive into the technologies and strategies that enable L&D to implement digital learning, opening up a wider range of choices for learners. Join The eLearning Guild for this event to learn how you can harness the potential of digital learning.

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