Anthony Altieri

Omnes Solutions , IDIoT in Chief / President

Anthony Altieri is the IDIoT in Chief (instructional developer for the Internet of Things) and founder of Omnes Solutions, as well as an xAPI evangelist. Anthony has worked on multiple projects implementing global LMS systems. He is a maker, focusing on user analytics and bringing the virtual learning world and the real world together through the use of Bluetooth beacons and other IoT devices using xAPI. Anthony has lectured to audiences on topics ranging from the spread of HIV to network security, content development, why it’s important to learn to code, and, of course, xAPI.

Latest by Anthony Altieri

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February 25, 2018

You can use xAPI to capture interactions on a web page or video. Here’s how to capture quiz performance from an Alexa skill!

Pulling Data Back from the LRS: Correlation for Analysis
September 21, 2017

Can you retrieve data from your LRS for analysis? The answer is yes, and here’s how to do it.

Useful xAPI Queries eLearning Designers Should Know
August 14, 2017

xAPI makes it possible to collect data on how consumers interact with your content, and then use that data to control how content is presented. Here’s how.

xAPI Can Tell You What They Learned from the Video
July 18, 2017

To verify that learners viewed and understood a video, you must know how to construct the xAPI data and correlate video consumption and quiz performance.

Track Video Interactions with xAPI Statements
July 4, 2017

You can programmatically add meaningful data to xAPI statements so that you can track where learners interacted with video or pressed a button. Here’s how.

Getting Started with xAPI: Four Lines of Code
May 17, 2017

You can use xAPI to track a lot of different things. And at first, it might sound overly difficult, to the point of almost being like magic. But it’s actually very simple to use! And you can start creating this magic by learning the simple four-step process of sending an xAPI statement.