Domenic Caloia

Senior Learning Developer, Johnson Controls

Domenic Caloia is Senior Learning Developer for Johnson Controls. Mr. Caloia is a charismatic presenter and dynamic trainer who will challenge your thinking and inspire you to new pinnacles. As an educator, corporate trainer, and programmer for over 20 years, he delivers proven, in-depth training programs that are of great value and interest. As senior learning developer for Johnson Controls International, Domenic creates web-based learning and training videos. One of his specialties is finding creative solutions to tough problems.

At the 2016 Lectora Users Conference, Mr. Caloia conducted a breakout session demonstrating the responsive learning methods he developed using Lectora. Prior to that Domenic used Articulate Storyline to simulate a virtual classroom adapting to user interactions. Domenic is equally comfortable presenting behind a podium or behind the pen. Domenic’s successful implementation of responsive, personalized learning relates to the Cognitive Flexibility Theory proposed by Rand Spiro and colleagues. 

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