Kapil Bhasin

Senior Vice President, Learning, Indecomm Global Services

Kapil Bhasin holds the position of Senior Vice President, Learning, Indecomm Global Services. In this capacity, he helps clients plan, prepare, and execute learning strategies that improve efficiencies and enhance profitability. Kapil has nearly two decades of experience in corporate consulting and business strategy as well as a strong background in change management and training. Before joining Indecomm, Kapil held leadership positions in e-learning, knowledge management, and organizational change with top global eLearning technology pharmaceutical companies. He has also led interdisciplinary teams from HR, HR IT, Corporate IT as well as business management affecting as many as 120,000 employees. Kapil holds an MBA and MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire, U.K., as well as a postgraduate diploma in Management Studies from the University of Portsmouth, U.K.

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