Steven Loomis

Senior Learning and Development Consultant, BJC HealthCare

Steven Loomis started in the QA department for an educational video game company. Since then he has gained and practiced additional skill sets ranging from front-end analysis, managing instructional designers, authoring content, to pretty much everything else in the field. He has developed performance support tools and training solutions for the legal, banking and healthcare sectors. 

Latest by Steven Loomis

Darwin Would Approve: Levels of Learning Adaptation
January 29, 2018

There are several approaches to learning adaptation that provide custom learning experiences for individuals. Here are five examples.

Quick and Easy Mobile Performance Support with Google Forms
March 20, 2017

Are decision makers and others in your organization reluctant to embrace mobile performance support, even when it’s a better solution than training? There are some reasons behind that reluctance, and there are ways to respond and move on to a simple and effective mobile solution.