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Conrad Gottfredson

Articles by Conrad Gottfredson

Performance Support Improves Business Outcomes  April 22, 2015

In enterprises that are implementing talent management and talent development strategies, especially talent marketplace strategies, performance support offers several key advantages. Learn about them, and your vital interest in the benefits, here.

It's Performance That Matters  August 4, 2014

The performance zone has never been more challenging. Change continuously disrupts it; threats or opportunities seemingly come out of nowhere. The ability to correctly anticipate change will make or break it. The job performance of employees is what fundamentally matters. Here are the five strategic areas where the learning organization must focus to enable that performance.

Big Data and Performance Support  April 14, 2014

Big data legitimately receives a lot of attention today for the important insights it can provide to executives as they make decisions. But by itself big data is not enough to create improved performance. What is needed is learning agility, and the key part played by performance support. Here is a guide to developing an integrated learning and performance support strategy.

Embrace the Benefits of Safe Failure  February 24, 2014

Including ongoing performance support as part of the solution strategy underlying the design of formal learning is good insurance against later failure. The failure may go undetected until it produces a disaster! The design process ought to include identifying and supporting tasks to allow learning through safe failure. Here’s how you can do that.

“What We Got Here Is … an EPSS”  August 19, 2013

In presenting and discussing the idea of performance support to decision-makers, it is important to clearly communicate what performance support is, the different types of vehicles for delivering it, and the capability and capacity of each of those vehicles to deliver business value. This article will help you get started in your own understanding of these matters.

Evaluation and the Gift of Performance Support  July 17, 2013

How can your organization improve quality, increase efficiency, consistently achieve goals, and find out the strategic value of those accomplishments? Effective evaluation is the key. Here are some important ideas on an approach that makes evaluation more feasible and enables it to produce quality, efficiency, results, and value!

Pave the Way for mLearning with mSupport  June 19, 2013

Workers today are on the move, and mobile untethers them. We are fascinated by mLearning, but mLearning barely taps the ability of mobile technology to deliver business benefit. Adding mSupport to your strategy delivers immediate and measurable business impact, paves the way for a more sustainable mobile learning strategy, and offers three critical outcomes to organizations.

Performance Support Should Be “” Smart  May 22, 2013

A good performance-support solution gives the help or information someone requires at the moment of need. A great performance support solution gives someone help or information in a way that causes that person to feel the response was “engineered ‘Just for Me.’” If you want to learn how to make great performance support, this Spotlight will get you started!

From Scattered Information to Transformational Performance Support: Where Are You?  April 22, 2013

Targeted performance support enables effective performance in the workplace. It helps people do what the organization needs them to do to continuously accomplish strategic objectives. Here’s a look at a system that provides this kind of support and significant benefits. The results can be transformational!

Show Me the ROI!  March 25, 2013

How are you validating the transfer of learning from training events to the workplace? The majority of organizations still rely on measuring learner reactions and learning mastery, not the results. There is an answer: integrated performance support. In this article, read about two basic steps that put your organization on the path out of the mire of murky measurement!

Make Effective Performance Your Reality  September 3, 2012

Most organizations today face a competitive landscape that is constantly shifting out from under them. Within organizations, the groups that are responsible for learning and on-the-job support need to embrace a common mindset that will deliver effective performance at every changing moment. Only then does learning at the speed of change become possible.

Performance Support Infrastructure: Get the Water to the End of the Row  August 6, 2012

Performance support needs a performance support architecture that facilitates the transfer and sustainment of training, so that the performance support resources are delivered to every performer at the right moment, but just what is required to enable effective performance at every changing moment. Read about the way to provide what is too often the “missing link” in performance support.

Ten Seconds: Performance Support in Two Clicks  July 9, 2012

Effective Performance Support requires a well-thought-out approach to filtering information and a strategy that supports rapid access. Here are the keys and best practices for both!

Are You Meeting All Five Moments of Learning Need?  June 18, 2012

In this second article in the Performance Support series, the authors ask, “Isn’t it our core mission to develop learning solutions that ensure people can perform effectively when they are called upon to act?” The authors begin to explore what it means to broaden the scope of our work to include the Five Moments of Learning Need.

“We're Lost, But We're Making Good Time”: Performance Support to the Rescue  May 28, 2012

We have become great at creating event-based learning solutions delivered through instructors, eLearning, and mobile devices. At the same time, we fail to provide the support infrastructure learners need to attain and maintain successful on-the-job performance. Here is the key: provide what the learner must have at every phase of the journey to competency.

The Other Side of Learning: “Performance is Everything”  April 26, 2011

The critical moment in learning happens when the learner is at the moment of actual performance: when it comes time to apply skills and knowledge on the job. We haven’t done a very good job in the past of actually supporting this moment, but technology now makes it possible to do much more. Here’s how to produce dynamic learners who can learn and apply “on the spot.”