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Allison Rossett

Articles by Allison Rossett

Apps: BIG Help, Small Price  August 2, 2012

Apps, always fun, have stepped up to become a star in the world of mobile support. They’re small in size and ambition, but these bite-size powerhouses can make all the difference in matters big and small, amusing and important.

Why I LOVE Instructional Objectives  July 12, 2012

Are instructional objectives overused? As our understanding of learning evolves to include social media, mobile technology, informal learning, the cloud, PLEs (Personal Learning Environments), and LITTFC (Life in the Twenty-First Century), many instructional design elements once taken for granted are under reconsideration. But Allison urges, “Don’t skip the instructional objectives!”

The iPad Is Not A Slam Dunk, Not Without Us  March 3, 2011

Unintended consequences can result even from apparent advances in technology. Should we be wary of the effects of abundant choices? On the heels of the iPad 2 introduction, a leader offers some thoughts on the role of design in guiding the always-connected revolution.

Ode to Mobile Performance Support  August 9, 2010

While mobile learning gets the lion’s share of attention, mobile performance support also received much session time at The eLearning Guild’s recent mLearnCon 2010. The two ideas, learning and performance support, are different but related ways to improve results produced by human beings. This week’s feature explains the differences and also the ways in which the two work together.

Back to the Basics: Revisiting Great Training on Behalf of Great eLearning  June 9, 2003

ELearning must support a "big tent" view of knowledge, performance, and support—but training is still the deliverable. What makes great training? One of the masters of instruction and design lays out the nine attributes of great training, along with examples and references. Whether you are new to e- Learning or an old hand, this article is one you'll keep referring to on future projects.