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Lorna Collier

Articles by Lorna Collier

Online Degrees and Certificates for Instructional Designers: What You Need to Know  April 13, 2015

As mobile devices, apps, and other new learning tools have become available, so has the demand for education to teach learning professionals how to use them. What should you know if you are interested in an online degree or certificate in instructional design? If you need more focused skill development, are there options that require less time and lower investment? Here are some answers!

Online Education for Instructional Designers: Picking the Right Program  May 2, 2011

What’s the best way to take an Instructional Design career to the next level? Should you go for a certificate from a non-academic institution? Would a master’s degree or a doctorate better serve your long-term goals? How can you obtain the necessary credentials online? These are important questions, and this article provides an overview, advice, and examples to help you make your decisions!